Al Gore’s book “The Future,” fails to talk about the future, pure and simply is deceitful.
Mr. Gore makes deceitful association to the 2008 Housing Crisis to computer generated subprime mortgages (mortgages are not generated by computers, they are generated by people seeking loans and lenders granting them).  This is a way, Al Gore shifts the blame to borrowers rather than legislators like himself who brought an end to “Glass Steagall Act” and created the banks “Too Big to Fail.”

Al Gore and his book “The Future.” Courtesy of

Furthermore, most of the book reveals that Al Gore’s mind is inline with “cognitive capture” with Wall Street. Such cognitive capture* are validated as oxymoron such as “Democratic Capitalism” and “Earth,Inc.” which he made reference several times throughout “The Future.”

Half of the book is past history, the third quarter is about current events and the last quarter of “The Future,” he copied and pasted environmental issues from “An Inconvenient Truth.” Although I appreciate Al Gore’s environmental action, “The Future,” is a glorious waste of time, notwithstanding, a glorious waste of paper.

Thanks for reading and watching the videos.
Fiat Lux!

Post Scripts:

Source*: Cognitive Capture are idealized and inline thinking with the Wall Street. Such ideologies as “trickle down economics,” “only the private sector can create jobs,” “banking deregulation,” “the invisible hands of the economy,” and “only a successful business man may became a great president,” are some of mental alignment in cognitive alignment for the main benefit of corporations, and not for the population.

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2016-04-02 12.22.35

I’m standing on a table to get a better view of the convention.

Yesterday, I was a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Clark County Democratic Convention. Overall, I was very proud of being among a nice group of people. I have friends in both sides of the camp, Hillary’s and Bernie’s. Last night I met them.

Here are the main things I did not see: fights, insults, pushing, shoving and altercations. In fact, while inside the hall I never saw one single Clark County police officer. When talking to Hillary’s supporters, it was very cordial. I roamed the hall and I saw opposing supporters snapping many selfies together with their respective campaign signs.

There was a lot of shouting and chanting, yet the shouting was an extension of the likes and dislikes of the crowd depending of the position of the speaker at the podium. In the spirit of full disclosure; I was one of the civilized offenders, my voice was gone at the end of the night. Today as I write this report, I sound like Cher, well perhaps more like a Cher impersonator.

2016-04-02 12.22.19

(Click on Picture for a detailed or zoomed view) Panoramic view from the top of the table during the Clark County Democratic Convention on April 2nd, 2016

On or about 5PM, the delegate votes were tallied for the convention; and the original figure for the state shifted to Bernie Sanders. Although Sanders won 55.3% of Clark County, the overall state wide delegate convention became 55.23%. (Video of the announcement attached at the end of the blog)

Bernie Delegates-Reassignment-03

Washington Post still reporting Bernie’s loss when Bernie reversed the February count from Nevada’s Caucus Day. Photo Courtesy WP

Here is the sad part of our democracy. No main stream media (“MSM”) is reporting the loss of Hillary Clinton and the gain of Bernie Sanders. Meet the Press, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, and Face the Nation did not report the switch the amount of delegates at all. In fact, the Washington Post belittles the victory calling Sanders’ camp “scrappy.” I find it amazing that a scrappy political organization was still able to deliver 55.23% of delegates. We should reason using basic mathematics that 55.23% leading to a title like, “A Scrappy Sanders Campaign Narrows the Nevada Delegate Count Six Weeks After The Caucuses,” is a false account of last night proceedings.

Here is a quote from the political reporter for the Washington Post, “The upshot is that Sanders picked up some of the dozen delegates who were considered unbound during Saturday’s conventions, the rules of which were the source of a good deal of controversy among Clinton and Sanders partisans even before the events began.” The discrepancy of delegates is 402. How can that be dozens? It is better described as hundreds, right? There is more misleading information in the quote in the words [some] considered unbound, that is not true; all delegates are never bound to cast a vote to a candidate.

2016-04-02 17.55.25

A Hillary supporter was very kind and cordial to share the numbers and accounting with me.

The spirit of the convention is to allow all delegates to change their minds; in other words, every single delegate is by default unbound to their original promise. During the convention an hour was allocated to all delegates to change their minds. If I learn that Sanders took thousands of dollars from Goldman Sachs, Big Pharma and the fossil fuel industry and gave private speeches to them, I may switch my delegate vote to Hillary. On the other hand, if Hillary receives a pair of sparkling cuff bracelets from the FBI before the next state convention, many or all Hillary delegates may cast their votes to Sanders.  The Washington Post article is therefore misleading, biased and mathematically inaccurate.

It is simple to explain why Sanders is being blacked out by the media. Senator Sanders is running a campaign against the billionaires and the status quo, and the media belongs to the billionaires. The mainstream media also benefits financially by the Supreme Court ruling called FEC v. Citizens United. In other words, Bernie Sanders is not only campaigning against the Hillary and against the Republicans; Sanders is also campaigning against media which belongs to the billionaires.

