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As an unwarranted fantasy, one of those fantasies that we do not pay much attention to, (because it would be so far out of our grasp); would be a fantasy of being a willing participant and witness of the American history. Something like; “You have no idea how proud I was to walk along Dr. Martin Luther King Junior in Selma;” or perhaps… “You have no idea the shiver running up my spine when I heard President Lincoln reading the Gettysburg Address;” or even; “I paid no attention to that cold January day in Washington, for when I heard the JFK inaugural address, I was in tears; it was a great day to be an American Citizen.” None of those events were available to me; instead, I participated in another terrible chapter of the American history; one of the episodes that make one ashamed of the system, which could certainly be upgraded with more checks and balances.

2016-02-17 21.16.42

Out of town volunteers canvasing in Las Vegas

Before Senator Bernie Sanders gained political ground, I was never a politically engaged. In fact, in my point of view, most elections since the early 1990s has been have a voting choice between Goldman Sachs-Red or Goldman Sachs-Blue. Like millions I was mesmerized by Senator Sanders, I started exploring options on how I could help him help the American People move up to a more Progressive Agenda. So… I discovered that I could make my house available to out-of-towner volunteers who would be knocking door to door energizing voters to appear during the primaries. At one point, I lost count, but I reckon that I had at least 25 volunteers staying with me. Except for an unsolved murder mystery; everything went well; by the way, I was kidding about the murder mystery. I was just making sure you were following along.

2016-04-02 12.22.35

County Level Caucus Convention 2016, we flipped the State of Nevada to Bernie Sanders, but the media never reported.

About the same time, I discovered that I could become a Bernie Sanders Delegate; which means that after the caucus took place my vote would represent 5 to 10 of my neighbors. We need a sidebar here before I continue; a caucus is a terrible voting system, perhaps it worked during Ancient Greece; but today voters who are workers with kids or students with finals could not take part in a caucus because unlike a primary system, a caucus system may take several hours (and on the case of the Nevada State Convention—the whole day). When I became a Sanders Delegate, I discovered during the caucus that we needed to elect one of us a precinct captain, so I volunteered again. I gave a speech to my neighbors who lived in my precinct just before we apportioned the democratic delegates. After my speech a reporter said to me that my speech was very moving; so, I asked if I could have a copy; well… I’m still waiting for it—Lauren.

After the general caucus, the second phase would be county-caucus delegation; so instead of voters only delegates vote for their neighbors, if you are in Europe rolling your eyes, you are not alone. Most of us right here in the US, also agree that the system is ridiculous. Here is another sidebar—why some states in the United States hold an election system mimicking Ancient Greeks? Well, there are several reasons, mainly tradition; however, in Nevada, the logical reason is that the casino cartel lobbied politicians for the foot traffic that a caucus generates while they rented the hall for the delegations. Well, back to the second phase; during the second phase or the county-caucus the Bernie Delegation was able to reverse Nevada from Hillary to Bernie. I was terribly sadden that no major media outlet revealed all of our hard-work. How could the media not report the hard-work that we Bernie-volunteers did? It got much worse. During a Super-Tuesday, Bernie Sanders swept seven states crashing the Clinton’s campaign and the feat was never reported. Since that day, I never watched Lawrence O’Donnell nor Rachel Maddow; the media bias was terrible! Wait! Wait, it gets worse!

2016-04-02 12.22.19

CLICK on the photo to enlarge, Panorama of the County Level Caucus Convention in Nevada 2016

During the county-caucus convention (or second phase), once again we chose a smaller group to become State-Delegates; upon reading this, I believe that some of you may be rolling your eyes so hard, that you may see your own hypothalamus and even your own hippocampus. Well, once again I volunteered. In sum, my political rank started as a Bernie-Delegate, soon after as a Precinct-Captain; later a caucus-delegate and finally a State-Delegate for Bernie Sanders. I want to make something clear; I do not want by any measure been seen as a victim. I did not have to participate in the political process at all. Yet, for the first time I had a choice to vote against Goldman Sachs-Red and Goldman Sachs-Blue. Even if the US media is bias by taking advertising and loans from Goldman Sachs; we the Bernie-volunteers were hopeful of taking the Blue-candidate from Goldman Sachs.

