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Late October 2016, I had a road-trip with a friend and his two dogs—Boogie and Puppy, from San Francisco, CA to Miami, FL. There was an interesting canine phenomenon. When we passed a semi-truck on the road, no matter how long it took to pass Boogie and Puppy did not care. But the same eighteen-wheeler at idle waiting for a red-light to turn green the dogs went crazy; barking nonstop.

My friend and I reasoned that the dogs hate diesel engines at idle. So, now… How dogs barking at trucks are analogous to the 2016 US Presidential elections? Verily; because the politicians, the pundits and the media failed to see a pattern or distinction just like Boogie and Puppy. The semi-truck remains the same truck with the same amount of molecules cruising at 75 miles per hour; conversely, politicians, pundits and even economists fail to see the enduring consequences of laws and social economics in the long run, they only bark at the consequence in the present or recent past. For instance, Paul Krugman accused Jill Stein voters for Hillary’s loss; even when the numbers show a smaller turn out of Democrat voters measured against 2012—roughly 5 million fewer voters, furthermore more Latinos voted for Trump in 2016 than Romney in 2012. Could Jill Stein voters compensate for the difference? No. It would be a long essay to compare today’s pundits and how close they reason like Boogie and Puppy; instead, let us follow the money and how a international trade first conceptualized in 1990 affected the elections of 2016. The three names that we must pay attention since 1990 are: Bush, Clinton, and NAFTA. It took 26 years; thus, a whole generation; for us to measure the consequences of a bad trade law. So, what is NAFTA?

Most countries protect their domestic industry with a serious of tariffs. A tariff is an import tax to bring up the cost of a domestic product. A wonderful book detailing the history of tariffs and its consequences is called “The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power and Politics of the World Trade,” authored by Pietra Rivoli.

Time Magazine cover of 1992 (Source:Time Magazine archive)

So… History let us know that Bush-41 or Father-Bush (a Centrist-Republican) failed to pass the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement while in office. It took a Centrist Democrat William Jefferson Clinton to pick up the baton an finish the relay-race for the benefit of major corporations of Mexico, Canada and Wall Street. Nobody is perfect, I must confess that in 1992, I was thrilled that Bush-Gore won the election. I also must confess that I was wrong in thinking that Presidential Candidate Ross Perot had no clue about the economics pertaining NAFTA. It is really easy to find the video of Perot debating Al Gore on “Larry King Live;” on Youtube. Recently I saw the old debate once again, it was amazing to see that Ross Perot had the foresight of an oracle.

NAFTA turned out to be the vacuum cleaner that Ross Perot predicted and with the passing of the law four major side effects took place:

  1. Major manufacturing moved to Mexico destroying the economy of thousand of small towns in the U.S.
  2. Labor Unions lost a lot of their bargaining power since now there is fewer demand for blue color-workers.
  3. American major flooded the Mexican economy with cheap grains destroying the rural economy in Mexico.
  4. Illegal immigration rose because the Mexican local farming could not compete with U.S. subsidized grains. The choice for many farm workers became only to participate in to the growing marijuana or crossing the border for less then minimum wage.

Consequently, not only American citizens workforce was reduced due the fleecing of manufacturing; illegal immigration (increased due to the destruction of rural jobs in Mexico) which took more jobs of the American employment pool. At the same rate that NAFTA was exponentially increasing profits for major corporations, it decreasing the opportunity for American workers. Specifically the voting group referred as “blue-color non-educated Caucasian.” This was the group that overwhelming voted for Donald Trump.

History repeats itself, media was ready for Hillary to be the winner.

History repeats itself, media was ready for Hillary to be the winner. The polls pointed to Hillary in 2016 in the same way it pointed to Dewey in 1948 instead of Truman. Who is Dewey? Exactly!

