Spiritual Coaching, read below to recognize the archetype of deceit.


Spiritual Coaching



Spiritual Coaching
(Read carefully, it will save time and money!)


There are several hundreds if not thousands of spiritual coaches across the nation or online that will give anyone with a fragile ego, a nice mental massage and take hundreds or thousands of dollars from the individual as a fee.

Some even have their own TV Shows, infomercials or PBS fundraising specials.­­

Some pseudo coaches are even certified by other pseudo peak performance trainers, none of these training or coaching is regulated. Below is an archetypal ego-massage:


"Close your eyes! Take a deep breath! Relax…
You are unique! You have a special purpose in this world! Find your inner light!
Now open your eyes! Pay me $500.00!
Come back next week and we’ll do it again!"

Instead of having an ego-massage, the book “Archetypes in our Lives” has a chapter called “Ego Buster!” In which I profess the opposite of an “ego-massage.” If you want your ego massaged there are several coaches willing to take thousands of dollars from you. However, if you wish to have your ego busted, and see a higher purpose for life; “Archetypes in our Lives” may provide almost anyone with an opportunity; it is not going to cost an arm and a leg it may not even cost more than a couple cups of coffee.