(This song is available at and Lou's Records in Leucadia,CA)

Time after time after time
I am waiting for the moment.
The right time to tell you of my love
And how my heart is in a torment.

I'm still waiting for the right time to fall
So I could make a simple phone call.
I've got enough courage to get me singled out,
The only thing I've got to find out:
That your answering machine, machine, machine

Has a digital accent.
I am waiting for the moment,
And I got a digital accent.
I want to feel the human touch,
And I got a digital accent.
I want to hear your voice, oh my love...
I got a digital accent.

I've got this reality to face
I've got to call you at your work place.
I dialed the number and found out
(that) the operator was replaced.

"For English dial number one now
Or two, if you want to forward your call."
I might desist in my pursuit for love now
'Cause there's no human link here at all.
Your corporate machine, machine, machine


Humanity is now out of sync.
Machines turned out to be the new link.
They're taking all over the world
With their binary gut instinct.

Forget the days you could reach out
(to) someone on the other side of a telephone call.
Resistance may be futile for us now.
Assimilation is here for us all,
'Cause every machine, machine, machine




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