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Another book review.

“Gold: The Race for the World’s Most Seductive Metal,” by Matthew Hart Book Review [B-4004]

Gold by Matthew Hart

I have made this video sometime ago, but I wanted to re-shoot with a new camera, but it would not make much difference, for its purpose.
I have been talking to many friends about the collapse of the U.S. Dollar and the gold market in general, so I review this book and I highly recommend anyone to read this book.

This is not a light reading there is violence, abuse, backstabbing and many other issues that comes with dealing with money, currency or treasure. Nevertheless, a enjoyable read, if you want to get married but do not want to buy a gold ring, have your beloved read this book, too much karma attached to this metal. Enjoy the video and book and Fiat Lux!



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Al Gore’s book “The Future,” fails to talk about the future, pure and simply is deceitful.
Mr. Gore makes deceitful association to the 2008 Housing Crisis to computer generated subprime mortgages (mortgages are not generated by computers, they are generated by people seeking loans and lenders granting them).  This is a way, Al Gore shifts the blame to borrowers rather than legislators like himself who brought an end to “Glass Steagall Act” and created the banks “Too Big to Fail.”

Al Gore and his book “The Future.” Courtesy of

Furthermore, most of the book reveals that Al Gore’s mind is inline with “cognitive capture” with Wall Street. Such cognitive capture* are validated as oxymoron such as “Democratic Capitalism” and “Earth,Inc.” which he made reference several times throughout “The Future.”

Half of the book is past history, the third quarter is about current events and the last quarter of “The Future,” he copied and pasted environmental issues from “An Inconvenient Truth.” Although I appreciate Al Gore’s environmental action, “The Future,” is a glorious waste of time, notwithstanding, a glorious waste of paper.

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Post Scripts:

Source*: Cognitive Capture are idealized and inline thinking with the Wall Street. Such ideologies as “trickle down economics,” “only the private sector can create jobs,” “banking deregulation,” “the invisible hands of the economy,” and “only a successful business man may became a great president,” are some of mental alignment in cognitive alignment for the main benefit of corporations, and not for the population.

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While vacationing in Hawaii, I ended up doing much more reading than surfing.
I highly recommend “Digital Gold” for anyone who wants to understand Bitcoin or wants to invest in Bitcoin.

Please do not take my approval for the book as an approval for Bitcoin, in fact I disclosed the fundamental of Bitcoin as another fiat currency in “Repursury.”


Book “Repursury.”


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The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System

Hardcover  – 2014 by author James Rickards

Death of Money-book

(90% Approval) This is a very good book to read or research, relating to the end of fiat money or the next global collapse. The book is well researched; but there are no footnotes or endnotes; so it is hard see validate research as you are reading the chapters.  My 10% disapproval comes from Mr. Rickards blaming Bernanke for the 2008 crash and later shifting the blame to “Glass-Steagal Repeal Act.”Furthermore, I disagree with Mr. Rickards on what caused the collapse, I’ve explained in the video, it is an IRS law called REMIC, allowing banks to set the Housing Market as a time bomb or a Ponzi Scheme. Nevertheless, I think it is a great book, even if I don’t like the Spartan editing and some of the author’s opinions. Enjoy, the video and the “Death of Money!”

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