Archetypes in Our Lives

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B.Sandy working at WSVN Channel 7 in Miami, during a production of a TV commercial for the News division.

In 1995 I began to work with the film and TV production industry. I started as a production assistant and eventually moved into having my own corporation providing support in teleprompting, video assist and sound-playback, once in a while I continued to work as either a prop-master or a prop-assist; most of my work that involved teleprompting were for infomercials.

The shooting of infomercials varied from a studio, to a park, and many times a rented home just for a day of production. I was based in Florida at the time and one particular production involved me traveling about 60 miles. Well, traveling 60 miles on an I-95 interstate was a gamble. When everything was perfect, one could calculate the traveling time, but since I am no gambler, I had decided to add another 40 minutes to my traveling time.

So, I was the first to arrive at this residence in West Palm Beach after having a breeze run from South Miami. The homeowner was cordial and she told me to wait inside; instead of waiting inside my car. The smell of fresh coffee cemented my decision to accept her invitation.


B.Sandy holding the boomed-mic for tennis player Serena Williams. He had to stand on a chair so to be off the camera.

The television was on, I took a seat in the living room and coffee was soon to follow. A kitchen-bar divided the cooking area and living-room. My host was facing the TV set from the other side of the bar. She appeared to be chopping vegetables or so, I could not see it.

As soon as the commercials ended the show, “Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee” returned. I am savoring the coffee and watching the show in progress, and all of the sudden I heard, “I hate her!” There was nobody else around so I assumed it was the homeowner. The comment was not directed at me so I did not respond.

The show “Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee” just returned from commercials one more time, and about 5 minutes in to the new segment once again I heard. “I hate her,” this time I had no doubt it was the homeowner, and I said,

I’m really not paying attention to this show, feel free to change the channel.”

No, it’s okay.” She resumed with the vegetable chopping.

About 10 minutes passed and once again I heard, “I hate her!” I began to evaluate my decision of entering the house. What if this is the wrong house and I just entered a random house and the lady is a serial killer. She has hatred and a knife, she can’t kill Kathie Lee from her house, but if a random stranger got the wrong address, that is her a perfect alibi for a self-defense killing due to a home invasion. Just when I was about to pretend that my phone rang and I was going to take my cell phone call outside, there was a knock on the door.

Another team member arrived, she took a seat next to me. She worked with hair and make up. I never met her in a production before; in fact, the aspect that I loved in working for the film industry was that from production to production I only met about 20% of the people that I had worked with in a previous production, so a great job to make new friends and also not enough time to create office politics.

As my impromptu new colleague was enjoying her coffee in silence and watching TV as well, and just like a well timed cuckoo-bird once again the announcement came from the kitchen “I hate her.”

Unlike my reaction, the hair-makeup lady exclaimed, “Me too!” An instant friendship was born out of hatred and the dialog proceeded like this:

“Did you see, that last month, Kathie Lee worn the same dress twice?”

“I know that hideous green one!”

“I know!”

“Oh, that’s not all, her makeup was terrible, remember when she said …”

At this point, I became oblivious to the content of the conversation, I just knew that the homeowner and makeup-crew member were enjoying their shared hatred for Kathie Lee Gifford.  My God! Poor Kathie Lee Gifford; she never met these two Floridian ladies, yet the ladies had several reasons to be entitled to hate her.

There is one word that consolidates all of these experiences, and the word is “envy.” The convoluted way that the human mind works is very interesting. The owners of the TV network who broadcast Kathie Lee Gifford, could not care less if she is watched out of hatred or out of admiration, as long as they are tuned in for the next series of commercials sponsoring Kathie Lee Gifford, everyone is getting their cut, including Kathie Lee Gifford.

Ms. Gifford is not alone, preceding or in concurrence with her is a radio show host called Howard Stern. The interesting phenomena in Stern’s case is that once he turned into paid satellite radio broadcast, he was able to draw his lovers and haters alike. In other words, they love to hate him. This particular situation became known in urban dictionary as the Stern Effect.   Well, at the time, when I was watching the Gifford-haters while waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive, I had no idea who Howard Stern was. I also had no idea that a TV set could compel hatred.

The most important thing to notice is that this phenomena is not about Kathie Lee Gifford, it is about us, if I may put in a number, then the number would be 100% about us. The best way I found to explain this was not going to a psychologist, but the book store. Always remember, if you cannot afford psychologists, read their books, it is much cheaper. Nonetheless, the book I found a particular answer to this Gifford-Hate-Effect was in a book written before the school of psychology was ever invented and even before the Christian Bible was compiled as one volume, in fact; historians and scholars place the first publication of this book circa the year 1030 before the birth of Jesus. The book is called The Shrīmad Bhāgavatam, which is part of the collection called Bhagavata Purana. The most amazing part of the book it is how it starts, it starts by concentrating on “self-effort.” In other words; whoever has self-effort neither hates Kathie Lee Gifford nor Howard Stern; because people who cultivate self-effort are more worried about their own mundane progress, their own spiritual progress and not worried about anybody’s lives.

There is a major point in self-effort that transcends a person’s existence. Many of our qualities comes from self-effort inherited from our past lives. Science and logic have no way to explain why certain individuals are born talented and other are not. For instance, if we place a piano in a kindergarten, some toddlers will kick the instrument while others will play works of Bach in the end of six months.


B.Sandy visiting the NYC in December 2016

Another major point on envy, which is the opposite of the pride in self-effort and which is cultivated through hatred on ongoing basis has to do with pathology and chronic consequences of the cultivating hatred. Each time my former Floridian host was offering hatred towards Ms. Gifford she was also secreting an extra amount of stomach acid; for the human body tends to work poorly under stress. Therefore, like the mythological Ourosboros, the stomach of envious people will devour itself. In a way, it could be psychologically or even spiritually interpreted that an envious people are punishing themselves for lack of understanding of self-effort, for they only see one life-time of karma and not millennia of reincarnations turning each of us into who we are.



“The Today Show” Studio from the sidewalk on 2016/12/15

The subject of envy was triggered upon my return from a vacation from Europe in December 2016, since I found myself at the grounds of the Rockfeller Center and right across the Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb Studios in New York City. Kathie and Hoda together they host the “Today Show” for NBC. Another important fact to conclude this thought is that the Shrīmad Bhāgavatam, was never talking about mundane effort such as hosting a TV or radio show, keep in mind the book was written 1030 BC; yet the core was the self-effort is spiritual progress and not mundane goals.


Hoda’s and Kathie’s marquee inside of the Today Show Studio

So… If you never envied Kathie Lee Gifford, another celebrity, or anyone else, you must be going in the right direction, you must be very spiritual enlightened, so please help me because I hate Brad Pitt.

Fiat Lux!