GE-millenials humiliation

(Photo from a G.E. commercial) The TV campaign portrays the millennial generation humiliating themselves in hope to get a job at G.E.

Ask yourself, why is G.E. blanketing all channels with a commercials about getting a job at G.E. especially during the political season? Could G.E. be buying the allegiance of most major media with unnecessary advertising? Why not promote their fridges or stoves? Really? The ad is about people humiliating themselves to get a job at G.E.? See? The ad is unnecessary, since they do not promote any G.E. product. Could G.E. withdraw all its unnecessary advertising should the network stop the blackout on Sanders? Evidently, it is very hard to prove that a quid pro quo is taking place, each reader should come up with their own conclusion.

Sanders swept three states on Easter weekend by the largest margin in the election so far. In some cities in Alaska, Hillary failed to be a viable candidate. However, listening to the main networks during the same weekend, it appeared that Bernie Sanders was not even running for president. I found Lawrence Donnell the most offensive. The Monday after Bernie won the Easter-trifecta, during his one hour show, he spent almost one hour on mercurial Trump and not a single word to inform his audience of Sanders’ victories. Could be that MSNBC does not broadcast in Hawaii, Washington and Alaska? I am sure that is not the case.

If was not for a sparrow landing on Sanders podium, Sanders media blackout would continue. Even Mother Nature decided to take a close look at Sanders while the mainstream media continues to blackout his gains. On the other hand, there is a silver-lining of the Easter-trifecta even through the media blackout. The fact that Sanders swept Alaska, Hawaii and Washington averaging 72% of the votes, simply means that most people are no longer using the MSM as their exclusive source of information.

MSNBC fired the most liberal voices of their network like Melissa Harris-Perry, Joy Reid, Ed Schultz** and Ronan Farrow during and/or just before 2016 election season.  Some of these voices found their own outlets to continue to inform the people without the oligopoly that is the MSM.

General Electric and Westinghouse are part of the military industrial complex; and its shareholders earn more during wartime and less during peace time; these corporations are also major holders of the MSM. When the sparrow landed on Sanders podium, he spoke about cultivating world peace; once again validating his position on not being an interventionist on foreign affairs.

While the MSM points the microphones and cameras to the most vitriolic voices and less to the singular-voice who has been narrowly focused on the terrible plight of the lower and middle classes of our country; it is easy to follow the money to understand MSM’s incentive”profits.

Bernie Delegates-Reassignment-02

Nevada’s Delegates Count. Courtesy: Las Vegas R.J.

Last night as soon as I finished cheering the new recount of delegates; the numbers switched from 52.6% to Hillary to 55.23% to Sanders in pledged delegates. I turned to the folks sitting next to me and I said; This is a historical moment in Nevada’s history and I doubt that if it is going to be mentioned tomorrow morning at Meet the Press. I watched Meet the Press, Face the Nation, and This Week w/George Stephanopoulos and none of them spoke of the Nevada’s gain of state delegates by Sanders. I was happily surprised to see that Senator Sanders was going to be interviewed by Stephanopoulos. I was hoping that since MSM did not make the announcement, that he would take the opportunity to do it” he did not. This was another validation of his chivalry; it is not nice to gloat eventually it will be reported.

At the end of the night during the convention, I finally saw my face of disappointment listening to the results of February 20th, this time not in the mirror, but now stamped on Hillary’s supporters. We all take some of these political victories personally. Yet it is not about some of us, it is not about Bernie, it is about all of us aspiring for a equitable nation in a peaceful world.  We all agree on what we hope for. Nevertheless, we mostly disagree on how we are going to get there. Some of us subscribe to apathy, some to fear, some subscribe to anger and last weekend in Nevada, 55.23% of Democratic delegates subscribed to hope of taking the nation from the billionaires, from the status quo of politics and from the status quo media.

2016-04-02 20.04.28

Thousands of Bernie Supporters were dancing along with a few of Hillary’s supporters at the end of the night.

I hope that the MSM will soon report on Nevada’s delegate gain to Bernie Sanders and stops Bernie’s media blackout. I hope that more people subscribe to “Yes we can!” than Hillary’s “No! We Can’t!” I hope this report of my experience with the delegate convention and media coverage puts in perspective why the name of Senator Bernie Sanders is seldom mentioned by the mainstream media. I hope to stop sounding like a Cher impersonator and recover my voice soon.

Fiat Lux.




(Video of CCDC announcing the tally of delegates; video courtesy of Sean B.)

Source*: Washington Post’s misleading or bias report on Nevada’s Delegate Count on April 2nd, 2016

Source**: Ed Schultz statement of his departure from MSNBC

Post Script;

This Post was originally written and posted on April 3rd, 2016; edited and re-posted on April 09, 2016 at the website

On April 19, 2016; TYT or The Young Turks, echoed the sentiments of this blog.

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Wikipedia reference poster; 2016© TriStar Pictures.

