(Life is subject to change without notice)

You say you wanna be now on your own
And I can't do anything about it
Just know the real world is not "pretty n' pink"
It's just when you're reading your fashion magazine


I'm not saying all of this 'cause I wish you bad
You can't always follow heart and forget your head
And above of all read the fine print! Oh!
Read the fine print. Eah!


Nobody is really living on their own.
Who is planting your food? Who is baking your bread?
Although you really think that you're all alone
Everybody in the world keep on doing their share.


So before you complain that life is not fair
Do remember an Inner voice when you find despair
And above of all read the fine print. Oh!
Read the fine print. Eah.


Sometime people hide what they wanna say,
Sometime people say what they wanna hide.
Sometime people write what they were told to say
And sometime you gotta read in between the lines.


And no matter if your office is on Wall Street
Or they're looking for your "Hancock" to close a deed.
When you sign your name read the fine print. Oh!
Read the fine print! Eah!


It's easy to give up when you fight the dragon
That keep pushing, pushing your goals aside.
And even if you lost your latest battle
The fight is never over until we die.


So before you realize that it is too late...
Have in mind that time is flying in an awesome rate
And don't you ever forget to read the fine print! Oh!
Read the fine print! Eah!


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