Post Script: 1) I do not hate Brad Pitt, but I thought it would be funny to end the essay with a joke, to show how pedantic envy is. Before God, my brother Brad Pitt has his own share of spiritual lessons and spiritual progress as all of us do.
Post Scritp 2) The Shrimad Bhagavatan original text was written in rhyming verses in the language of Sanskrit, therefore most of us will not enjoy the original beauty and cadence of its original verses, yet the essence remains through the ages. After the youth of Jesus was narrated in the Bible, neither his teenager years nor his adulthood is accounted for; he reappears in the Bible by the age of 30. Many scholars claim that he traveled to India and was exposed to the wisdom of Hindu literature; on the other hand, I hold that it really does not matter, since Jesus’ works derived from self-effort, because toddlers do not have to travel to Germany to learn Bach.

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The Devil You Know

Recently a friend said to me, and if I may paraphrase, the friend said, “I am very disappointed in the way that primaries turned out, I don’t want to, but I may have to vote for Hillary, please don’t hate me!”  Well, I have close friends who like Trump and Hillary, if I cannot accept their opinion I would turn in what is called a-close-minded individual.  Let us examine what is behind my friend’s phrase, why stop there! I heard Robert Reich say a similar thing to Chris Hedges in the program “Democracy Now.”  So, as I reply to my friend inadvertently I will also be responding to some of the sentiments of Professor Reich.

“1984” by George Orwell, please notice the unabridged copy is 35 cents.

I’m a great fan of science-fiction, one of my favorites is “1984;” which was written in 1935; before World War II. Why “1984?” A character in the background called The Big-Brother would control the masses with two things hatred and fear.  In my opinion, George Orwell was a freaking prophet, however, today the Big Brother are the corporations: Goldman Sachs, Exxon, ADM and the gang of Wall Street, via the K Street, (K Street is a reference to lobbying firms), which controls both parties, giving us an illusion of choice, through hate and fear.

When the school of psychology was invented, it actually legalized mythology. So, today when we talk about electing the lesser evil, let us examine the archetype of fear, hatred and vice.  It takes a great virtuous person to overcome fear, hatred and vice.  So, long before psychology came to be, the ancient-wise consolidated such condition in a tarot card called “The Devil”

“The Devil” ancient symbolism for hatred vice and fear. Photo source: Wikipedia (Click to enlarge photo)

The American political system is addicted to a duopoly bent on hatred and fear.  When the government suppress education making it a privilege of the elite; the rest of the population will get their reasoning from well paid jesters like Rachel Maddow, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Mahers, Bill O’Reilly. I refer to them as jesters because they are the comic relief for hatred and fear. I covered the “jesters” in depth in my book “Archetypes in Our Lives, under the chapter “The Archetypes of Kings, Nobles and Jesters.”

Do you know who does not want Trump to be president? Donald Trump himself.  Recently Governor Kasich shared with the media that Trump Junior back in April called him to run as VP saying that he would be in charge of Domestic and Foreign affairs (evidently Trump and Trump Junior denied the offer).  Since fear was the theme of the 2008 election, let us revisit when most Republicans were very fearful of Obama, for his inexperience, and pseudo-liberalism. After eight years of Obama, we discovered that Obama never closed Guantanamo, never removed the right to bear arms, never passed immigration reform, never stopped tax breaks to big oil and gas, never turned the Supreme Court liberal, the wars in Persia never ended. He passed Obamacare, which is a more conservative copy of Romneycare and Nixoncare. See? The Republicans feared Obama for nothing, because nothing happened.  The same will happen with Trump nothing will continue to happen.


“Archetypes in Our Lives” 2012 B.Sandy

As far as Trump promises are concern, the United States has 20 Trillion in debt. Where are we going to find money for the border walls?  With 20 Trillions in debt where are we going to find money to fight Russia or China?  People have no idea how broke we are already.  The United States is already so broke that it cannot afford sanctions against Cuba, it needs a new market.  The United States is already so broke that it had to accept lifting sanctions against Iran in nuclear talks, because the United States cannot afford not to sell to Iran.  The United States is so broke when Russia took Crimea back the only think the United States could afford was propaganda.

Betrayal may be a strong word, but what Bernie promised to us was to participate in a revolution, and yet he endorsed the very person who is in the pockets of Wall Street and K-Street.  According to Bernie  own words he is very fearful of Donald Trump.  America is the land of the free and home of the brave, except during the elections when we have no freedom to vote for a third-party and we have to be afraid of the opposing challenger.  See? The mass media, and the elite uses hatred and fear, like an electrical switch, it all depends if they need the American people to fight a war or to vote in a election.

When you look at the archetype of the tarot card, you will notice two things: Firstly, that the chains around the necks are easy to remove, because the loops are much larger than the heads; second that the chains will remain there because the couple also have tails symbolizing the animal instinct resorting to emotions of fear and hatred rather using reason and logic to to remove the chains, to run away from the devil.

So, now we come to a new election, the jesters and main stream media is offering hatred and fear, a reprise of 2008?  No! Not really, a reprise of every election, so much so that George Orwell already synthesized in his book “1984” back in 1935.  Now, speaking with friends from both sides of the political aisle: How can you live with the guilt of electing Donald Trump if you vote for a third-party candidate? Or how can you live with the guilt of electing Hillary Clinton if you vote for a third party candidate?  There’s no way out, you are stuck forever with a big liar or a bigger liar.  We are stuck in voting for a pseudo-billionaire and conman seducing people with the illusion that they would become millionaires by giving up their lives savings in Trump University.  Notwithstanding, we are stuck for voting for another liar (according to the FBI and DOD reports) that for “convenience,” decided to have her own servers without any internet security exposing the country’s national security, in order to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act.

The torch up-side-down it is symbolic to ignorance, or lack of logic or wisdom.

When we are moved by hatred and fear, we will forever be stuck with the devil’s chains.  Bernie Sanders campaign was a moment of lucidity which would allow us to remove the devil’s chain, but Bernie Sanders endorsed the devil you know.  We will forever be stuck between choosing a lesser evil than a greater good, as long as we abide to fear and hatred fed to us daily by the jesters of the main stream media which are owned by Wall Street.

To all my friends, acquaintance and readers, if your logic is to choose a lesser evil, that’s no logic at all.  That has been the plan of Wall Street all along, we will get a new George Bush or a new Obama, nothing will get done you will be stuck again with the devil you know.


Fiat Lux!

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Wikipedia reference poster; 2016© TriStar Pictures.

If there were ever a choice between being a ignoramus or a hypocrite, I would choose the latter because at least I would be in control of my actions. I appreciate George Clooney’s body of work, especially the movies “Syriana*,” and “Michael Clayton**.” It is very likely that his new or upcoming movie “Money Monster***,” I will add to my list of favorites. Nevertheless, there is a disconnect between Mr. Clooney’s actions and the archetypes that he portraits, because the archetypes that he defends in fiction does not correspond the way he acts in real life. So the question arises; “Is George Clooney a hypocrite or an ignoramus?”