While I was living all of these experiences at the personal level as a Bernie-volunteer; on the national stage Bernie-camp had already started a lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee; the Chair of the DNC was making difficult for debates between Clinton and Sanders to take place, and DNC Communications Chairman Luis Miranda was coaching the media, including “Meet the Press” anchor Chuck Todd on how to conduct interviews during the election. Before “that day” which shall live in infamy, I volunteered again.


Volunteering for the DNC on May 13th, and 14th of 2016

This time, I was not only a Bernie volunteer, but a DNC volunteer; on May 13th and May 14 of 2016, I became a DNC volunteer handing delegate credentials for the state-delegates coming from all over Nevada. We, the DNC volunteers were provided computer-pads, the delegates would give us their names and we handed the credentials to them to be used next day—Saturday. However, before I left, I was asked to come early on Saturday and continue to hand credentials in the morning of the Nevada Democratic State Convention—May 14th, 2016. Because of this feat, when I entered the convention floor, the room was reasonably full. Right from the get-go one could notice that the event was more like a pageant than a convention; and here is why: On the right were the Clinton delegates and on the left were Bernie’s; there were very large banners with Clinton’s name on them, but on the left, there was nothing. Not even a single disposable yard-sign with Bernie’s name on it—nothing!

Nevada Convention-01-Stage

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Please notice that only the Hillary’s side (right of Old Glory) there were three campaign banners for Hillary, the left of the hall had nothing hanging from the ceiling for Bernie. The DNC did not want to celebrate Bernie’s Camp.

Before I continue, are you thinking I am going to say, sidebar again? Well kudos for you; here is another sidebar, perhaps the most important of this testimonial. An integral part of a congress, a parliament, and a convention is a headcount of the room where the convention is taking place (also known as rules of order). A convention without a headcount is not a convention but a pageantry. Right as the convention started the DNC of the State of Nevada mentioned that more credentials were handed to the Clinton’s delegates than given to Bernie’s Delegates. With that simple statement the DNC never allowed a headcount inside the hall, the DNC stole the convention by declaring that the handing of credentials on the Friday was going to stand for the headcount of the Saturday—simple.

By that simple declaration on May 14th, 2016 was how the Democratic Party stole the Nevada Delegates for Clinton; by stipulating that the handing of credentials was going to stand as the headcount. The DNC simply lied that more credentials were handed to one Clinton-delegates and by suppressing the headcount the lie would never be discovered. In no way, shape or form the Bernie Delegates have more lung capacity than Clinton delegates, yet every video available of the Nevada Convention shows that the Bernie delegates were louder than Hillary’s. There was a simple mathematical reason—the Bernie-delegates outnumbered the Clinton delegates.

For me, May 14th, 2016 was a 16 hour day, arriving much earlier to hand credentials and departing after our group was confronted and escorted by the Las Vegas Police Department. Since the morning of the Saturday until the end, “Headcount, headcount, headcount!” was chanted thousand of times—and ignored. At the end, the DNC’s pageantry decided to ignore the gains made by the Bernie Camp during the county convention and reinstate the general caucus decision. In sum, all the effort, all the screaming, all the rigging was because of two delegate-votes to travel to the National Convention. During the 2016 election I volunteered to all the steps available except to the national stage, simply because it required the purchase of airplane tickets and hotel stay (once again a very undemocratic process to those who cannot afford the trip). There were two other reasons why I did not volunteer to the national stage: around me a noticed more feverish and ardent Bernie volunteers than I ever was; secondly, after noticing that the rigging and pageantry that took place, I did not think to witness another installation of a Goldman-Sachs pawn was worth the time and cost.

2016-05-14 19.24.34

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Smaller rooms during the State Convention to elect National Delegates.

At one point, the Convention was separated up in to different rooms to finally apportion delegates for Sanders and Clinton for the National Convention. When we returned to the main hall the Bernie delegates continued to demand a convention headcount, yet it continued to be ignored. At the back of the hall we started to see a line up of policemen, about two dozen of them. I approached the officers; they were cordial with me, and I asked why were they there and when where they summoned to appear in the convention since no fights or altercations ever took place.

2016-05-14 22.51.39

Please notice; the officers arrived when no altercation was taking place nor any chairs were out of alignment.

One officer informed me that they were summoned about 40 minutes before their arrival and as far as reason, they do not need a reason and this particular officer had no idea whether he was requested by the casino or requested by the DNC, but one thing was clear to me, that the officers’ presence was requested while we were still electing the delegates in the other rooms to represent us in the national stage (by the way, casinos in Vegas has cameras everywhere, Paris casino may find me talking to a police officer at the end of the hall—well, if you have any doubt).