If there were ever a choice between being a ignoramus or a hypocrite, I would choose the latter because at least I would be in control of my actions. I appreciate George Clooney’s body of work, especially the movies “Syriana*,” and “Michael Clayton**.” It is very likely that his new or upcoming movie “Money Monster***,” I will add to my list of favorites. Nevertheless, there is a disconnect between Mr. Clooney’s actions and the archetypes that he portraits, because the archetypes that he defends in fiction does not correspond the way he acts in real life. So the question arises; “Is George Clooney a hypocrite or an ignoramus?”

The archetypal story narrated in “Syriana,” shows how the United States of America bullies other countries to abide to its hegemony. The movie “Michael Clayton” narrates how a person with integrity decides to speak truth to power. The movie to be released in 2016 is called “Money Monster,” I have not watched the movie yet, nobody has, yet the trailer shows how a TV-stock-commentator becomes an ally in discovering the wrong doings of the Wall Street once he is kidnapped. These three movies have the archetypal patterns of integrity and saying truth to power. Yet in real life Mr. Clooney’s behavior reflects the opposite.

Suppose I am famous for acting and producing movies against the mafia, my works narrates how the mafia destroys the fabric of societies and are terrible to the economy. Yet, in real life you find me having dinners and supporting mafiosi presidential candidates. The question one should have for me would be: “Is B. Sandy an ignoramus or a hypocrite?” Apparently, B. Sandy cannot translate his work to real life, the two things that would remain in question would be his intelligence or his integrity.

Photo Courtesy:

Unfortunately, this is how George Clooney appears to me and appears to be. For instance, in “Syriana” he narrates how the USA is wrong by holding a hegemony in the Middle East and yet he supports Hillary Clinton who professes to be a warmonger and it also professes that the USA is entitled to change regimes in Middle East without accountability to facts. She voted for the Iraq War on failed intelligence data and in several occasions echoed the words of Dick Cheney and alike.

Furthermore, in the movie “Michael Clayton” and “Money Monster” George Clooney narrates the lack of integrity of corporations and how it destroys the fabric of the society and yet in real life he supports Hillary Clinton along with her husband who have a history of deregulating banking and giving private speeches at Goldman Sachs at $225,000.00.

Wikipedia reference poster, documentary; 2010© Sony Pictures Classic

It is too linear to say that Mr. Clooney is neither an economist nor a philosopher, he is a producer, director and an actor; yet if he has the common sense to take roles that narrates the corruption in our lives; why is he unable to translate his work to actions? For instance, the actor Matt Damon was very inspired by the calls of “We Can Change,” chanted by Obama’s election campaign. Eventually, he took a job to be the voice-over for the documentary* “Inside Job*4*.” In the movie “Inside Job,” Mr. Damon was able to make a connection from the screen to real life how most of the promises of change did not change the banking industry at all. Since then he cut ties with the Obama administration who supports Hillary Clinton’s nomination.

Evidently Mr. Damon realized that would have been a case of hypocrisy had he narrated “Inside Job” and continued to be supporting the Obama administration. If the banking industry was Too-big-to-fail (TBTF) in 2008, they are much bigger in 2016. The banks left standing were able to consolidate the assets, accounts and liquidity of the smaller banks; translation, the banking oligopoly is now even stronger than 2008. The Federal Reserve assets and power dwarfs in comparison with the banks TBTF when they are combined. While the FED has $4.5 trillions in assets the TBTF has $47 trillions. It is important to consider that many of these trillions of dollars exist because of a psychological condition in economics called “consumer confidence.” Once consumer confidence evaporates trillions of dollars will create a bigger domino-effect with bigger dominoes than we had in 2008.

FED Big-Picture

Source for data: and World Bank

On March 24, 2016 published an articled titled “Clinton Asks For $353K To Sit With The Clooneys*5*;” therefore, it is clear and obvious to have access to Clinton is not a democratic process but a financial process. Such event, is the Democratic Party’s version of Mitt Romney’s closed door dinner for the affluent when he was secretly video-recorded outing the quote that became the infamous citation known as the “47%” quote; “And so my job is not to worry about those people — I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. What I have to do is convince the 5 to 10 percent in the center that are independents, that are thoughtful, that look at voting one way or the other depending upon in some cases emotion, whether they like the guy or not, what it looks like.”  Will Clooney’s dinner generate a new and similar villainous remark? Or will the Clooney’s security do a good job confiscating every cell phone from all the waiters cooks, coat checkers, dishwasher and busboys who works for the event?

No lobsters are served on dollar-menu

I will not be attending Clooney’s dinner; in fact, I am not even aware if Taco Bell sells lobsters because I only look at Taco Bell’s one-dollar menu. It has not been easy for Matt Damon to take a new stand against Obama’s administration; in his most recent job he was left to die on Mars and survived on planting potato for years*6*. Evidently, in this paragraph I am having problems separating reality from fiction, but I am not the only one. George Clooney is also having the same problem, portraying actors who have integrity; but on real life supporting a political candidate who gives private speeches to Goldman Sachs at $225,000.00 a pop, who accepts contributions from big-pharma, and the military industrial complex, bent on supporting a presidential candidate who will maintain the status quo and American hegemony.