Beyond Ross Perot, the first to become the herald for the disenfranchised by NAFTA, was Senator Bernie Sanders (campaign began on May 26, 2015). He had an overwhelming number of small donations and attendance to his rallies. Donald Trump became the second voice for the disenfranchised (campaign began on June 16, 2015). Wikileaks finally revealed that the DNC colluded with the media by attacking and blocking major advances from Bernie Sanders. Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chief finance officer Brad Marshall; chief executive Amy Dacey, and communications director Luis Miranda resigned their positions with the DNC. Later, interim chairwoman Donna Brazile was fired from CNN for releasing debate questions to Candidate Clinton in advance. Most were not surprised by the revelations of Wikileaks, so much so, that none of the Wikileaks revelations did not land anyone in jail, only four volunteered resignations and one CNN firing.

Never in American history both candidates had legal lawsuits, criminal investigations and alike. Nevertheless, the Joe Blows from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Jane Does from Emporia, Kansas are not worried about the DNC’s mischief or Wikileaks revelations; they are only concerned in voting for who is going to bring their jobs back to their small towns. Prior to writing this essay, I explained to a friend that the reason why Donald Trump won, was not because of emails, Wikileaks, Jill Stein, but because of NAFTA. He asked, “Does everyone know what NAFTA is when they went to the voting booth?” My reply was,“Absolutely not! They may not even know what NAFTA is; some may even think NAFTA is a type of mosquito or a rash. The only thing that they know is that the factory that their grandfather and father used to work for, located at the outskirts of town has their gates locked their roofs caved in and their jobs fled somewhere to Mexico.”

Closed factory, anywhere USA.

NAFTA is the semi-truck loaded at 75 miles per hour running over and destroying the lives of every little town that had a factory in the United Sates; however, when it is took close to the election, the truck slows down to idle and the politicians, pundits and media copying the styles of Boogie and Puppy keep barking “he is a racist, he is homophobic, he is a sexist, he is a bully, he is a sexual predator!”


There is a much bigger picture than NAFTA, and even bigger than the 2016 Elections, it is a picture that escape most economists. I have mentioned before that I am a fan of the Freakonomics Group; but their most recent book disappointed me. In the book “When to Rob a Bank” the authors by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner unveiled the pros and cons of bank robbery and even pan-handling to name a few. The most ingenious part of the work of economists should not be the understanding the of profit and loss of robbing a bank or the best corner or time for pan-handling; instead, to aim towards a sustainable economy. Looking at the immediate picture of economics will only lead us to the next collapse. Economists like Robert Reich and Paul Krugman claim that Capitalism is the best form of economics; Reich even went a step further naming his book “Saving Capitalism,” such title make as much sense as “Saving Feudalism,” because when a system is working well, it does not require saving; it becomes self sustaining and it would never crash. Unfortunately, politicians are listening to pundits like Reich and Krugman, and much worse than that politicians are begging for money of wealthy donors for their next reelection.

“Divergent Series” based on a trilogy authored by Veronica Roth. Movie copyrights: Lionsgate (Source: Wikipedia)

The historic gains and losses created by NAFTA were born in 1990 under the names Clinton and Bush and destroyed by the American voter when they voted against Clinton and Bush in 2016; they voted for a candidate who promised the end of NAFTA. The creation of NAFTA benefited the elite in Mexico and the United States and pinned the rural worker of Mexico against the factory worker of the United States. In the true fashion and format of “Follow the Money,” mostly using a movie plot showing similarity to real life; the creation of NAFTA and its consequences is is very similar to the “Divergent Series” based on a trilogy authored by Veronica Roth.

Here are the parallels: workers of the United States and Mexico are pinned against each other for the production of the same product which profits will go to an elite out of their reach. Fiction meets reality when the plot of the “Divergent,” are factions of people are pinned against each other and the benefit is an elite out of their reach. Psychologists could claim the book and movie series became bestsellers and blockbusters because subconsciously the reader or the audience is able to relate to the plot because in real life “we” already do.