Roberta Lange, the person in charge of the Convention was droned out by the chants and shouts of “recount,” and “noooooo!” Even that was not enough to deter her private mission; she proclaimed the convention closed and left the stage. Most of us were dumbfounded and expected her to walk back onto the stage, instead the casino manager that took the stage, and at that point the police officers walked from the back of the room and flanked before the stage; if you look for videos of the event, you will notice that the DNC was gone by the time the cops arrived. The hotel manager simply stated, “You are in private property and you are welcome to leave; the convention is over and the principals have already left. Thanks for coming.”

2016-05-14 22.42.16

Please notice that the Bernie Delegation is leaving the hall and the chairs were not even moved out of their original position.

As I and all the rest of us left the hall country-song line came to mind; “Did I shave my legs for this?” We had placed so much optimism, so much hope, so much knocking door to door, so much energy, but all that we were left with was our tails between our legs and the knowledge that the system has been rigged all along. Each state of the Union had its own flavor of rigging; for instances: terribly long lines in Arizona to suppress the primaries voters, in New York about 120,000 names disappeared from the voter rolls; in California, there were misrepresentation in cross-over ballets which were counted or not counted by the State Secretary General who openly campaigned for Senator Clinton. Going back home on May 14th, 2016 licking my wounds, I thought that it would be the end of the story, wrong was I.

2016-05-14 22.41.33

Please notice that the cops only moved towards the stage after the DNC had left the stage, the one at the podium is the Paris Casino Hotel Manager, informing that the Convention was over and that the principals had already left.

Next day, the national media blanketed airwaves on how the Bernie delegation had disrupted the Nevada Democratic Convention by storming the stage and throwing chairs across the hall. All of those reports were false yet they continued to be broadcast for an entire week. A week of condescension against Bernie’s Camp in Nevada served two purposes; to add another bullet to the head to make sure that the body would come back to life and secondly as a derogatory campaign against Bernie voters in general. After the national media devoted hours and hours for a whole week of misinformation (such practice nowadays, thanks to Trumpism, is commonly referred as fake-news); suddenly each media outlet offered one minute retraction after a whole week of condescension. The whole story of how the Convention rules were forced in Nevada has not yet found the light of the day. Yet it was very simple, the Democratic Party claimed that more credentials were handed on the Friday and never bothered to recount the number of participants inside the convention hall on Saturday.

I am not certain, but I think it was Garrison Keillor who once said, “There’s never a bad day in the life of a writer, everything becomes material for a book;” therefore, even witnessing a terrible disregard for voting rights, has been a privilege, and also to have had the inside scope on the 2016 Democratic State Convention in Nevada. It has been a privilege to have had a first hand account to see how politicians put political preference before constitutional rights. It has been a privilege to witness Senator Barbara Boxer flipping a bird to me and my friends showing her true colors to the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party. Nevada has had a fame of being a corrupt state; but until May 14th, I could never find a first hand evidence to such claim, until I witnessed Roberta Lange in action. About 30 feet from me, in spite of hearing an overwhelming loud “nay” she slammed the gabble on the podium and claimed that the yeahs had it and she stormed out of stage.

It was not all a disaster, there has been several silver-linings to everything that led to the Nevada Convention. Firstly, understanding the political impracticality of the process of caucus. Understanding, the political corruption inside of the Democratic Party protecting the status-quo, by turning the constitutional process into a pageantry for political insiders. Understanding, that the media at times get it wrong—even for a whole week. Understanding that now corruption is being documented by hundred of cell-phones even when reporters do not show up. Finally understanding that the future of the American political system shall neither be in the hands of Senator Barbara Boxer nor in the hands of Roberta Lange; instead the future of the American Political system is being transferred to the thousand of Millennial arms and sore throats that screamed “recount” for the whole day during the infamous convention.

2016-05-14 11.58.40

A plate of salmon next to Clinton and Clooney costs $300,000.00; but for the Hillary’s Delegates no food was brought in during the Nevada State Convention. However, the Bernie Camp ordered dozen of pizzas for his delegation not to leave the hall. Consequently, some hungry Hillary-delegates disposed of their campaign stickers so they could eat some pizza brought in only for Bernie Delegates.