The archetypal story narrated in “Syriana,” shows how the United States of America bullies other countries to abide to its hegemony. The movie “Michael Clayton” narrates how a person with integrity decides to speak truth to power. The movie to be released in 2016 is called “Money Monster,” I have not watched the movie yet, nobody has, yet the trailer shows how a TV-stock-commentator becomes an ally in discovering the wrong doings of the Wall Street once he is kidnapped. These three movies have the archetypal patterns of integrity and saying truth to power. Yet in real life Mr. Clooney’s behavior reflects the opposite.

Suppose I am famous for acting and producing movies against the mafia, my works narrates how the mafia destroys the fabric of societies and are terrible to the economy. Yet, in real life you find me having dinners and supporting mafiosi presidential candidates. The question one should have for me would be: “Is B. Sandy an ignoramus or a hypocrite?” Apparently, B. Sandy cannot translate his work to real life, the two things that would remain in question would be his intelligence or his integrity.

Photo Courtesy:

Unfortunately, this is how George Clooney appears to me and appears to be. For instance, in “Syriana” he narrates how the USA is wrong by holding a hegemony in the Middle East and yet he supports Hillary Clinton who professes to be a warmonger and it also professes that the USA is entitled to change regimes in Middle East without accountability to facts. She voted for the Iraq War on failed intelligence data and in several occasions echoed the words of Dick Cheney and alike.

Furthermore, in the movie “Michael Clayton” and “Money Monster” George Clooney narrates the lack of integrity of corporations and how it destroys the fabric of the society and yet in real life he supports Hillary Clinton along with her husband who have a history of deregulating banking and giving private speeches at Goldman Sachs at $225,000.00.

Wikipedia reference poster, documentary; 2010© Sony Pictures Classic

It is too linear to say that Mr. Clooney is neither an economist nor a philosopher, he is a producer, director and an actor; yet if he has the common sense to take roles that narrates the corruption in our lives; why is he unable to translate his work to actions? For instance, the actor Matt Damon was very inspired by the calls of “We Can Change,” chanted by Obama’s election campaign. Eventually, he took a job to be the voice-over for the documentary* “Inside Job*4*.” In the movie “Inside Job,” Mr. Damon was able to make a connection from the screen to real life how most of the promises of change did not change the banking industry at all. Since then he cut ties with the Obama administration who supports Hillary Clinton’s nomination.

Evidently Mr. Damon realized that would have been a case of hypocrisy had he narrated “Inside Job” and continued to be supporting the Obama administration. If the banking industry was Too-big-to-fail (TBTF) in 2008, they are much bigger in 2016. The banks left standing were able to consolidate the assets, accounts and liquidity of the smaller banks; translation, the banking oligopoly is now even stronger than 2008. The Federal Reserve assets and power dwarfs in comparison with the banks TBTF when they are combined. While the FED has $4.5 trillions in assets the TBTF has $47 trillions. It is important to consider that many of these trillions of dollars exist because of a psychological condition in economics called “consumer confidence.” Once consumer confidence evaporates trillions of dollars will create a bigger domino-effect with bigger dominoes than we had in 2008.

FED Big-Picture

Source for data: and World Bank

On March 24, 2016 published an articled titled “Clinton Asks For $353K To Sit With The Clooneys*5*;” therefore, it is clear and obvious to have access to Clinton is not a democratic process but a financial process. Such event, is the Democratic Party’s version of Mitt Romney’s closed door dinner for the affluent when he was secretly video-recorded outing the quote that became the infamous citation known as the “47%” quote; “And so my job is not to worry about those people — I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. What I have to do is convince the 5 to 10 percent in the center that are independents, that are thoughtful, that look at voting one way or the other depending upon in some cases emotion, whether they like the guy or not, what it looks like.”  Will Clooney’s dinner generate a new and similar villainous remark? Or will the Clooney’s security do a good job confiscating every cell phone from all the waiters cooks, coat checkers, dishwasher and busboys who works for the event?

No lobsters are served on dollar-menu

I will not be attending Clooney’s dinner; in fact, I am not even aware if Taco Bell sells lobsters because I only look at Taco Bell’s one-dollar menu. It has not been easy for Matt Damon to take a new stand against Obama’s administration; in his most recent job he was left to die on Mars and survived on planting potato for years*6*. Evidently, in this paragraph I am having problems separating reality from fiction, but I am not the only one. George Clooney is also having the same problem, portraying actors who have integrity; but on real life supporting a political candidate who gives private speeches to Goldman Sachs at $225,000.00 a pop, who accepts contributions from big-pharma, and the military industrial complex, bent on supporting a presidential candidate who will maintain the status quo and American hegemony.

Fiat Lux!

Post Script: To many Clooney’s endorsement is important, please also read my blog “I will not Endorse Bernie Sanders”*7* to learn about the archetypal mechanics of endorsements.

Source*: “Syriana,” 2005© Warner Bros. Pictures.

Source**: “Michael Clayton,” 2007© Warner Bros.

Source***: “Money Monster,” 2016© TriStar Pictures.

Source*4*: “Inside Job,” documentary, 2010© Sony Pictures Classic.


Source*6*: Joke alluding to “The Martian,” 2015© 20th Century Fox.

Source *7*:


This blog was originally posted on March 28, later edited and re-posted at “Los Angeles for Bernie dot Org”

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There has been some misunderstandings. My friends and neighbors are under the impression that I am endorsing Bernie Sanders. The truth is that I never did and I never will. The fact that I have made my house available for volunteers from out of state and the fact that I became a precinct captain for Bernie Sanders does not mean that I endorse him, but it means that I support him.

2016-02-17 21.16.42

Out of town campaigning for Sanders in Nevada.

Okay, so what is the difference? Today it is common for people to hear “hey famous actor or famous singer is endorsing Bernie Sanders.” What should the average folk get out of such announcement? Well, we will get to it. However, I am neither a famous writer nor a famous singer, usually endorsements require a certain celebrity status; so it goes.

The main reason why I never endorsed and never will endorse Bernie Sanders; because it is like saying that I endorse Socrates, Pythagoras or Plato. When ancient Greek philosophers prophesied their logic, their words stood without any support. Logic and reason does not need to be endorsed. Should anyone endorse algebra or calculus? Such are the words of Bernie Sanders, his words stands on logic, on reason and on his five-plus decades of fighting for social justice for the American people. While Youtube is an amazing source of politicians flip-flopping their philosophies, Youtube is also an amazing source to hear Bernie Sanders speak the same speech for the last 40 years. Perhaps, it is another reason why Goldman Sachs will not pay Bernie Sanders over $225,000 to hear him speak for an hour; because it is the same unwavering speech for the last decades. There are dozens of videos of Bernie Sanders on Youtube, the only thing that changes in the last decades, is his hair.