Fiat Lux!

Post Script: To many Clooney’s endorsement is important, please also read my blog “I will not Endorse Bernie Sanders”*7* to learn about the archetypal mechanics of endorsements.

Source*: “Syriana,” 2005© Warner Bros. Pictures.

Source**: “Michael Clayton,” 2007© Warner Bros.

Source***: “Money Monster,” 2016© TriStar Pictures.

Source*4*: “Inside Job,” documentary, 2010© Sony Pictures Classic.


Source*6*: Joke alluding to “The Martian,” 2015© 20th Century Fox.

Source *7*:


This blog was originally posted on March 28, later edited and re-posted at “Los Angeles for Bernie dot Org”

(To hear the audio version of this blog, click play above)

There has been some misunderstandings. My friends and neighbors are under the impression that I am endorsing Bernie Sanders. The truth is that I never did and I never will. The fact that I have made my house available for volunteers from out of state and the fact that I became a precinct captain for Bernie Sanders does not mean that I endorse him, but it means that I support him.

2016-02-17 21.16.42

Out of town campaigning for Sanders in Nevada.

Okay, so what is the difference? Today it is common for people to hear “hey famous actor or famous singer is endorsing Bernie Sanders.” What should the average folk get out of such announcement? Well, we will get to it. However, I am neither a famous writer nor a famous singer, usually endorsements require a certain celebrity status; so it goes.

The main reason why I never endorsed and never will endorse Bernie Sanders; because it is like saying that I endorse Socrates, Pythagoras or Plato. When ancient Greek philosophers prophesied their logic, their words stood without any support. Logic and reason does not need to be endorsed. Should anyone endorse algebra or calculus? Such are the words of Bernie Sanders, his words stands on logic, on reason and on his five-plus decades of fighting for social justice for the American people. While Youtube is an amazing source of politicians flip-flopping their philosophies, Youtube is also an amazing source to hear Bernie Sanders speak the same speech for the last 40 years. Perhaps, it is another reason why Goldman Sachs will not pay Bernie Sanders over $225,000 to hear him speak for an hour; because it is the same unwavering speech for the last decades. There are dozens of videos of Bernie Sanders on Youtube, the only thing that changes in the last decades, is his hair.

Since I am always addressing the mechanics of archetypes, it is time to explain the mechanics of endorsements. Imagine that I have millions of followers. Millions read my blogs and millions buy my books and deep inside I belittle my audience. So I reasoned, “My followers cannot think for themselves so I better endorse Bernie Sanders, otherwise my audience will vote for whoever Goldman Sachs and the Koch Brothers decide.”  Well, I neither belittle my audience nor my friends and to choose a candidate for them is to belittle their intelligence.

Recently, Gloria Steinem made it public that she endorses Hillary Clinton for president. Perhaps Ms. Steinem thinks of her audience as automatons and they need her guidance to be able to choose. In her appearance on Bill Maher’s show, Ms. Steinem extended her opinion not only to her audience but to women in general. Here is her infamous quote in early February 2016.

Women are more for [Hillary] than men are. Men tend to get more conservative because they gain power as they age, women get more radical because they lose power as they age.

“They’re going to get more activist as they grow older. And when you’re younger, you think: ‘Where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie.”[End quote]



Campaigners for Sanders during the weekend of Gloria Steinem’s infamous quote.

Something unique happened during the same weekend that Ms. Steinem made her infamous quote. I was a host for three ladies from California who volunteered to travel to Nevada and canvas in Las Vegas for Bernie Sanders. When I learned of Ms. Steinem infamous quote, I played who-said-it with my guests: A-Donald Trump; B-Carly Fiorina, and C-Gloria Steinem. All three attributed the quote to Trump, they were dumbfounded when they learned that the quote came from Ms. Steinem. One of my guests even exclaimed “What boys? We have passed the age for boys!”

Not only Ms. Steinem belittled her audience’s intelligence by selecting a candidate for them, she also belittled all women who chose to caucus and vote for Bernie Sanders. On Valentine’s Day, 2016; I had the privilege to see Senator Bernie Sanders; he spoke at the Bonanza High School in Las Vegas; at least half of the audience were females; some married, some older and some were lesbians. In the presence of such energy is was easy for me to grasp that for the women who came to the rally, it was more important that their candidate has a matching heart to their hearts than a matching genital to theirs.
Not all endorsements are irrelevant; to some folks it is important to have some guidance. For instance, a lot of laborers do not follow politics; therefore, when their labor union endorses a political candidate, it saves them the time to educate themselves. On the other hand, when the only reason why some folks chose one candidate over another based exclusively on a celebrity endorsement, consequently these folks are subordinating their intelligence, reason and logic, like this: “I’ll never be as intelligent as Gloria Steinem, so if she says that a vagina is the main reason why I should choose Hillary, that’s good enough for me.”


