An Answer to Joe

I known little Joe was concerned with one thing.
What is the meaning of life
And life it's never been bed of roses to him.
He questioned it all the time.


Although he pursued what his parents told him
He put the question aside.
And then Dr. Joe was what became of him.
He didn't waste any time


I know little Joe, many things he had seen
And much came to his mind.
I know that sometime he set under a tree,
And kept looking at the sky.


And then was time, little Junior came in.
The baby had daddies' eyes.
And then was the time teaching life to his kid.
He didn't know where to start.


He thought "I'll pass on what was given to me,
I'll find the answer in time"
He knew that he wasn't the first to be with...
With such a doubt in his mind.


I heard little Joe also had some grandchildren
He was also very kind.
He read many books and he saw many things
He lived a beautiful life.


But now was the time Little Joe had to leave
And leave all things behind...
He sat for the last time under a tree
And kept looking at the sky.


There are many people all around on this world
You might be the one with the right
Answer to give to my dear old good friend...
But he just ran out of time.


To be or not to be?

To be or not to be?

To be or not to be?



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