May 14th, 2016 it is another day that shall live in infamy in the American history, it really does not matter whether minorities were disenfranchised from their voting rights in for the last 200 years or if they were disenfranchised by Roberta Lange in 2016. Mrs. Lange was not representing her own will, but working as an ambassador for the Democratic Party in Nevada basically representing the illusion of choice to their voters yet implementing the will of their donors who can afford a $200,000.00 dollars a speech or $300,000.00 to eat next to their presidential candidate and George Clooney.






PS: In many instances in this essay I used the terminology Bernie-Bros; however, one progressive friend informed me that Bernie-Bros was a derogatory definition of Bernie supporters trying to label Bernie supporters as mostly male millennials–thus bros. I was not aware of such denotation and since then I’ve edited the text.

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B.Sandy working at WSVN Channel 7 in Miami, during a production of a TV commercial for the News division.

In 1995 I began to work with the film and TV production industry. I started as a production assistant and eventually moved into having my own corporation providing support in teleprompting, video assist and sound-playback, once in a while I continued to work as either a prop-master or a prop-assist; most of my work that involved teleprompting were for infomercials.

The shooting of infomercials varied from a studio, to a park, and many times a rented home just for a day of production. I was based in Florida at the time and one particular production involved me traveling about 60 miles. Well, traveling 60 miles on an I-95 interstate was a gamble. When everything was perfect, one could calculate the traveling time, but since I am no gambler, I had decided to add another 40 minutes to my traveling time.

So, I was the first to arrive at this residence in West Palm Beach after having a breeze run from South Miami. The homeowner was cordial and she told me to wait inside; instead of waiting inside my car. The smell of fresh coffee cemented my decision to accept her invitation.


B.Sandy holding the boomed-mic for tennis player Serena Williams. He had to stand on a chair so to be off the camera.

The television was on, I took a seat in the living room and coffee was soon to follow. A kitchen-bar divided the cooking area and living-room. My host was facing the TV set from the other side of the bar. She appeared to be chopping vegetables or so, I could not see it.

As soon as the commercials ended the show, “Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee” returned. I am savoring the coffee and watching the show in progress, and all of the sudden I heard, “I hate her!” There was nobody else around so I assumed it was the homeowner. The comment was not directed at me so I did not respond.

The show “Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee” just returned from commercials one more time, and about 5 minutes in to the new segment once again I heard. “I hate her,” this time I had no doubt it was the homeowner, and I said,

I’m really not paying attention to this show, feel free to change the channel.”

No, it’s okay.” She resumed with the vegetable chopping.

About 10 minutes passed and once again I heard, “I hate her!” I began to evaluate my decision of entering the house. What if this is the wrong house and I just entered a random house and the lady is a serial killer. She has hatred and a knife, she can’t kill Kathie Lee from her house, but if a random stranger got the wrong address, that is her a perfect alibi for a self-defense killing due to a home invasion. Just when I was about to pretend that my phone rang and I was going to take my cell phone call outside, there was a knock on the door.

Another team member arrived, she took a seat next to me. She worked with hair and make up. I never met her in a production before; in fact, the aspect that I loved in working for the film industry was that from production to production I only met about 20% of the people that I had worked with in a previous production, so a great job to make new friends and also not enough time to create office politics.

As my impromptu new colleague was enjoying her coffee in silence and watching TV as well, and just like a well timed cuckoo-bird once again the announcement came from the kitchen “I hate her.”

Unlike my reaction, the hair-makeup lady exclaimed, “Me too!” An instant friendship was born out of hatred and the dialog proceeded like this:

“Did you see, that last month, Kathie Lee worn the same dress twice?”

“I know that hideous green one!”

“I know!”

“Oh, that’s not all, her makeup was terrible, remember when she said …”

At this point, I became oblivious to the content of the conversation, I just knew that the homeowner and makeup-crew member were enjoying their shared hatred for Kathie Lee Gifford.  My God! Poor Kathie Lee Gifford; she never met these two Floridian ladies, yet the ladies had several reasons to be entitled to hate her.

There is one word that consolidates all of these experiences, and the word is “envy.” The convoluted way that the human mind works is very interesting. The owners of the TV network who broadcast Kathie Lee Gifford, could not care less if she is watched out of hatred or out of admiration, as long as they are tuned in for the next series of commercials sponsoring Kathie Lee Gifford, everyone is getting their cut, including Kathie Lee Gifford.