2016-02-20 16.28.51

Caucus Party on February 20th, 2016

Archetypal understanding of endorsements is verily one-dimensional, perhaps it is one dimensional because the mind of many voters are one dimensional as well. On caucus day in Nevada, when I was precinct captain, I had a unique point of view. I stood in front of my precinct and gave a speech on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Prior to giving the speech I divided the room accordingly for easier head count. If I may generalize, the appearance of the division was not about choice, but about age; in other words, most of the people on Clinton’s caucus were over 50 and on Sanders’ under 40. On Bernie’s camp I could see hope, on Hillary’s I could read fear. By the way, this is not the first time Hillary Clinton sold fear; in 2008 the most famous political ad was called “The 3AM Call.” Instilling fear on voters who would pick a hopeful and inexperienced senator from Illinois called Barrack Hussein Obama and he would not know what to do if he received a call at 3AM. I did not participate in the Republican caucus; but I talked to a couple of my angry neighbors who caucused for Trump. So the one-dimensional split of the American electorate is separated by hope, anger and fear.

This very one-dimensional approach to the electorate allows the media and the political establishment to control elections (which are in turn controlled by billionaires running lobbying groups). As of the writing of this, Bernie Sanders won more delegates and more states than Hillary Clinton; but the media chose to cover political opinions of Cruz, Trump and Hillary regarding the terrorist attack in Brussels. The one-dimensional approach when comes to endorsements is displaying to the world the level of intellect of the American voter. This means, that the American electorate is so focused on celebrity status and engaged in short term memory that everything else is oblivious to reason.

The creator of Bridge-gate endorses the creator of a pseudo-college called Trump University.

Recently, Governor Chris Christie endorsed Mr. Donald Trump; there was a lot of coverage of the event; when I saw the endorsement it was like watching the creator of Bridge-gate scandal endorsing the creator of a pseudo-college called Trump University. In other words, the corrupt politician endorsed the con-man; here is the insulting part: these are folks being nominated to have access to nuclear codes and the Sixth Fleet, who are selling anger to the their electorate.


Every time one hears from the media say: Palin endorsed Trump; Steinem endorsed Clinton or Killer Mike endorsed Sanders; the archetypal translation should be: “We the media think of the American electorate is too stupid to reason on their own; so we have announced what the celebrities are thinking so they may go back to your video games, reality TV-shows, and your sports fantasies.”  This condition is very sad, very unfortunately and very normal.


Courtesy CNN

There has been centuries of culture and education in Germany, yet Hitler took the lead, there were centuries of culture and Pax Romana yet Mussolini took the lead. Hitler and Mussolini were elected leaders and became dictators; will the United States be a part of a history which tends to repeats itself? Are endorsements part of the process? Shall we resign to the fact that the populous is too dumb and needs celebrities and politicians to make endorsements for them?


Most will see the title of this essay and think that I do not support Bernie Sanders; a few will read this to the end and see the archetypal fallacies of endorsements. It is important to stop listening to endorsements and start listening to our own hearts, reason and logic; that the shape of the candidate’s heart is more important than the shape of the candidate’s genital. This is the reason why I will never make an endorsement; but I will support a politician when the politician brings reason, logic and more than a decade of unflinching history of never being cozy to the banking, pharmaceutical or the industrial military complex and always speaking for the average American who does not have access lobbying power. Before you feel the Bern, it is important to feel your heart; take a step out and think “should I follow endorsements or reason and logic.”


Fiat Lux!


It is important to know the distinction between party affiliation and dogmatic affiliation. If we accept anything that a political party says; our participation stops being a political choice and turns into a dogmatic opinion.

Many will say, I’m a Republican because my parents are Republicans, this very many could say, I’m a Catholic because my parents are Catholic. It is important to make this distinction because we constantly need to bring our politicians to account for their actions. Once again when an action is not questioned, our political stance stops being for a logical reason and starts being for a dogmatic reason.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D. Mass)

Many of us are enamored by the speeches of Elizabeth Warren and how she stands to protect the American consumer and the American people. I’m no exception, I love her speeches.

Recently, there has been an attack on her brain-child—the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the CFPB for short. Many politicians like Senator Ted Cruz to the surprise of many the Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) also wants to join Senator Cruz in the closing of the CFPB.

Majority of Americans have an intellectual knowledge of the CFPB and very few have an empirical knowledge of the agency. I am of of the few who had an empirical knowledge of it. I would like to relate my experience with the CFPB; however, since I am still engaged in a lawsuit with the entity that I brought to attention of the CFPB, I will keep all names in private for now. Yet, I hold all of the documentation on this matter for examination if my allegations comes in doubt. So it goes…

ACME Corporation

The ACME corporation was creating fraudulent charges to my mortgage account. For instance, ACME added about $1,200 in legal fees to my account in 2012 and ACME and I never entered in litigation until 2014. So in 2012 I did a little research on ACME and I found out that ACME settled with the Federal Trade Commission for harassing their costumers in 2004. According to the FTC webpage, ACME was under still under sanctions until 2014. So, I called the FTC to say that ACME bank had violated the conditions of their settlement; however, the FTC told me that I should contact the CFPB instead, so I did.