Adding insult to injury; is the discontentment of the American worker (and voter), who has been the mysteriously secluded from the backdoor deals of the Trans Pacific Partnership that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton were promoting together. Where NAFTA was the elimination of tariffs and the due process in three countries, the TPP would be the elimination of tariffs between twelve countries. History has already given us two preludes to the TPP, first one was NAFTA and second one has been the European Union, the consortium of 28 countries. Greece tried to get out, and United Kingdom just took the first step in June of 2016.

Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (December 2006)

The financial mechanics of international trade benefiting a small elite having people around the world fighting for the same jobs, (in essence, very analogous to the “Divergent Series),” was handsomely consolidated in a book called “The Global Class War: How America’s Bipartisan Elite Lost Our Future—and What It Will Take to Win It Back” authored by Jeff Faux, was published in 2006.

Promises made before the election are like love promises during Summer-camp. Not impossible, but almost. Will Trump break the heart of his voters by passing TPP and doing almost nothing about NAFTA? Could Trump echo the words of George Herbert Bush, “Read my lips, no new taxes?” A president-elect with outstanding loans with German banks, an unresolved bankruptcy and a class action lawsuit still pending. That is a lot on anyone’s table before he decides to solve the problems of the nation. (In my previous essay called, “The Corruption of Donald Trump,” I explained that Trump is not the problem; instead, he is the consequence). We have a political system corrupted by the elite, and a major collapse to come inspired by greed. Just like bacteria on a Petri-dish eventually runs out of food and die, the U.S. debt reaching 20 Trillion may inspire the same end. We ran out of suckers to sell more trillions of dollars of loans, we are going to depend on donations to build the Mexican wall.


Fourth day of the trip, first stop in Florida. One hour prior to hearing FBI reopening Clinton’s email investigations.

In the spirit of full disclosure, by the time we were passing by Pensacola, Florida—the fourth day of our cross country journey. My friend and I heard on the radio that the FBI Director James Brien Comey Jr. was reopening the investigation on Clinton’s emails, that was thanks to Anthony Weiner’s formidable penis being promoted while having access to his wife’s computer which was also used for Clinton’s classified emails (soon to be a HBO mini-part series, just wait!) The shock of this news was so intense that for the next hour my friend and I arguing about the news; we became louder than Boogie and Puppy when threaten by a semi-truck at idle.


My friend Jon practicing yoga guarded by Boogie and Puppy.

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You have to be from another planet and just arrived not to see all of the killing that it has been taking place.  Racial profiling and killing by cops and and police officers being targeted by snipers or alike.  So I would like to share my opinion regarding the group Black Lives Matter and all of this police shooting that has been taking place.

So on one hand we have abusive police officers and on the other we have officers being killed. The underlying reason for why this racial profiling and killing, nobody is talking about.  I hear President Obama asking for more tolerance and training, I hear presidential candidates asking for more patience, some asking for more guns, and even recently candidate Clinton said that she was going to prosecute police shooters.  All of these measures will not stop the killings and furthermore, prosecuting someone who is in already in a suicide mission or already dead, will not make a difference.

Obama in Town Hall meeting addressing Black Lives Matters. Photo Source: ABC-News.

Who are the victims and aggressors?  Based on the pattern of evidence that I see everyone is a victim, police officers, racial profiled minorities and police shooters.  I do not condone violence and I am not saying that police shooters are correct in killing police officers, however, based on the evidence; the shooters are afflicted individuals either suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or depression.  Therefore, everyone involved has been corrupted by the current conditions or corrupted by the system.

No one is functioning on their full ability to address the situation. For instance, the police shooters are not serial killers, they are not the mission to kill police officers and remain in anonymity they are actually committing suicide.  It has been an old practice, a person would point a fake gun to a police officer and the police officer will have no option but to shoot the person. The practice is known as SBC or Suicide by Cop; consequently, most of the current police shooting is nothing more than a glorified SBC.  In view of all the police shooting and police abuse going viral on the internet, many individuals already entertaining suicide they will take a chance to glorify their departure.


“The Matrix” 1999 (c) Warner Bros. Photo Source: Warner Bros.

