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Power, riches, immortality? What higher calling could a humans have other than spiritual evolution?

There is a certain spiritual evolution when a person can see beyond the skin, gender, age, looks or the outer shell. The ancient Greeks philosophers used to say that aesthetics is the concern with outer beauty; but ethics is the concern with inner beauty.

The song “What if Your Name Were John?” was born out a racist comment.  It was back in 1995, I was watching the Bosnian War on TV. The closest we have gotten to Hitler since WWII; and an acquaintance made a racist comment towards a friend of mine.  Suddenly the Bosnian War was not 5000 miles away, the reason for the war was right on my breakfast table.


The distance between Bosnian conflict and Miami is 5400 miles or about 8200 Km; but a racist comment brought the war to my breakfast table.

I have had a unique privileged, I was born with one race, and 21 years later, I’ve joined another.  It was not possible through gene mutation; it was done by crossing the border. I was born Caucasian in Brazil, but in the United States I am no longer Caucasian I am seen as a Latino.  The branding as Latino sets a certain form or behavior, likes and attitudes.  This experience has been a privileged to understand how other groups feel undermined by labels and stereotypes.

I was particularly disappointed by an acquaintance when he made a racist comment against my Jewish friend, what I immediately surmised was, that the racist probably has a prejudicial concept of everyone including myself because I have a Hispanic accent. Prejudicial comments even when are not directed at me hurts me. For instance, I do not claim to understand how it feels to be a Jew, but I understand how to feel as an outcast. I do not understand how it feels to be a Syrian Refuge, but I understand how it feels to be labeled.

Just recently, as a result of the terrorist attack in Paris; I was disappointed with comments being made on Facebook, alluding that immigrants are terrorists.  This generalization would include me, not because I was born in a country where ISIS, the Taliban and the Al Qaeda have basis, but it is lack of spiritual evolution just analyze individuals by stereotypical assumptions.

If you have read the book “The Link,” you can finally hear the melody of the song that has been included in the book on page 282.

I have been creating reference tracks for the songs that I have written with videos on YouTube.  The videos contain the lyrics and chord changes, once you learn the song, you could put the video on mute, then play and sing along with a guitar.  I hope that you enjoy the song, there is no need to click like on YouTube, I do not monetize my videos. Enjoy.

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