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Two places that I have never visited for recreation in my life are zoo parks and strip joints.  I have never visited them for the same archetypal reason—there is an exchange of beauty for money. In other words, it is a way to prostitute beauty.

When I fear that my videos are getting too long, I create mock-TV commercials. One fine day I’m watching a political-show and SeaWorld, started to air a propaganda campaign that their whale-show program is wholesome.  I took an immediate disdain for the propaganda that it is and I created my own counter-response to the SeaWorld’s corporate message.

I was happily surprised today that SeaWorld is phasing out their whale-show program.  About six months ago I created this commercial-parody explaining the inhumane treatment of whales compounding to the archetypal prostitution model.

Today it has been announced that SeaWorld will phase out their whale-show.**  This is not only a victory for the whales, but also a victory for the betterment of mankind.  The world will benefit discontinuing a model designed based on capture, captivity, and prostitution (since beauty is exchanged for money).

The iconic image of the movie “Free Willy!”

It is good to be on the side of ethics and justice, and today I’m happy to report that my mock commercial validated both sentiments. By the way, if you are ever tempted into going to a Zoo, remember that if you really love animals, you set them free!


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Our taxes buy roads, schools, infrastructure, and good civilization, but Burger King is counting on the ignorance of their customers not knowing that Burger King is a tax-dodger. This short video-quasi-commercial is to illustrate that taxes buys civilization, but Burger King just wants profits without paying for the structure: which build roads so their clients may drive to their restaurants, public schools to educate their workforce, Medicaid for their low income staff, Coast Guard to keep the borders safe, and fire-trucks standing by if their kitchen flares up.
In other words, Burger King wants profits and no community involvement, screw the nation and more money to the shareholders.

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During my videos, I like to break the narration with some mock commercials. Although the commercials are mocked, the commercials are truthful when it comes to being either a satire or an editorial against the abuse of corporations.  I wish to thank my friend Sabrina, she was a true sport, portraying herself as a crazy lady pushing a shopping cart. It is worth mentioning that during her close up she really let the camera have her anger, watch out Merryl Streep, Sabrina is here!
Overall, I hope everyone understands how ridiculous is a business model of seeking a better past than a better future, enjoy the commercial.

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Corporation are created for a singular and most important objective–the objective is profit.  Everything else does not measure up to it.  I am very proud that on my own volition I have never visited a waterpark, a zoo, or a strip-joint.  For the very same reason, all these three facilities prostitute beauty.  The etymology of the verb to prostitute is “to display (for a price);” thus, the word to prostate and to prostitute are variations of the action to display.  SeaWorld waterparks have been experiencing a drop in attendance, because people began to pay attention to the treatment of whales in captivity. The angle of this video is concentrated on the prostitution of the business model, when it has to deal with archetypal behavior, very similar to street prostitution and strip-joints because the beauty of “Nature” is at reach for a price. I strongly recommend the book “Gone Wild” by James W. Hall, the novel is much more than a documentary, it shows how animals are captured and treated in a entertaining format.  Years after I’ve read “Gone Wild,” by chance I ran into Mr. Hall at boarding in LAX, I saluted him on a wonderful book, he shared with me that he actually visited most locations in the book to giving the book a through  research.

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Second satire:
Featuring the unintended consequences of sharing DNA information (or family’s gene tree) with a private corporation. Whether or not is the intention of to provide this information to hurt their own customers. History has logged a similar incident, which I’ve documented in my book “The Link.”  The Catholic Church kept a log of all baptism performed in the local community. Consequently the Nazi Party in before and during World War II used the very data to filter Jews and Gypsies (or the unbaptized) from their communities and ship them to concentration camps.

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The themes in my books are at times a little heavy, since I’m competing with cat videos and a ton of Kardashians, I have been creating satires to mimic TV-commercials, my catchy phrase is: “Really? I’m in the wrong business!”  However, the intention of the phrase is to ridicule or to bring food for thought and ask “if the business model is wrong or deserve to be improved for the betterment of mankind. Enjoy “Home Depot Aisle.”

[Home Depot Aisle [C-9001] ]


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