The United States government fails to address many of these conditions, veterans’ PTSD are not properly addressed, police officers are using racial profiling, and many urban areas are destitute because of our government wrongdoings.  To say succinctly “the system is broken.”  In order to make people understand, the current situation it is much easier to make a movie analogy, in this case there is a movie where the police officers are being killed by the protagonists, but both protagonists and police officers are victim of the system but the system is called the matrix.  So it is only later in the plot of the 1999 movie by Warner Brothers that the audience come to understand that “The Matrix,” is abusing of both cops and citizens.



Patterns are very important to me, in fact, I wrote a book showing how slavery has evolved from ownership into repurchase, the title of the book is “Repursury: How Slavery Evolved Into Usury Through Repurchase.”   The ability to see patterns are available to all economists, I find it offensive that no economists have voiced their complaint against the system.  Social problems do not occur overnight, it takes decades and decades to finally blow up.

Most economists are linear in their thinking, in fact, the arguments of Alan Greenspan before a Congressional Oversight Committee  shows the linear thinking of many economists.

“I have found a flaw, I don’t know how significant or permanent it is. But I have been very distressed by that fact… …That’s precisely the reason I was shocked because I’d been going for 40 years or so with considerable evidence that it was working exceptionally well.”

What was working exceptionally well for Greenspan was the checks and balances set by President Roosevelt’s Administration.  The revocation of Glass-Steagal set a number of dominoes to collapse a decade later.  In my opinion, the social conditions leading to current shootings have been set further back.

If you are a lover of American History you will see that the reason why President Lincoln was killed, it was not because he freed the slaves.   The American Civil War was was ongoing for four years before he was fatally shot, and although abolition was not the original plight of the American Civil War, abolition was added to it.  However, for Lincoln, abolition was not enough he also wanted to add in the 13th Amendment equal suffrage under the U.S. Constitution.  This new condition offended many including his killer–Wilkes Booth.  The failure to add equal rights to vote in the 13th Amendment led most of the nation do deny Negroes the right to vote for another century.  It was only after the Civil Rights in the 1960s that equal suffrage under the law started to take place.

When laws are written by a race and one ethnic group the laws will tend to favour that group.  So for another century minorities had very little representation while the laws were passed.  In the 1930 after the Big Depression, the FDR Administration began a series of programs including the FHA or Federal Housing Administration.  The FHA started a program called Red-lining.  The Red-lining was set to deny minorities the access to government financing in order to purchase a home.  To this day and the writing of this essay, African-American communities and other minorities areas were deprived from the same access to home appreciation.  What is the problem with that?  Simple, around the United States most of the fundings for education are exclusively derived from “property taxes.”

So, Lincoln died before he could pass equal suffrage under the law, and the FHA inadvertently deprived minorities to equal funding to education.  The clear result is that a less educated individual will not have the same access to the same job than a more educated individual would.  Thanks to the killing of Lincoln and FHA’s Red-lining, some areas of the United States are now modernized plantations, where in the old days slavery used to be by ownership, now slavery is through purchase, because many people have to pay more for their groceries, more because of racial profiling, and more for their home loans.

Redlining, photo source Wikipedia

While Red-lining became prohibited in the 1970s, the practice moved from the government sector to the private sector.  Bank of America purchased Countrywide Home Loans, and Countrywide settled with the Department of Justice for discriminating against minorities, from 2004 through 2008.  If in the application the applicants entered their race their loan would come with a much higher interest rate.  The illusion of freedom is in all American cities except when families in a destitute neighbourhoods have to work for much longer hours to pay for the same groceries at lower price elsewhere, notwithstanding, many families pay with their lives.

So, the creation of American Ghettos, was a government invention and to this day, and the consequences are being viewed as racial profiling and police shootings.  This status quo is perpetuated by our government because a person studying in a dilapidated school will either not graduate or not pursue higher learning. How do we stop this vicious cycle of killings and bring equal access to education for the job market? Answer: Proper tax collection and proper tax distribution.

