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Prologue: In acient Greece, Sparta was the dominant "city-state" famous for its strict discipline and military life, whereas Athens was known for its arts.

The essence is always forgotten
The fashion, the way things have gotten
That's why I'm here to remind you.

Sparta, the state which was an army
And Athens, a place free and charming
They fought a battle to conquer too.

And today, "Modern Athens" fought a war
Colder than was fought before
And again, "Modern Sparta" is history...

History! We hear your echo.

I pray for whose life was "Modern Sparta"
I pray for the slaves of "Modern Sparta"
May life in the Curtain be "Modern Athens" too.

I sing for the glory of "Modern Athens"
I sing for who died for "Modern Athens"
I praise the freedom and life that now I see.

Glory for all in "More than America"
Lord have Your eyes in "More than America"
May "Modern Athens' " life always be free

History! We hear your echo...




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