Since I am always addressing the mechanics of archetypes, it is time to explain the mechanics of endorsements. Imagine that I have millions of followers. Millions read my blogs and millions buy my books and deep inside I belittle my audience. So I reasoned, “My followers cannot think for themselves so I better endorse Bernie Sanders, otherwise my audience will vote for whoever Goldman Sachs and the Koch Brothers decide.”  Well, I neither belittle my audience nor my friends and to choose a candidate for them is to belittle their intelligence.

Recently, Gloria Steinem made it public that she endorses Hillary Clinton for president. Perhaps Ms. Steinem thinks of her audience as automatons and they need her guidance to be able to choose. In her appearance on Bill Maher’s show, Ms. Steinem extended her opinion not only to her audience but to women in general. Here is her infamous quote in early February 2016.

Women are more for [Hillary] than men are. Men tend to get more conservative because they gain power as they age, women get more radical because they lose power as they age.

“They’re going to get more activist as they grow older. And when you’re younger, you think: ‘Where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie.”[End quote]



Campaigners for Sanders during the weekend of Gloria Steinem’s infamous quote.

Something unique happened during the same weekend that Ms. Steinem made her infamous quote. I was a host for three ladies from California who volunteered to travel to Nevada and canvas in Las Vegas for Bernie Sanders. When I learned of Ms. Steinem infamous quote, I played who-said-it with my guests: A-Donald Trump; B-Carly Fiorina, and C-Gloria Steinem. All three attributed the quote to Trump, they were dumbfounded when they learned that the quote came from Ms. Steinem. One of my guests even exclaimed “What boys? We have passed the age for boys!”

Not only Ms. Steinem belittled her audience’s intelligence by selecting a candidate for them, she also belittled all women who chose to caucus and vote for Bernie Sanders. On Valentine’s Day, 2016; I had the privilege to see Senator Bernie Sanders; he spoke at the Bonanza High School in Las Vegas; at least half of the audience were females; some married, some older and some were lesbians. In the presence of such energy is was easy for me to grasp that for the women who came to the rally, it was more important that their candidate has a matching heart to their hearts than a matching genital to theirs.
Not all endorsements are irrelevant; to some folks it is important to have some guidance. For instance, a lot of laborers do not follow politics; therefore, when their labor union endorses a political candidate, it saves them the time to educate themselves. On the other hand, when the only reason why some folks chose one candidate over another based exclusively on a celebrity endorsement, consequently these folks are subordinating their intelligence, reason and logic, like this: “I’ll never be as intelligent as Gloria Steinem, so if she says that a vagina is the main reason why I should choose Hillary, that’s good enough for me.”


2016-02-20 16.28.51

Caucus Party on February 20th, 2016

Archetypal understanding of endorsements is verily one-dimensional, perhaps it is one dimensional because the mind of many voters are one dimensional as well. On caucus day in Nevada, when I was precinct captain, I had a unique point of view. I stood in front of my precinct and gave a speech on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Prior to giving the speech I divided the room accordingly for easier head count. If I may generalize, the appearance of the division was not about choice, but about age; in other words, most of the people on Clinton’s caucus were over 50 and on Sanders’ under 40. On Bernie’s camp I could see hope, on Hillary’s I could read fear. By the way, this is not the first time Hillary Clinton sold fear; in 2008 the most famous political ad was called “The 3AM Call.” Instilling fear on voters who would pick a hopeful and inexperienced senator from Illinois called Barrack Hussein Obama and he would not know what to do if he received a call at 3AM. I did not participate in the Republican caucus; but I talked to a couple of my angry neighbors who caucused for Trump. So the one-dimensional split of the American electorate is separated by hope, anger and fear.

This very one-dimensional approach to the electorate allows the media and the political establishment to control elections (which are in turn controlled by billionaires running lobbying groups). As of the writing of this, Bernie Sanders won more delegates and more states than Hillary Clinton; but the media chose to cover political opinions of Cruz, Trump and Hillary regarding the terrorist attack in Brussels. The one-dimensional approach when comes to endorsements is displaying to the world the level of intellect of the American voter. This means, that the American electorate is so focused on celebrity status and engaged in short term memory that everything else is oblivious to reason.

The creator of Bridge-gate endorses the creator of a pseudo-college called Trump University.

Recently, Governor Chris Christie endorsed Mr. Donald Trump; there was a lot of coverage of the event; when I saw the endorsement it was like watching the creator of Bridge-gate scandal endorsing the creator of a pseudo-college called Trump University. In other words, the corrupt politician endorsed the con-man; here is the insulting part: these are folks being nominated to have access to nuclear codes and the Sixth Fleet, who are selling anger to the their electorate.


Every time one hears from the media say: Palin endorsed Trump; Steinem endorsed Clinton or Killer Mike endorsed Sanders; the archetypal translation should be: “We the media think of the American electorate is too stupid to reason on their own; so we have announced what the celebrities are thinking so they may go back to your video games, reality TV-shows, and your sports fantasies.”  This condition is very sad, very unfortunately and very normal.


Courtesy CNN

There has been centuries of culture and education in Germany, yet Hitler took the lead, there were centuries of culture and Pax Romana yet Mussolini took the lead. Hitler and Mussolini were elected leaders and became dictators; will the United States be a part of a history which tends to repeats itself? Are endorsements part of the process? Shall we resign to the fact that the populous is too dumb and needs celebrities and politicians to make endorsements for them?


Most will see the title of this essay and think that I do not support Bernie Sanders; a few will read this to the end and see the archetypal fallacies of endorsements. It is important to stop listening to endorsements and start listening to our own hearts, reason and logic; that the shape of the candidate’s heart is more important than the shape of the candidate’s genital. This is the reason why I will never make an endorsement; but I will support a politician when the politician brings reason, logic and more than a decade of unflinching history of never being cozy to the banking, pharmaceutical or the industrial military complex and always speaking for the average American who does not have access lobbying power. Before you feel the Bern, it is important to feel your heart; take a step out and think “should I follow endorsements or reason and logic.”


Fiat Lux!


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On August 22nd, 2015 I published an essay called “The Corruption of Donald Trump.” At the end of the article I sort of made a prediction, yet back then was more like a comparison. I compared Donald Trump to a Sarah Palin in suit and tie, in fact it is the last line of the essay: “We created our own corruption and now we deal with the consequences of having a new mercurial Sarah Palin back wearing a suit and tie claiming, “I can see Mexico from my luxurious golden trimmed penthouse!”

Trump and Palin sharing an archetypal mind. (Photo Credit to Jamie Roberts and “Unilad.”

Since the essay is more on ethics and archetypal behavior, it was logical to show that they have the same mercurial mind. As the old saying goes “birds of a feather flock together.” In today’s announcement Palin endorsed Trump. My essay was not bent on prediction, but as far as archetypal behavior goes it was only natural for Palin to see her archetypal reflection in Trump.

You may click here to see the essay from August, “The Corruption of Donald Trump.” It is important to keep in mind Trump and Palin are not the problems with our society, they are the symptom of a corrupted society.

Fiat Lux!