Human capital is one of the most important assets of a nation. Trillions of dollars have been poured in Middle East and Persia, but without human capital, to this day nothing changed there, the money is just funnelling to an elite few.  Federal funding to all schools will ensure proper equal access to education which eventually will lead to tertiary education should be viewed by the United States government as the best tool to combat poverty, infant pregnancy, bring down the use for food-stamp, welfare, and other programs.  The United States government has had this practice of collecting property tax for education for many generations after a while, people accept the defective system as a norm.  People tend to rationalize even a defective pattern.  One time a family member had a minor stroke, and I suggested that the problem came from using cigarettes, emphatically I heard in response, “It cannot be smoking, I have been smoking all my life and this never happened before!”

As long as funding education comes from local tax collection, some neighbourhoods will have better schools than others.  Since it is the goal to educate all its citizens up to high-school level, all high-schools should be at equal funding level, otherwise the U.S. Government is not providing equal protection under the law; thus, unconstitutional.  The way to stop future racial profiling and future police shootings and police killings is to stop a broken system, to stop this deceptive matrix which helps some groups more than others.

For years we have been staring at the consequence, but calling it “the problem.”  For instance, when a person is traveling at high speed through a windshield, that is not the problem, that is the consequence of the problem, the problem is not using the seat-belts; likewise is our situation.  Asking for more police training and more patience it will not fix the problem, the problem is a faulty tax collection and a faulty tax distribution.  When President Obama is asking for more police training and more tolerance, these are temporary solutions it is like applying make up in an attempt to cure Kaposi Sarcoma.

(Here is the video version of this essay.)

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2016-04-02 12.22.35

I’m standing on a table to get a better view of the convention.

Yesterday, I was a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Clark County Democratic Convention. Overall, I was very proud of being among a nice group of people. I have friends in both sides of the camp, Hillary’s and Bernie’s. Last night I met them.

Here are the main things I did not see: fights, insults, pushing, shoving and altercations. In fact, while inside the hall I never saw one single Clark County police officer. When talking to Hillary’s supporters, it was very cordial. I roamed the hall and I saw opposing supporters snapping many selfies together with their respective campaign signs.

There was a lot of shouting and chanting, yet the shouting was an extension of the likes and dislikes of the crowd depending of the position of the speaker at the podium. In the spirit of full disclosure; I was one of the civilized offenders, my voice was gone at the end of the night. Today as I write this report, I sound like Cher, well perhaps more like a Cher impersonator.

2016-04-02 12.22.19

(Click on Picture for a detailed or zoomed view) Panoramic view from the top of the table during the Clark County Democratic Convention on April 2nd, 2016

On or about 5PM, the delegate votes were tallied for the convention; and the original figure for the state shifted to Bernie Sanders. Although Sanders won 55.3% of Clark County, the overall state wide delegate convention became 55.23%. (Video of the announcement attached at the end of the blog)

Bernie Delegates-Reassignment-03

Washington Post still reporting Bernie’s loss when Bernie reversed the February count from Nevada’s Caucus Day. Photo Courtesy WP

Here is the sad part of our democracy. No main stream media (“MSM”) is reporting the loss of Hillary Clinton and the gain of Bernie Sanders. Meet the Press, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, and Face the Nation did not report the switch the amount of delegates at all. In fact, the Washington Post belittles the victory calling Sanders’ camp “scrappy.” I find it amazing that a scrappy political organization was still able to deliver 55.23% of delegates. We should reason using basic mathematics that 55.23% leading to a title like, “A Scrappy Sanders Campaign Narrows the Nevada Delegate Count Six Weeks After The Caucuses,” is a false account of last night proceedings.

Here is a quote from the political reporter for the Washington Post, “The upshot is that Sanders picked up some of the dozen delegates who were considered unbound during Saturday’s conventions, the rules of which were the source of a good deal of controversy among Clinton and Sanders partisans even before the events began.” The discrepancy of delegates is 402. How can that be dozens? It is better described as hundreds, right? There is more misleading information in the quote in the words [some] considered unbound, that is not true; all delegates are never bound to cast a vote to a candidate.

