More Beautiful To Me

There are models on TV
But they're not models to me
Showing off in their catwalk
Attitude and little talk

There are models on billboards
By rush hours in discord
Taking them to a dream land
And one thing they don't understand

You are beautiful to me
They don't see what I can see
More than models on TV
I have an angel next to me

In the morning, we wake up
You don't wear any make up
I enjoy this moment too
Your natural beauty is shinning through

When our life gets hard and rough
You let out your shinning stuff
Making problems disappear
And I try to hide a tear


And might Time turns brown to gray
Making you more beautiful every day
And I'm so blessed to have the time
To share with you here by my side

They got a team of paid professionals
Turning them into something special
Camera, lights and rosined cheeks
But against you they can't compete




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