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I'm running around these days
For reasons I can't complete
Keep up with the Jones' pace
My life must be more than this!

Another sunset has come
I'll rest all my weary bones
In hope that I'll have some fun
For what daily work is worth.

Just give me the right of light of the stars at night
And just let me feel fresh wind in my face
And give me honor of rain falling in my life
And hear all the sounds of faith.

I run out of things to say
When I feel the apathy
Of war into several places
'Cause it really touches me!

In a jungle of brick and stones
A few hold a sign for food
And everyone is facing the race
Is life now misunderstood?


We're all like the passing clouds
The wind will take us away
And even if you write in stones
In dust it will turn one day.

Just like sand-castles we stay
So happy in the shores of life.
And waves will come and take us away
Why bother with fools and pride!



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