2016-04-02 17.55.25

A Hillary supporter was very kind and cordial to share the numbers and accounting with me.

The spirit of the convention is to allow all delegates to change their minds; in other words, every single delegate is by default unbound to their original promise. During the convention an hour was allocated to all delegates to change their minds. If I learn that Sanders took thousands of dollars from Goldman Sachs, Big Pharma and the fossil fuel industry and gave private speeches to them, I may switch my delegate vote to Hillary. On the other hand, if Hillary receives a pair of sparkling cuff bracelets from the FBI before the next state convention, many or all Hillary delegates may cast their votes to Sanders.  The Washington Post article is therefore misleading, biased and mathematically inaccurate.

It is simple to explain why Sanders is being blacked out by the media. Senator Sanders is running a campaign against the billionaires and the status quo, and the media belongs to the billionaires. The mainstream media also benefits financially by the Supreme Court ruling called FEC v. Citizens United. In other words, Bernie Sanders is not only campaigning against the Hillary and against the Republicans; Sanders is also campaigning against media which belongs to the billionaires.

GE-millenials humiliation

(Photo from a G.E. commercial) The TV campaign portrays the millennial generation humiliating themselves in hope to get a job at G.E.

Ask yourself, why is G.E. blanketing all channels with a commercials about getting a job at G.E. especially during the political season? Could G.E. be buying the allegiance of most major media with unnecessary advertising? Why not promote their fridges or stoves? Really? The ad is about people humiliating themselves to get a job at G.E.? See? The ad is unnecessary, since they do not promote any G.E. product. Could G.E. withdraw all its unnecessary advertising should the network stop the blackout on Sanders? Evidently, it is very hard to prove that a quid pro quo is taking place, each reader should come up with their own conclusion.

Sanders swept three states on Easter weekend by the largest margin in the election so far. In some cities in Alaska, Hillary failed to be a viable candidate. However, listening to the main networks during the same weekend, it appeared that Bernie Sanders was not even running for president. I found Lawrence Donnell the most offensive. The Monday after Bernie won the Easter-trifecta, during his one hour show, he spent almost one hour on mercurial Trump and not a single word to inform his audience of Sanders’ victories. Could be that MSNBC does not broadcast in Hawaii, Washington and Alaska? I am sure that is not the case.

If was not for a sparrow landing on Sanders podium, Sanders media blackout would continue. Even Mother Nature decided to take a close look at Sanders while the mainstream media continues to blackout his gains. On the other hand, there is a silver-lining of the Easter-trifecta even through the media blackout. The fact that Sanders swept Alaska, Hawaii and Washington averaging 72% of the votes, simply means that most people are no longer using the MSM as their exclusive source of information.

MSNBC fired the most liberal voices of their network like Melissa Harris-Perry, Joy Reid, Ed Schultz** and Ronan Farrow during and/or just before 2016 election season.  Some of these voices found their own outlets to continue to inform the people without the oligopoly that is the MSM.

General Electric and Westinghouse are part of the military industrial complex; and its shareholders earn more during wartime and less during peace time; these corporations are also major holders of the MSM. When the sparrow landed on Sanders podium, he spoke about cultivating world peace; once again validating his position on not being an interventionist on foreign affairs.

While the MSM points the microphones and cameras to the most vitriolic voices and less to the singular-voice who has been narrowly focused on the terrible plight of the lower and middle classes of our country; it is easy to follow the money to understand MSM’s incentive”profits.

Bernie Delegates-Reassignment-02

Nevada’s Delegates Count. Courtesy: Las Vegas R.J.

Last night as soon as I finished cheering the new recount of delegates; the numbers switched from 52.6% to Hillary to 55.23% to Sanders in pledged delegates. I turned to the folks sitting next to me and I said; This is a historical moment in Nevada’s history and I doubt that if it is going to be mentioned tomorrow morning at Meet the Press. I watched Meet the Press, Face the Nation, and This Week w/George Stephanopoulos and none of them spoke of the Nevada’s gain of state delegates by Sanders. I was happily surprised to see that Senator Sanders was going to be interviewed by Stephanopoulos. I was hoping that since MSM did not make the announcement, that he would take the opportunity to do it” he did not. This was another validation of his chivalry; it is not nice to gloat eventually it will be reported.