I filed a detailed and comprehensive complaint with the CFPB relating all of my allegations by showing copy of statements with fraudulent charges. ACME bank responded to CFPB and said, “No, we did not do it.” I still have one more chance to reply, once again I stated that ACME bank was padding my account with fraudulent charges and the proof is on the statements. In short, the CFPB responded, “This account is closed, because ACME said that they did not do it. You are free to pursue your claims in civil court.” So I did. Currently, I am still in arbitration against ACME.


I felt protected by the CFPB as much as the average American feels protected by Spider-Man. I was totally disappointed with the protection provided by the CFPB, it was a year later that I discovered that the department was a creation of Elizabeth Warren.

Here is my opinion, perhaps my case was an exception, perhaps my case was an average. Perhaps the CFPB really protects the American Consumer, in the same way Homeland Security protects the Nation. Allow me to explain the metaphor. Before Homeland Security the American people had to rely on the FBI, the NSA and the CIA for protection, I think they did a pretty good job during the Cold War, there was no need of Homeland Security. The creation of such agency was to say that the FBI, the NSA  and CIA could not get along? It is like saying that the Army, the Air Force and the Navy will compromise the security of the country unless there’s another agency telling them that they need to cooperate. Conversely, this is my understanding of the CFPB, why create a new department when the FTC was already in charge of protecting the American consumer? The FTC has been protecting the American consumer for years and the creation of a new agency will only create a false sense of security the same way that the Homeland Security does. I don’t think that the FBI, the NSA and the CIA need to be supervised, in my opinion they have been doing a good job.

In other words, a new title is not going to protect the American people more or less, the protection is going to be the same. The creation of a new agency like the CFPB alludes to more protection; however, in a personal note it was a terrible disappointed. I have been fighting ACME since 2012 without the help of the CFPB. I have made the same allegations in court that I did before the CFPB and if the outcome turns out to be different, then I will have valid proof that the CFPB is nothing, but the appearance of protection not the protection itself.

ACME makes donations to politicians, ACME was bailed out by the politicians, the new owner of ACME has been indicted by the Department of Justice for money laundry, racketeering and tax evasion; yet they are allowed to operate. Since 2012 ACME keeps padding my statements with fraudulent charges, they are creating these fraudulent charges in hope that some day the charges would be discounted against their cost to run a business.

I was really disappointed that even though I had proof of racketeering against ACME, the CFPB, basically said, “we review your complaint against ACME; and ACME said that they did not do it; so, the case is closed.” The questions we should be asking are: “How more effective is to have a bigger FTC than a divided FTC? Is the creation of an agency also creating the illusion of protection? Would it be more cost efficient to have one data-bank for fraud instead of two?

In my own experience the creation of the CFPB made no difference in my life and perhaps helped ACME more than it helped me. Did the FTC ever find out that ACME was in violation of their 2004 settlements? Well, perhaps the CFPB never told the FTC about ACME new tricks.

My main point is this, if the government decides to close the Homeland Security; the FBI, the NSA and the CIA are highly competent to continue the job since their inception. Conversely, the closing of the CFPB would be a political slap on Elizabeth Warren but the FTC and the judicial courts of the land are competent enough to pick up the task.

Shields of FBI, CIA and NSA

It is important to remember that before we are Democrats, Republicans, Independents or Non-partisans, we are above all Americans. Only one thing should determine the continuance of the CFPB, my own experience does not count. The only thing that should determine the endurance of the CFPB is efficiency. It is more efficient to have a divided FTC or not? When the media titles their articles in such a way that an attack against CFPB is an attack against Elizabeth Warren, they are not being truthful to the American people. The media is curtailing to the prejudice of being a Democrat, a Republican before being an American. The media is therefore with such titles, circumscribing to dogmatism before efficiency and common sense.


This is a temporary page about my experience in Nevada’s Caucus.
I will eventually make a more detailed blog, with the most important experience–the Caucus Math and distribution of delegates.
Enjoy the photos for now.

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2016-02-17 21.16.42B

Out of town volunteers for Nevada’s Caucus. It was a privilege to host such a nice group of folks!

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Fiat Lux!!!!




My friends and readers who knows my style and writings; knows one word defines me—patterns.  So my predictions are not based on intuition, but patterns. We take it for granted and we repeat the same feat or the same defeat. The other day I was watching Charlie Rose on PBS and a professional futurist of finances from Goldman Sachs said that Goldman Sachs’ main predictor of future trends is past history. At least in one thing Goldman Sachs and I agree–patterns. Goldman Sachs and I disagree when it comes to the near feature of the Petrodollar.

Here is an example, our recent January for the stock market was the worse since 1928. That alone does not means a lot; however, 1928 and 2016 have one major fact in common, they were both election years. I have predicting the end of the dollar as a international currency and the bear market of January 2016 has just added another validation to my financial predictions.

Prostitution now is a product in England, since it was been added to the GDP.