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Star Wars, © Disney

Today there’s a movie that starts with the words, “A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY…” Actually, the story was not from a galaxy far away, it was from Greece and the time seems to be less than 3000 years.

There is a famous line generally attributed to George Santayana that goes “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” I would like to the line, “Those who do not learn their mythology are domed to stand for hours in the line to see the archetypes written by the Greeks thousands of years ago.”

In my second book, Archetypes in Our Lives, I did cover major archetypes and not only showed how every so often the same lessons or archetypal behaviour is passed to a new population with new bells and whistles but it is the same old plot.

The retelling of Pyramus and Thisbee; The Twilight Saga © Summit Entertainment

Here it goes, a couple of examples for different blockbusters in the last two decades.

The first example is “The Twilight Saga.”

It made a gazillion* of dollars in books, movies, and merchandise. The whole world was so happy that they came to read and watch something so fresh and romantic. Were they really?

If you don’t know what “The Twilight Saga” entails, here is a summary of the plot.
A young maiden is caught in a love triangle between two rival gangs.
Please now allow me to summarize the plot for “The West Side Story.”
A young maiden is caught in a love triangle between two rival gangs.
Are you surprised by the similarity?

Evidently, in “The West Side Story” the rival gangs known as “Sharks” and “Jets” were replaced by werewolves and vampires on its newest version as “The Twilight Saga;” otherwise, it is the same plot. The inspiration for “The West Side Story” was to turn Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” into an urban musical, instead of using family members, the musical turned the families members into urban gangs. Very few people know that Shakespeare plagiarized “Romeo and Juliet” from an ancient story written by Ovid. The Roman writer wrote a love saga called “Pyramus and ThisbÄ“,” about a young couple who lived in Babylon 800 years before his time. Therefore, “The Twilight Saga” is nothing besides a recurring archetype in human literature, of love triumphing above prejudice.

The Lord of the Rings ©New Line Cinema

Another example of example of an old archetype redress as new making gazillion* of dollars; is the blockbuster called, “The Lord of the Rings.” If you are not familiar with the plot, here is the essence of 1000 pages: “The main characters have to wrestle with ethical values when a ring will provide them unlimited power including invisibility.”

This concept was plotted by J. R. R. Tolkien was not original, when Tolkien was 7 years old, H. G. Wells published a book called “The Invisible Man.” Wells’ main character had to wrestle with the ethics of having invisibility and no accountability. This concept is not original for H.G. Wells either. One of my favourite book of all time is called, “The Republic” authored by Plato narrating the lessons from his teacher, Socrates. In fact, I designed the cover of my book on archetypes based in one of the lessons of “The Republic,” called “The Allegory of the Cave.”


The banner version of the book’s cover, “Archetypes in Our Lives.” © Dr.Etc Media

Another story from the pages of Plato is the story called, “The Ring of Gyges.” Socrates postulated that a shepherd stole a ring from a sarcophagus which gave him invisibility. Socrates main question after citing the story was: Would an ethical individual remain ethical if he had no accountability for his actions?” J. R. R. Tolkien expanded one chapter of “The Republic” into 1000 pages.

I hope by now you understand that there is very little that Hollywood has been producing that it has not been written before, and “Star Wars” is no exception.

By the way, I am not giving the plot away when I say that the main part of the plot is Luke Skywalker unknowingly killing his own father while the rest of the cast are the white knights having to fight the dark knights. Well, in “Star Wars” the cast are not called knights, they are called Jedis and Darths. So, here are the main similarities between “Star Wars” and ancient Greek mythology.

Oedipus unknowingly battled and killed his father.

“Oedipus the King” (Oedipus Rex) is a tragedy written by Sophocles. A youngster has to pass to a series of trials becoming a hero, later in the plot, unknowingly he comes to kill his own father. Another similarity to “Star Wars” and ancient Greek mythology is the recurrence of white knights replacing the tyranny of the dark knights. This part of the ancient mythology, the author George Lucas decided to call the status quo as “the dark side of the force.” The various plot in ancient mythology narrates that white knights will eventually turn into a dark ones. This recurring motif is seen in “Jason and the Argonauts,” also in “The Castration of Uranus,” and the “Titanomachy” or “The Battle of Titans.” In essence Cronus once upon the time was a white knight and his father Uranus was making trouble. He battled his father and took his father’s place and eventually he went to the dark-side. Later in Greek Cosmogony Cronus’ (Saturn)  youngest son, Zeus (Jupiter) was once again the white knight replacing his dark force father, Cronus.

The film, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is going to once again make a gazillion of dollars based on the ignorance of an audience who is not in touch with their library card. In other words, the essence of, “The Twilight Saga,” “The Lord of the Rings,” “Star Trek,” “Marvels’ The Avengers,” a”Star Wars,” and many other epics, comes from the same place—ancient mythology.

Zoroastrianism, the oldest religion on record.

Here is another extend of “Star Wars,” that people may find oblivious, it has to do with a religious archetype. According to anthropologist, the oldest religion found in written history is Zoroastrianism. The religion comes from Persia, and it has a simple format Duo-theism,** a good god and a bad god (a light god, and a dark god). Christianity took from Zoroastrianism’s format as an “alleged new” concept in which good and evil are inherent spiritual forces testing us. Whether  “good and evil concept” is the Christian Church doctrine, the “Star Wars” doctrine, “The Lord of the Rings” doctrine or “Marvels’ The Avengers” doctrine; they all have one thing in common—archetypal formats. So whether today (or in ancient times), when a person goes to church is to learn the difference between good and bad modes of behaviour or archetypal behaviour, when a person goes to the movies is no different.

Long lines at the movies; moviegoers unaware that the archetypes are recycled from ancient Greek mythology.

The similarities of archetypal characters from “Star Wars” echoes so many religious archetypes that some soldiers and geeks have decided to list their religion in job applications or alike as Jedi. So for the next few days, you may see lines at movie theaters go around the block for archetypal characters that were based on ancient Greek mythology and the oldest religion known to mankind, Zoroastrianism. Theses plots which have been in human consciousness for the last three to five thousand years, that it is why they become “blockbusters” time and time again. Thus, once again, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it; and those who do not learn their mythology are domed to stand for hours in the line to see the very same archetypes written by the Greeks thousands of years ago.’

* A gazillion is a very large and undetermined number.
** Zoroastrianism is considered a monotheistic religion, I rather call it duo-theism because two immortal deities are considered in order to validate a religious format. For instance, “Star Wars” would not exist without “the dark side” and nobody would watch “007,” if there were no villains to overcome.

To everyone Happy Holidays and Fiat Lux!

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Two places that I have never visited for recreation in my life are zoo parks and strip joints.  I have never visited them for the same archetypal reason—there is an exchange of beauty for money. In other words, it is a way to prostitute beauty.

When I fear that my videos are getting too long, I create mock-TV commercials. One fine day I’m watching a political-show and SeaWorld, started to air a propaganda campaign that their whale-show program is wholesome.  I took an immediate disdain for the propaganda that it is and I created my own counter-response to the SeaWorld’s corporate message.