At the end of the night during the convention, I finally saw my face of disappointment listening to the results of February 20th, this time not in the mirror, but now stamped on Hillary’s supporters. We all take some of these political victories personally. Yet it is not about some of us, it is not about Bernie, it is about all of us aspiring for a equitable nation in a peaceful world.  We all agree on what we hope for. Nevertheless, we mostly disagree on how we are going to get there. Some of us subscribe to apathy, some to fear, some subscribe to anger and last weekend in Nevada, 55.23% of Democratic delegates subscribed to hope of taking the nation from the billionaires, from the status quo of politics and from the status quo media.

2016-04-02 20.04.28

Thousands of Bernie Supporters were dancing along with a few of Hillary’s supporters at the end of the night.

I hope that the MSM will soon report on Nevada’s delegate gain to Bernie Sanders and stops Bernie’s media blackout. I hope that more people subscribe to “Yes we can!” than Hillary’s “No! We Can’t!” I hope this report of my experience with the delegate convention and media coverage puts in perspective why the name of Senator Bernie Sanders is seldom mentioned by the mainstream media. I hope to stop sounding like a Cher impersonator and recover my voice soon.

Fiat Lux.




(Video of CCDC announcing the tally of delegates; video courtesy of Sean B.)

Source*: Washington Post’s misleading or bias report on Nevada’s Delegate Count on April 2nd, 2016

Source**: Ed Schultz statement of his departure from MSNBC

Post Script;

This Post was originally written and posted on April 3rd, 2016; edited and re-posted on April 09, 2016 at the website

On April 19, 2016; TYT or The Young Turks, echoed the sentiments of this blog.

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“The Search for the Real Killer(s)”

Scar tissues shown after MRI scan.

Taking the advantage of the Year of the Monkey to launch a new Magazine called “Follow the Money,” very close friends told me that often I have an angle to explain things that they never thought before.

A blast from the past is the trial of O.J. Simpson back on TV, on FX Network, so I took advantage of this new series to explain an angle about O.J.’s case that has never been entertained.


Click here to watch the video “Follow the Money”

I’m my opinion O.J. Simpson is a victim of TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury, however, TBI was never brought to his defense. I draw a parallel to the movie “A Few Good Men” because the case is similar because the wrong person was sent to jail, because nobody was aware that the private actually had a coronary condition. How does that apply to O.J. ?

It is very likely that O.J.. has scarring tissue in his brain leading him to have aggressive behavior. Therefore, in both cases (“Few Good Men” and O.J. Trial) the real illnesses were never addressed, and the wrong guy went to jail. Regarding TBI, many retired NFL players have a history of aggressive behavior, suicide, memory loss, but the NFL is not going to stop the game because of a collateral violence. Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman are consequently victims of TBI that O.J. Simpson acquired during his years of being a player for the NFL. The matter will be finally proved when O.J. Simpson’s brain finally is scanned for anomalies and scarring tissues.

Therefore, just like in the movie “Few Good Men” and O.J. Simpson the wrong characters went to prison for the wrong reasons. So here is a video version of this very detailed argument.

Click here to watch the Documentary from Frontline* a documentary showing a history of TBI and neglect from the NFL.

Click here to read the transcript of Frontline* showing a history of TBI and cover ups called “League of Denial.”

Here is a link to the transcript for “A Few Good Men.” **

* Source: Frontline is a documentary magazine which belongs to WGBH-TV and PBS.

**Source: “A Few Good Men,” is a property of Columbia Pictures.

All photos and scripts used in the video and blog are used under the protection for “Fair Usage of Copyright Materials,” enumerated under 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A. The photos and script were used with the intent of reporting and educating. Neither the youtube videos are monetized nor this blog requires a paid subscription.

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