If you are familiar with my videos; my predictions continue to manifest. The the video the collapse of the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part1, and the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part-2, I have mentioned that before the Petrodollar collapse the United Kingdom is going to lead us or the US to an eve of destruction. Today the Financial Times has announced that the British Pound has been the lowest against the Petrodollar in 7 years.*

Here is another way to look at this: What happened seven years ago? Answer: the housing market collapse in the USA and the global recession. According to the report the down on the British Pound is on the fears of Brexit or United Kingdom exiting a treaty called European Union. Not too long ago the United Kingdom included prostitution on its GDP. If it continues like this, England may have to sell the Falkland Island to Argentina.

UK-Queen-Gold-my preciousToday one British Pound it is valued at $1.40; it is still a long way off my prediction of needing about 26 British Pounds to buy one American Dollar. The referendum on Brexit may accelerate the process, but the key point is China. If China wishes to destroy the UK and the US at once, all they need to do is to announce that the Yuan is backed by gold.

Source*: Financial Times; Pound hits 7-year low on Brexit fears; Michael Hunter and Jim Pickard in London and Peter Wells

“The Search for the Real Killer(s)”

Scar tissues shown after MRI scan.

Taking the advantage of the Year of the Monkey to launch a new Magazine called “Follow the Money,” very close friends told me that often I have an angle to explain things that they never thought before.

A blast from the past is the trial of O.J. Simpson back on TV, on FX Network, so I took advantage of this new series to explain an angle about O.J.’s case that has never been entertained.


Click here to watch the video “Follow the Money”

I’m my opinion O.J. Simpson is a victim of TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury, however, TBI was never brought to his defense. I draw a parallel to the movie “A Few Good Men” because the case is similar because the wrong person was sent to jail, because nobody was aware that the private actually had a coronary condition. How does that apply to O.J. ?

It is very likely that O.J.. has scarring tissue in his brain leading him to have aggressive behavior. Therefore, in both cases (“Few Good Men” and O.J. Trial) the real illnesses were never addressed, and the wrong guy went to jail. Regarding TBI, many retired NFL players have a history of aggressive behavior, suicide, memory loss, but the NFL is not going to stop the game because of a collateral violence. Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman are consequently victims of TBI that O.J. Simpson acquired during his years of being a player for the NFL. The matter will be finally proved when O.J. Simpson’s brain finally is scanned for anomalies and scarring tissues.

Therefore, just like in the movie “Few Good Men” and O.J. Simpson the wrong characters went to prison for the wrong reasons. So here is a video version of this very detailed argument.

Click here to watch the Documentary from Frontline* a documentary showing a history of TBI and neglect from the NFL.

Click here to read the transcript of Frontline* showing a history of TBI and cover ups called “League of Denial.”

Here is a link to the transcript for “A Few Good Men.” **

* Source: Frontline is a documentary magazine which belongs to WGBH-TV and PBS.

**Source: “A Few Good Men,” is a property of Columbia Pictures.

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Repursury, available on

In my book “Repursury” I have been talking about the emergence of a currency to replace the US Dollar as a trade currency. The replacement of the US Dollar or Petrodollar will force many nations to redeem their currency with gold. When the US Dollar start to be redeemed with gold, the Federal Reserve will raise the price of the ounce of gold.

Why is gold price is still so low? Simple, the US government and Euro Union are manipulating the price of gold by selling “gold lease.” Gold lease is not too complicated to understand, it is simply a paper purchasing an option on gold for a limited time, SPDRS or SPIDERS it is one of its major seller of gold leases. Eventually, people will stop buying gold paper lease, at this point gold is going to shoot to $10,000 an ounce, and a hamburger to $50.00 (translation= 1000% inflation from current prices).

UK-Queen-Gold-my precious

US and Euro banks are keeping the price of gold down by selling gold lease instead of actual gold.

In my videos called the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part1, and the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part-2, I explained that it was a wrong move to stop Iran and other countries to blog them from using the U.S. Dollar. They finally found another option, thus the collapse of the Petrodollar will follow.

Please notice in my videos, that I predicted the creation of another oil cartel, I call it BIRAPEC or short for Brazil-Iran-Russia-And-Petroleum-Exporting-Countries, the creation of BIRAPEC will exclusively be for the replacement of the Petrodollar by another currency and probably BRICS Dollars.

A metaphor for the Petrodollar before it crashes.

The magazine Sputnik* has just published another step into the replacement of the Petrodollar; therefore, my economic predictions continue to be validated. By the way, the collapse of the Petrodollar is not going to be all bad news, I also related the positive sides of the dollar collapse in my videos.

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Source* Sputnik Magazine

(This is an update of a previous warning)

Here is a validation or another update in the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part1, and the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part-2. By the way, what I do is not quite a prediction, but an observation of a foreseeable behavior or pattern. For instance, if a cop stops a car to give a ticket; but while reaching for the wallet the driver pops the trunk open by mistake.

Tools found in the trunk…

The cop to be cordial and goes to close it; but before closing the trunk, the cop sees a pair of gloves, a bolt cutter, a stethoscope and a black ski mask. Having these items in the trunk is not illegal, but the cop is familiar with the pattern of robbery and the tools required to rob a safe. A crime has not been committed yet, but there is a pattern in progress that the cop may not be able to stop. See?