Ms. Gifford is not alone, preceding or in concurrence with her is a radio show host called Howard Stern. The interesting phenomena in Stern’s case is that once he turned into paid satellite radio broadcast, he was able to draw his lovers and haters alike. In other words, they love to hate him. This particular situation became known in urban dictionary as the Stern Effect.   Well, at the time, when I was watching the Gifford-haters while waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive, I had no idea who Howard Stern was. I also had no idea that a TV set could compel hatred.

The most important thing to notice is that this phenomena is not about Kathie Lee Gifford, it is about us, if I may put in a number, then the number would be 100% about us. The best way I found to explain this was not going to a psychologist, but the book store. Always remember, if you cannot afford psychologists, read their books, it is much cheaper. Nonetheless, the book I found a particular answer to this Gifford-Hate-Effect was in a book written before the school of psychology was ever invented and even before the Christian Bible was compiled as one volume, in fact; historians and scholars place the first publication of this book circa the year 1030 before the birth of Jesus. The book is called The Shrīmad Bhāgavatam, which is part of the collection called Bhagavata Purana. The most amazing part of the book it is how it starts, it starts by concentrating on “self-effort.” In other words; whoever has self-effort neither hates Kathie Lee Gifford nor Howard Stern; because people who cultivate self-effort are more worried about their own mundane progress, their own spiritual progress and not worried about anybody’s lives.

There is a major point in self-effort that transcends a person’s existence. Many of our qualities comes from self-effort inherited from our past lives. Science and logic have no way to explain why certain individuals are born talented and other are not. For instance, if we place a piano in a kindergarten, some toddlers will kick the instrument while others will play works of Bach in the end of six months.


B.Sandy visiting the NYC in December 2016

Another major point on envy, which is the opposite of the pride in self-effort and which is cultivated through hatred on ongoing basis has to do with pathology and chronic consequences of the cultivating hatred. Each time my former Floridian host was offering hatred towards Ms. Gifford she was also secreting an extra amount of stomach acid; for the human body tends to work poorly under stress. Therefore, like the mythological Ourosboros, the stomach of envious people will devour itself. In a way, it could be psychologically or even spiritually interpreted that an envious people are punishing themselves for lack of understanding of self-effort, for they only see one life-time of karma and not millennia of reincarnations turning each of us into who we are.



“The Today Show” Studio from the sidewalk on 2016/12/15

The subject of envy was triggered upon my return from a vacation from Europe in December 2016, since I found myself at the grounds of the Rockfeller Center and right across the Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb Studios in New York City. Kathie and Hoda together they host the “Today Show” for NBC. Another important fact to conclude this thought is that the Shrīmad Bhāgavatam, was never talking about mundane effort such as hosting a TV or radio show, keep in mind the book was written 1030 BC; yet the core was the self-effort is spiritual progress and not mundane goals.


Hoda’s and Kathie’s marquee inside of the Today Show Studio

So… If you never envied Kathie Lee Gifford, another celebrity, or anyone else, you must be going in the right direction, you must be very spiritual enlightened, so please help me because I hate Brad Pitt.

Fiat Lux!




Post Script: 1) I do not hate Brad Pitt, but I thought it would be funny to end the essay with a joke, to show how pedantic envy is. Before God, my brother Brad Pitt has his own share of spiritual lessons and spiritual progress as all of us do.
Post Scritp 2) The Shrimad Bhagavatan original text was written in rhyming verses in the language of Sanskrit, therefore most of us will not enjoy the original beauty and cadence of its original verses, yet the essence remains through the ages. After the youth of Jesus was narrated in the Bible, neither his teenager years nor his adulthood is accounted for; he reappears in the Bible by the age of 30. Many scholars claim that he traveled to India and was exposed to the wisdom of Hindu literature; on the other hand, I hold that it really does not matter, since Jesus’ works derived from self-effort, because toddlers do not have to travel to Germany to learn Bach.

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Late October 2016, I had a road-trip with a friend and his two dogs—Boogie and Puppy, from San Francisco, CA to Miami, FL. There was an interesting canine phenomenon. When we passed a semi-truck on the road, no matter how long it took to pass Boogie and Puppy did not care. But the same eighteen-wheeler at idle waiting for a red-light to turn green the dogs went crazy; barking nonstop.