I was happily surprised today that SeaWorld is phasing out their whale-show program.  About six months ago I created this commercial-parody explaining the inhumane treatment of whales compounding to the archetypal prostitution model.

Today it has been announced that SeaWorld will phase out their whale-show.**  This is not only a victory for the whales, but also a victory for the betterment of mankind.  The world will benefit discontinuing a model designed based on capture, captivity, and prostitution (since beauty is exchanged for money).

The iconic image of the movie “Free Willy!”

It is good to be on the side of ethics and justice, and today I’m happy to report that my mock commercial validated both sentiments. By the way, if you are ever tempted into going to a Zoo, remember that if you really love animals, you set them free!


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Sia is a singer who is afraid to show her face and Trump is a jester who is proud to show his.

I like to open my essays with a joke, but this would be redundant because in a corrupted society, elections are already a joke.  Today, as this essay is being written, the front runner for the Grand Old Party which is also known as the Republican Party is getting makeup applied to be the host of a comedy show called Saturday Night Live.

The United States has the highest debt ever amounted in the world’s history* the disparity of income and distribution of assets is the worse since the Great Depression,**  the US Army is kicking soldiers with PTSD out of their ranks with the charge of misconduct instead of guiding them for medical treatment.***  These are only a few of our  serious problems in serious times, and the front runner of the GOP is hosting a comedy show.


“Lions for Lambs” 2007 United Artists

In the movie “Lions for Lambs,” there is an amazing editorial line displaying the country’s apathy: “Rome is burning, son…  …[and] the problem is with us, who do nothing!”  Donald Trump is not the only presidential candidate who has participated in the bacchanalia that is Saturday Night Live.  The front runner for the Democratic Party; Mrs. Clinton, also appeared in the Saturday Night Live. There have been 17 presidential figures who have appeared on the SNL’s comedy show.  Keeping in mind ancient archetypal history, then this is not the first time, the pattern returns.  When Rome was burning and along with it its hegemony; Pax-Romana. Rome’s leader, Nero was playing his lyre. In modern archetypal history, the hegemony of Pax-Americana is burning and its presidential candidates are replacing clowns in the national orgy that is called Saturday Night Live.

Before I get accused of not having a sense of humor; remember, I usually start my essays with a joke. I have written extensively on this subject. In the chapter called “The Archetypes of Kings, Nobles and Jesters,” that can be found in the book “Archetypes in Our Lives (or “Archie” for short).  In Archie, I showed the pattern of how the scepter or the ruling power changed from states to corporations, and how the modern version of kings is sitting as the chairman of the board of directors. Today the presidents of several nations have to behave more like a local Maharaj, than a ruler of a region.  Today, many corporations have the production and income of several nations combined.


“Archetypes In Our Lives: How Ancient Archetypes Evolved Into Modern Lives.”

In the old days, the court was formed of peasants, jesters, nobles and one king; today our society mimics the old format. Nowadays, the peasants are the voters, the nobles are the elected officials, TV-pundits, scholar, and many times the presidents of many nations are also the nobles in the new format. The modern kings are the president of multinational corporations. In the old format, the jester was not there to fix anything; he was just to take away the pressure as comic relief.  The same goes for the modern jesters. The jesters are mainly in two formats, the liberals choose to be jesters using satire and the conservatives chose to be jesters by adopting inflammatory rhetoric.  The modern jesters on the left using satire are Saturday Night Live, John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, and the President’s Correspondence Dinner to name a few.  The jesters of the right using inflammatory rhetoric  are Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Dennis Miller and Ann Coulter also to name a few.

Depiction of a jester by a computer program

Right and left jesters will employ their talents to provide pressure relief to the electorate when the government corruption cannot be stopped.  It is rare when a jester is paid attention to.  What is appalling, is that on the road to the White House, the US presidential candidates must take turns in becoming jesters in order to have a voice towards the electorate who does not read newspapers or watch documentaries.

The orgy is so prevalent that another certified clown like Mr. Kanye West makes a statement that he is going to run for the president of the United States and the media wasted no time in promoting such absurdity.  He cannot control his behavior in public, he cannot control his tongue; how can he control the nation? I bet during this previous phrase you thought I was talking about Governor Chris Christie, no… I was still talking about Mr. West.  “Rome is burning, son!”

Depiction of Nero and the burning of Rome, copyright 1897

A have a few words in defense of the orgy promoted in Saturday Night Live. On the bright side, I should start that SNL is a beautiful historical institution, they employ people, they create new talent, in some ways as jesters that they are, they bring attention to the absurdity that from time to time comes into our society.  On the dark side, I also have to share, that SNL is a capitalist corporation; it is not designed purposely for the betterment of mankind.  SNL is designed to generate profits, purely and simply—profits.  Ratings are only going to come from the best jesters whether or not they declare that Mexicans are rapists and criminals or not.  The same ethics that make a corporation dismiss most of its workforce and have its products being imported from overseas; it is the same ethics that drive SNL to have a professed racist as a host of one of its episodes, simply because it makes a profit.  There are no institutional bodies controlling SNL, profits and convenience drive SNL’s purpose. “Rome is burning, son!”

So tonight we all have a choice to participate in the orgy that is Saturday Night Live or to understand that SNL is a division of a conglomerate who makes profits when producing weapons of war—General Electric, from jet turbines to triggers for atomic bombs, “G.E. brings good things to death,” or the opposite of its motto.  Whether is Trump or Clinton in power, G.E. will make more profits for its shareholders since both frontrunner candidates already professed to be trigger happy.  SNL is another corporation, also a tool to promote the names of future puppets of General Electric.

“Rome is burning, son. And the problem is not with the people that started this; they’re past irredeemable. The problem is with us, all of us, who do nothing. Who just fiddle. Who try to maneuver around the edges of the flame. And I’ll tell you something – there are people out there, day to day, who are fighting to make things better!” [End Quote]
Quoted from “Lion for Lambs,” authored by Matthew Michael Carnahan*


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The singer Megan Trainor has a song that in essence says, “I know you lie, your lips are moving!”  It is not only difficult to find an honest car dealer. It has been even harder to find an honest carmaker.  The latest scandal was the cheating software to pass emissions test built in the Volkswagen diesel models.  This is how the cheating worked: when the car was tested, the emissions computer was coupled to the car’s computer.  Consequently, the car’s on-board computer would know to underperform in torque to produce even lower emissions.  Mostly because 99.99% of the time the emissions test is not done while the car is in movement. When the emission’s computer was uncoupled, the VWs were polluting forty times* what is allowed in the United States.
(*Source: “Volkswagen: The Scandal Explained” By Russell Hotten; BBC News 2015/09/25).

When I first heard of the software cheating emissions my first thought was: “How could I download this software before my next test emission?” My second thought was, “Ah, I don’t have a Volkswagen!” My third thought was, “How can we blame Obama for this?”  Evidently, I am kidding on all counts.