It is not illegal for China and Russia to buy tons of gold (and literally speaking, tons of gold). Nevertheless, why buy tons of gold and not put it to use? What is the point of allocating billions and billions of dollars just to stash it away for no purpose whatsoever?



In my book “Repursury,” I wrote about the power and demise of the Spanish Dollar, the British Pound rise and fall, and what is going to replace the American Dollar as international trade currency, I prefer to call it Petrodollar for short. Just like the stethoscope, gloves and ski mask in the trunk the accumulation of gold bars by China and Russia is leading to a pattern that is bound to happen in a not so distance future.

Since the publication of “Repursury” and the publication of “the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part1, and the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part-2,” China and Russia have increased their gold reserves. At the end of 2014 Russia’s gold reserve was 1208 metric tons of gold and in January of 2016 the estimated amount by World Gold Council (WGC) is about 1393; therefore a rise of 15.31% in one year. In 2015, while the Russian stock market collapsed, the Russian Ruble (рубль) collapsed and trade sanctions were imposed against Russia; the Russians were still able to raise their gold reserves by 15.31%!?

Now let’s look the numbers coming from China. The Chinese gold reserves at the end of 2014 were 1,054 metric tons of gold, and in January of 2016 according to WGC is 1,743.3 tons. This is a whopping 65.37% of an increase in one year; once again the increased happened even while the Chinese stock market collapsed and the Chinese growth rate has been the half of the past decades, and not to mention that China’s Yuan is a currency basket of the IMF as of November 30th 2015.
Look at this chart below:


Chart Source: World Gold Council January 2016

The United States gold reserve in August of 1971 was 8,133.5 tons of gold, and as of today it is the same—8,133.5 tons, an increase of zero percent! The green and purple lines (China and Russia) show a steep rise in the accumulation of gold even when the media is reporting that Russia and China are in trouble!?
That the financial media is saying is analogous to this:
“Hey Bob! What are you doing!? Begging for money?”
“Yeah Bill! I’m in trouble?”
“Well, let me at least treat you for lunch!”
“Thanks Bill! I have to run to the bank, I’m buying more gold!”
So, do not believe the media, it is time to believe the numbers!

At any day, before 2018 China could say “each ounce of gold is equal to 10,000 Yuan (or another hypothetical number).” What does it mean? It means is that the Chinese Yuan will no longer fluctuate against the gold; in other words, holding Yuan currency is just as good as holding gold. What will money markets do? The answer is buy Yuan, well at least for the short term. Money markets will be dumping the US Dollar (and US Treasury Bill) and buy Yuan, the United States and European Union only response is to bring back the gold standard. This is the day I do not want to be holding my cash reserves in British Pound; UK is going to crash worse than Greece.

The US will not be able to peg the dollar to 35 units per ounce like it used to do in 1971, but it is going to have to find a new unit, what will that unit be? When I look back in history, the US is going to do the pegging to gold in two steps, first step would set the gold at one price about $7,000 per ounce soon after pass a law making illegal the hoarding of gold bullion, like what happened with the Gold Reserve Act of 1934. Step two; drop the price of the US Dollar to $10,000 per gold-ounce. What are the main benefits?

  • To round up the math, I’m going to use round numbers.
  • a) American debt soon will be 20 trillion Dollars.
  • b) The international markets are artificially keeping gold at 1,000 Dollars.
  • Therefore at today’s gold price, the US debt can be paid with 20 billion ounces of gold.
  • Here is the simple math, 2 x 10 e13/1 x 10 e3 = 2 x 10 e10 or 20 billion ounces of gold.
  • However, when gold is pegged is finally pegged to $10,000 then the math is like this: 2 x 10 e13/1 x 10 e4 = 2 x 10 e9 or 2 billion ounces of gold.
  • Do you see the advantage?

When China pegs the Yuan to gold, the United States may evaporate 90% of its current debt simply by inflating the gold price to $10,000.00 per ounce. These are close numbers for easy math, today’s gold quote is U$ 1,120.90 per ounce. Are there more advantages? Yes!

Gold at a hyper-inflation of 1,000% every trinket at the Dollar Store is now going to cost 10 dollars per item, and Walmart will not be able to import socks from China at one dozen for 5 dollars and 40″ flat TV at $200. Do you understand now, why Walmart is closing 154 stores in USA? There will be fewer buyers and most goods are going to be made in USA.

The media keeps saying that Russia and China are in trouble, yet their gold reserves has had the highest rise since the Global Recession of 2008, it does not appear that buying gold is the behavioral pattern of countries in trouble. If it quacks like a duck chances are it is not a chicken; and by the way if a cop stops you and finds black gloves, a ski mask and a flashlight in your trunk, without missing a beat tell the cop, “I’m in my kid’s school play; please come, it’s only a 10 dollar donation at the door.”

School play $10 donation at the door.

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