My friend and I reasoned that the dogs hate diesel engines at idle. So, now… How dogs barking at trucks are analogous to the 2016 US Presidential elections? Verily; because the politicians, the pundits and the media failed to see a pattern or distinction just like Boogie and Puppy. The semi-truck remains the same truck with the same amount of molecules cruising at 75 miles per hour; conversely, politicians, pundits and even economists fail to see the enduring consequences of laws and social economics in the long run, they only bark at the consequence in the present or recent past. For instance, Paul Krugman accused Jill Stein voters for Hillary’s loss; even when the numbers show a smaller turn out of Democrat voters measured against 2012—roughly 5 million fewer voters, furthermore more Latinos voted for Trump in 2016 than Romney in 2012. Could Jill Stein voters compensate for the difference? No. It would be a long essay to compare today’s pundits and how close they reason like Boogie and Puppy; instead, let us follow the money and how a international trade first conceptualized in 1990 affected the elections of 2016. The three names that we must pay attention since 1990 are: Bush, Clinton, and NAFTA. It took 26 years; thus, a whole generation; for us to measure the consequences of a bad trade law. So, what is NAFTA?

Most countries protect their domestic industry with a serious of tariffs. A tariff is an import tax to bring up the cost of a domestic product. A wonderful book detailing the history of tariffs and its consequences is called “The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power and Politics of the World Trade,” authored by Pietra Rivoli.

Time Magazine cover of 1992 (Source:Time Magazine archive)

So… History let us know that Bush-41 or Father-Bush (a Centrist-Republican) failed to pass the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement while in office. It took a Centrist Democrat William Jefferson Clinton to pick up the baton an finish the relay-race for the benefit of major corporations of Mexico, Canada and Wall Street. Nobody is perfect, I must confess that in 1992, I was thrilled that Bush-Gore won the election. I also must confess that I was wrong in thinking that Presidential Candidate Ross Perot had no clue about the economics pertaining NAFTA. It is really easy to find the video of Perot debating Al Gore on “Larry King Live;” on Youtube. Recently I saw the old debate once again, it was amazing to see that Ross Perot had the foresight of an oracle.

NAFTA turned out to be the vacuum cleaner that Ross Perot predicted and with the passing of the law four major side effects took place:

  1. Major manufacturing moved to Mexico destroying the economy of thousand of small towns in the U.S.
  2. Labor Unions lost a lot of their bargaining power since now there is fewer demand for blue color-workers.
  3. American major flooded the Mexican economy with cheap grains destroying the rural economy in Mexico.
  4. Illegal immigration rose because the Mexican local farming could not compete with U.S. subsidized grains. The choice for many farm workers became only to participate in to the growing marijuana or crossing the border for less then minimum wage.

Consequently, not only American citizens workforce was reduced due the fleecing of manufacturing; illegal immigration (increased due to the destruction of rural jobs in Mexico) which took more jobs of the American employment pool. At the same rate that NAFTA was exponentially increasing profits for major corporations, it decreasing the opportunity for American workers. Specifically the voting group referred as “blue-color non-educated Caucasian.” This was the group that overwhelming voted for Donald Trump.

History repeats itself, media was ready for Hillary to be the winner.

History repeats itself, media was ready for Hillary to be the winner. The polls pointed to Hillary in 2016 in the same way it pointed to Dewey in 1948 instead of Truman. Who is Dewey? Exactly!

Beyond Ross Perot, the first to become the herald for the disenfranchised by NAFTA, was Senator Bernie Sanders (campaign began on May 26, 2015). He had an overwhelming number of small donations and attendance to his rallies. Donald Trump became the second voice for the disenfranchised (campaign began on June 16, 2015). Wikileaks finally revealed that the DNC colluded with the media by attacking and blocking major advances from Bernie Sanders. Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chief finance officer Brad Marshall; chief executive Amy Dacey, and communications director Luis Miranda resigned their positions with the DNC. Later, interim chairwoman Donna Brazile was fired from CNN for releasing debate questions to Candidate Clinton in advance. Most were not surprised by the revelations of Wikileaks, so much so, that none of the Wikileaks revelations did not land anyone in jail, only four volunteered resignations and one CNN firing.