Unfortunately, it is the nature of corporations to make the most profit with the least amount of effort. This is not only the nature of capitalism; it is the nature of nature.  Bears prefer to open dumpsters than to hunt.  Eagles prefer roadkill rather than chasing rabbits and robbers prefer unlocked doors.  It was much easier for Volkswagen to rewrite the software than to re-design the engine.  Hitler would have been devastated had Volkswagen cheated during his days; because only inferior races would cheat, the Arian does not have to cheat because being a superior race it can produce superior designs.  By the way, the Hitler’s remark is not gratuitous, there is a single word that I will later mention how that single word ties to “The United States Declaration of Independence.”

The Volkswagen’s cheating in carbon emissions ended up causing more damage than the BP’s Deepwater Horizon* oil spill.* On the bright-side, if we may say that breathing all that polluted diesel smoke, is that the Volkswagen’s cheating killed nobody. GM’s air bags killed 303;** Toyota’s sudden acceleration also killed 89 people.***
(*Source:; Car Tech reporter Chris Paukert; 2015/10/02)
(**Source: The New York Times “303 Deaths Seen in G.M. Cars With Failed Air Bags” By Danielle Ivory and Hilary Stout 2014/03/14)
(***Source: CBSNEWS/ AP / May 25, 2010, 7:08 PM “Toyota ‘Unintended Acceleration’ Has Killed 89” 2010/05/10)
Why do corporations kill people and nobody goes to jail? Toyota and Chevy killed more people than serial killers in a death-roll. People in corporations know the consequences of their deeds yet, they do not see a day in jail.  The answer is that we are a corrupted society; in corrupted society only poor serial killers will go to jail. Rich CEOs of major corporations just resign to their mansion and spend the rest of their lives enjoying their golden parachute retirement.  In the book “Archetypes in Our Lives,” I have illustrated how we are indoctrinated since children to accept the rich not going to jail.

Classical Conditioning conducted by Pavlov.

One of the first places we are indoctrinated as children is at the restaurant McDonalds. The McDs chain every year promotes a game called Monopoly, and the rich get an “out of jail card.”  So, at an early age, young United-Staters, just like Pavlov’s dog hearing a bell (or classic conditioning) are trained to accept that the rich will get an “out of jail card,” and the reward is a sugary soda with salty French fries.  When it comes to indoctrination, things are best implanted in children; before the age of reason comes in.

Classic Pavlovian Conditioning at American Population before the age of reasoning.

There is another form of indoctrination, it is called advertising. During the course of one TV seating, after hearing hundreds of times, people may really think that a lizard could bring down their car insurance rate.  There are words that say almost what we want to hear, but in really they are just an aid for deceit.

  • May, as in “Geico may save you 15% in fifteen minutes.” May means nothing, it is a vague promise! May is short for maybe. It also may be totally legit to say, “Not calling Geico may save you 15% and 15 minutes!”
  • Help, as in “Listerine helps fight cavities!” Helps also means nothing also another vague promise! It is also totally correct to say, gargling with water after a meal helps to fight cavities.

Corporations will not use the words “can” or “will” because they cannot deliver.  Imagine if it were true.  A person could really save 15% on car insurance every time calling Geico; would Geico really need to advertise? A solid 15% savings would guarantee a word of mouth clientele; therefore, no need waste money of computer graphic imaging to get a gecko to talk.  Here is another aspect of the lie: Could a corporation conduct a business really cutting 15% on the margin of its income against all of the competition?  They word “may” is a license to lie.  On the same level, “helps,” holds the same license of lies.  People hear “help,” and “may” hundreds of times a day, every other commercial uses to lie to their consumers.  In fact, many times the lies are so blunt; a disclaimer has to be added at the end of the commercials.

Are the CEOs of Volkswagen more greedy than stupid or more stupid than greedy? Because when the CEOs of Volkswagen decided to cheat, they obviously understood that eventually they would be caught, so why did they do it anyway?  The answer in one word is “timing.” Remember is the nature of nature to be lazy? It is also the nature of greed to be greedy.  When there is no accountability, CEO’s will make their profit and retire before the sheet hits the fan.  The mess and the cleanup will be up to the next CEO on a reduced salary.

Corporations do not only lie to consumers, they also lie to each other. On March 31st, 2015 Bank of America settled with Bank of New York Mellon, paying 8.5 billion dollars for selling BNY-Mellon thousands and thousands of defective mortgages that were evaluated as prime.*  Bank of America knew of its misdeeds, and also knew that BNY-Mellon could afford lawyers to sue them back, but they did it anyway.  Nobody went to jail, billions of dollars switched hands, the shareholders lost 15 cents on their stock share, they discounted from their income tax, life moves on.  The CEOs got to retire before the lawsuit was settled; he got more money for using deceit.  Imagine if there was a law, “cheating CEO’s will have a mandatory sentence of 5 years for willful cheating even after retirement; “do you think Volkswagen would cheat? Bank of America would cheat?
(*Source: Bank of America annual report [a.k.a. 10K report] with S.E.C. 2014/12/31)

Ferdinand Porsche

Unfortunately, such laws do not exist, and today most people writing today’s legislations ate and were brainwashed at McDonalds. When they were indoctrinated with the thought; “the rich guy will always get a free out of jail card.”  Not only indoctrination plays a part in our state of affairs. Earlier I’ve made a Hitler remark and I have also connected the carmaker to “The United States Declaration of Independence.”  I have made this connection because of a single word, and a singular promise. That singular word is “people.”  The name of the carmaker is Volkswagen or Folks’ Wagon or simpler yet The People’s Car.
The first three words of “The United States Declaration of Independence” are “We the People…”  The mythology told us that Hitler asked Ferdinand Porsche to design* Germany a car with two functions, to be the Arian People’s car, and the other function would be no need for water to refrigerate the engine; thus, the Volkswagen Beetle was born.  After Hitler was eliminated, the Volkswagen the Beetle remained the most popular car around the world.  That promised to provide an economical car for late Hitler and to the German people was forgotten by the new leaders of Volkswagen. The new thinking was to turn Volkswagen into another Audi or another BMW.


Conversely, a promise was broken to the people of The United States, in the old days the revolution was against “one King George,” and one corporation “The East Indian Company (or EIC).”  As commerce has evolved the EIC’s charter was dismantled.  To replace King George’s charter was the Limited Liability Corporation.  Today’s the internal structure of corporations are very similar to monarchies, the CEO is the new king, the board is the nobles and the rest of the employees are the peasants.  The people of the United States once upon the time had to free themselves of “one king;” today the United-Staters are ruled by many kings are also referred as “The One Percent.”  The modern kings or the elite of the Wall Street sets the agenda for the next president to rule.  It is no surprise that Obama became Goldman Sachs’ favorite* during his first term. Recently, there was news that Hillary Clinton had a private meeting with the Carlyle Group.**
(*Source: National Review “Obama and Goldman Sachs” by Michelle Malkin 2010/04/21)
(**Source: Mother Jones “Hillary Clinton’s Speaking Circuit Payday: $5 Million (and Counting)” by Andy Kroll, 2014/05/21)


The corruption of the promise to the United-Stater has gone so rampant that even the Supreme Court decided that Limited Liability Corporations has the same rights as people when it comes to funding elections.  Please allow me to put in simpler terms, if Moe, Curly and Larry as individuals have a limited amount of contribution to elections, their numbers would match the contribution of three people.
However, if Moe, Curly and Larry incorporate, then they will have more purchasing power in blanketing the media and airwaves with their chosen puppet. “The Three Stooges” by default would silence the will of the majority of people with no corporations and no unlimited cash to fund elections.  The legal precedent that does allow “The Three Stooges” to have more voting power is a Supreme Court decision called “F.E.C. v. Citizens United.”  When the Supreme Court chose to give power to the corporations, the justices forgot of the promise set in “The Declaration of Independence,” to the people of the United States, in the same manner, the leaders of Volkswagen forgot of their promise set in their inception and in their name, Volkswagen forgot the folks (or volks in German [“v” is pronounced as “f”]).

Repursury-Full-Cover-03The corruption of Volkswagen and the corruption of the United States Supreme Court go in tandem; we should re-edit the preamble of our Declaration of Independence from “We the People,” to “We the People and Limited Liability Corporations of the United States…”
Since the 1600’s as I have disclosed in the book “Repursury,” the scepter has been changing hands from the king to the private corporations. Another situation where monarchies are similar to Limited Liability Corporations is accountability; neither the kings nor the CEOs ever go to jail.  It is simple to know when corporations lie, when the CEOs’ lips are moving.

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In the book “Archetypes in Our Lives” (“Archie” for short), there is a chapter called “The Archetypes of Prostitution.”  Since the media and radio is promoting pop-music about prostitution; I find that I need to bring to attention how the songs about prostitution may be prevalent and change our mores.

Well, before we get to the songs currently on the radio, which are glorifying prostitution, I would like to share this joke authored by the most sarcastic Brazilian comedian called Juca Chaves. He used to tell his jokes in a very slow tempo and this one goes like this: “I saw a beautiful girl at the bar, I couldn’t resist, I approached and I asked her; ‘Would you make love to me for a million dollars?’ She responded; ‘Yes, of course I would.’ So I asked her again; ‘Would you make love to me for twenty dollars?’ Offended, she replied; ‘Who do you think I am?’ So I said to her; ‘Who you are, you already let me know on your first answer; now I’m just bargaining for a lower price.’”

Mr. Chaves’ prostitution pricing joke, really brings to the core, another question: “What is the difference of a person will have sex for money and a person who will marry for money?”  The only difference is: while one is thinking on an hourly rate, the other is thinking of a lifetime sex career.  So now ask yourself, “Would the wives of Donald Trump stick around if suddenly he became a pauper?”

Prostitution has been seen chauvinistically for the last few thousand years, when the reference to sex-workers come up, usually is in the image of a female.  It is very condescending and chauvinistic when the media refer to prostitution as “the oldest profession.”  It is like saying not only Eve pushed Adam out of paradise; but all females should be ashamed, that they are gender related to prostitutes because it is the oldest profession.

Therefore, when it comes to ethics, or values, to barter for companion for money or better status have really brought to mind the barter that Juca Chaves was trying to strike in his joke.  The song “Worth it!” song by Fifth Harmony have lines like:

“Give it to me, I’m worth it!” [End quote]

[Later in the song]“Ooh, I love your style

Uh huh show me what you got!

Now come and make it worth my while! [End quote]


Nowhere in the song has the author insinuated what the “it” is on the line “Give it to me, I’m worth it;” no lines like: “give to me your tender heart,” or “give to me your warm and kind touch.”  Later in the song there are some instructions for sexual intercourse in lines like, “I like it a little rough, not too much, but maybe just enough.”

The song is basically a monologue directed by a person who is willing to barter herself in exchange with someone who has lots of money to afford her rate.  In the line, “Uh huh, show me what you got!” The singer is basically asking her counterpart to flash the cash in front of her.  In other words, the song sets an arrangement for prostitution.  The music video also makes it abundantly evident that money is the “it” in the song.


Here is another pop-song, and it is called, “Locked away,” which sets up questions of the behavior of prostitutes. The song has many questions and here are some of the lines:

“If I got locked away, And we lost it all today.  Tell me honestly…

Would you still love me the same?

If I showed you my flaws, If I couldn’t be strong. Tell me honestly…

Would you still love me the same?

… Baby don’t lie to me, If I didn’t have anything…

I wanna know would you stick around?



In every stanza of the song “Locked Away,” the authors or singers have a series of questions which by default are in essence asking:  “Do you really love me, or are you a prostitute? Because only a prostitute would walk away.”

The song “Locked Way,” would never be a song Donald Trump could sing to his wife or ex-wives, in fact, he has had almost as many wives as bankruptcies.  As Donald Trump progresses in his political campaign and we get to see the “charming and unscripted Trump.” One may definitely deduce: that his wives were definitely attracted to his charming personality and not his billions of dollars (Disclaimer to PeTA; “No sarcs were harmed during the creation of Trump’s sarcastic remark).

Both of these songs have prostitution as a center theme.  In the song “Worth it,” the “it” stands for money or compensation. Therefore, the whole song is a sellout bartering for a prostitution exchange, and in the song “Locked Way” the authors/singers are asking if their beloved are prostitutes.

In my previous essay called, “The Corruption of Donald Trump,” I have mentioned that Trump is not only a corruptor; but also a victim.  Trump is a victim of all the corruption around him.  He really must know well how many building inspectors and politicians, he had to bribe or requested bribes from him to get a project approved.  Either side of these bribes would be a scandal if they show up during the election campaign if Trump becomes the GOP nominee.

The topic of this essay is neither implying nor inferring that prostitution should or should not be legalized.  The fact is, prostitution has been legalized for years, it is called lobbying.  As I have stated in “Archie,” in the real world, “while prostitutes sell their bodies by the hour to feed their children; politicians sell their souls forever to feed their greed.”


One should take notice, that every time songs like these, themed on prostitution, get air-play on the radio, many young listeners are unable to understand the ethical values that the songs carry with them.  Or perhaps it is too late, the world has already been corrupted by bribes, lobbying, greed and market consumption and songs like “Worth it!” and “Locked Away” are actually manifesting our greed to show how corrupted or seduced we already are.

One final thought; there are things one should not say (like: “I’m worth it”) and one should not ask (like: “Would you still love me the same?),” instead our actions should speak for us.  Nobody illustrated it better than the French Knight Bayard, who said; “Not our words, but our deeds should speak for us; it is better to deserve merits and rewards without receiving them, than to receive them without deserving them.”


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