Never in American history both candidates had legal lawsuits, criminal investigations and alike. Nevertheless, the Joe Blows from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Jane Does from Emporia, Kansas are not worried about the DNC’s mischief or Wikileaks revelations; they are only concerned in voting for who is going to bring their jobs back to their small towns. Prior to writing this essay, I explained to a friend that the reason why Donald Trump won, was not because of emails, Wikileaks, Jill Stein, but because of NAFTA. He asked, “Does everyone know what NAFTA is when they went to the voting booth?” My reply was,“Absolutely not! They may not even know what NAFTA is; some may even think NAFTA is a type of mosquito or a rash. The only thing that they know is that the factory that their grandfather and father used to work for, located at the outskirts of town has their gates locked their roofs caved in and their jobs fled somewhere to Mexico.”

Closed factory, anywhere USA.

NAFTA is the semi-truck loaded at 75 miles per hour running over and destroying the lives of every little town that had a factory in the United Sates; however, when it is took close to the election, the truck slows down to idle and the politicians, pundits and media copying the styles of Boogie and Puppy keep barking “he is a racist, he is homophobic, he is a sexist, he is a bully, he is a sexual predator!”


There is a much bigger picture than NAFTA, and even bigger than the 2016 Elections, it is a picture that escape most economists. I have mentioned before that I am a fan of the Freakonomics Group; but their most recent book disappointed me. In the book “When to Rob a Bank” the authors by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner unveiled the pros and cons of bank robbery and even pan-handling to name a few. The most ingenious part of the work of economists should not be the understanding the of profit and loss of robbing a bank or the best corner or time for pan-handling; instead, to aim towards a sustainable economy. Looking at the immediate picture of economics will only lead us to the next collapse. Economists like Robert Reich and Paul Krugman claim that Capitalism is the best form of economics; Reich even went a step further naming his book “Saving Capitalism,” such title make as much sense as “Saving Feudalism,” because when a system is working well, it does not require saving; it becomes self sustaining and it would never crash. Unfortunately, politicians are listening to pundits like Reich and Krugman, and much worse than that politicians are begging for money of wealthy donors for their next reelection.

“Divergent Series” based on a trilogy authored by Veronica Roth. Movie copyrights: Lionsgate (Source: Wikipedia)

The historic gains and losses created by NAFTA were born in 1990 under the names Clinton and Bush and destroyed by the American voter when they voted against Clinton and Bush in 2016; they voted for a candidate who promised the end of NAFTA. The creation of NAFTA benefited the elite in Mexico and the United States and pinned the rural worker of Mexico against the factory worker of the United States. In the true fashion and format of “Follow the Money,” mostly using a movie plot showing similarity to real life; the creation of NAFTA and its consequences is is very similar to the “Divergent Series” based on a trilogy authored by Veronica Roth.

Here are the parallels: workers of the United States and Mexico are pinned against each other for the production of the same product which profits will go to an elite out of their reach. Fiction meets reality when the plot of the “Divergent,” are factions of people are pinned against each other and the benefit is an elite out of their reach. Psychologists could claim the book and movie series became bestsellers and blockbusters because subconsciously the reader or the audience is able to relate to the plot because in real life “we” already do.

Adding insult to injury; is the discontentment of the American worker (and voter), who has been the mysteriously secluded from the backdoor deals of the Trans Pacific Partnership that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton were promoting together. Where NAFTA was the elimination of tariffs and the due process in three countries, the TPP would be the elimination of tariffs between twelve countries. History has already given us two preludes to the TPP, first one was NAFTA and second one has been the European Union, the consortium of 28 countries. Greece tried to get out, and United Kingdom just took the first step in June of 2016.

Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (December 2006)

The financial mechanics of international trade benefiting a small elite having people around the world fighting for the same jobs, (in essence, very analogous to the “Divergent Series),” was handsomely consolidated in a book called “The Global Class War: How America’s Bipartisan Elite Lost Our Future—and What It Will Take to Win It Back” authored by Jeff Faux, was published in 2006.

Promises made before the election are like love promises during Summer-camp. Not impossible, but almost. Will Trump break the heart of his voters by passing TPP and doing almost nothing about NAFTA? Could Trump echo the words of George Herbert Bush, “Read my lips, no new taxes?” A president-elect with outstanding loans with German banks, an unresolved bankruptcy and a class action lawsuit still pending. That is a lot on anyone’s table before he decides to solve the problems of the nation. (In my previous essay called, “The Corruption of Donald Trump,” I explained that Trump is not the problem; instead, he is the consequence). We have a political system corrupted by the elite, and a major collapse to come inspired by greed. Just like bacteria on a Petri-dish eventually runs out of food and die, the U.S. debt reaching 20 Trillion may inspire the same end. We ran out of suckers to sell more trillions of dollars of loans, we are going to depend on donations to build the Mexican wall.


Fourth day of the trip, first stop in Florida. One hour prior to hearing FBI reopening Clinton’s email investigations.

In the spirit of full disclosure, by the time we were passing by Pensacola, Florida—the fourth day of our cross country journey. My friend and I heard on the radio that the FBI Director James Brien Comey Jr. was reopening the investigation on Clinton’s emails, that was thanks to Anthony Weiner’s formidable penis being promoted while having access to his wife’s computer which was also used for Clinton’s classified emails (soon to be a HBO mini-part series, just wait!) The shock of this news was so intense that for the next hour my friend and I arguing about the news; we became louder than Boogie and Puppy when threaten by a semi-truck at idle.


My friend Jon practicing yoga guarded by Boogie and Puppy.

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One of the great benefits of speaking more than one language is enjoying poetry on its natural form.
It is an amazing delight to enjoy Augusto dos Anjos in Portuguese, he was dark in content but masterful in cadence; in English his counterpart, in my opinion was Edgar Allan Poe.

Translating Edgar Allan Poe into Portuguese degrades its original cadence, and the same goes for translating Augusto dos Anjos into English.  The compromise is creating versions; usually the essence is kept and a new body is written for a song or a poem.

Growing up poor in Brazil, one of my only form of entertainment was radio, only richer folks could afford a television set.  I am very grateful to public air-waves in Brazil; in fact, it was the only exposure I had to English in my youth; radio allowed me to become an autodidact—I started to learn languages.

One of my favorite songs during my youth was a French song called “C’est en Septembre,” song by Gilbert Becaud.  I would be in trance, enjoying the song in my limited French back in the 80s, yet the content and cadence of the poetry was amazing.  Basically it talks about life returning back to normal after the Summer vacations and how delightful life was to rest back under the olive tree.

Years later I was terribly disappointed when I herd the American version called “September Morn,” sung by Neil Diamond.  The lyrics this time were about a simple love song, I totally disliked the effort of translating the French song into English.  These feelings came back to me because today is the First of September and I write this short essay in the first morning of September.

Here is the delightful part of being wrong.  It was only after a couple of decades that I learned that the original author of the “C’est en Septembre,” was actually written by Neil Diamond; in other words, the English version came first, the French version later.  So, my original displeasure towards Mr. Diamond turned into appreciation and gratitude; thanks to him now I enjoy two versions.

I continue to assert that learning another language expose ourselves to more cultures and more poetry.  Sometimes the original is better, sometimes it is not.  When beauty is on the eye of the beholder every opinion is subjective.  So, it is my opinion, that I also experienced the same in vice-versa; or I enjoyed the American version with more delight than the original song in French.  I am referring to Frank Sinatra greatest hit called “My Way,” the English version was written by Paul Anka, and the original was in French written and sung by Claude François; called “Comme d’habitude” (translated into “As Usual).”

September is an incredible month for poetry, the prelude to Autumn leaves falling; the trees turning from green to amber, to naked, and a more temperate whether; notwithstanding, also the prelude to the “October Surprise,” just before the elections.  The world is not going to end no matter who is elected; it is an amazing grace to enjoy the glory of a “September Morn,” because amazing colors happens “C’est en Septembre,” even when things most things will not go “My Way,” no matter how much I try “Comme d’habitude (as usual).”


Enjoying September Morning 2015; here I am hiking the 14,000 ft Sangre de Christo Mountain. Please notice that the September amber is timing the trees in the background.

Enjoy your September!

Fiat Lux.

Here are the videos of all four songs in their English original and French version and vice-versa.

French Version “C’est en Septembre” with Gilbert Becaud


Original version “September Morn” with Neil Diamond

English Version “My Way” with Frank Sinatra

Original “Comme d’Habitude” with Claude François

If you may use a little more poetry, in your September Morning; here is the
Spanish Version “A Mi Manera,” with Gipsy Kings



Here is the first try: David Lee and I were in front of the Park sign and Carol Lee is taking the photo.



Second Try: David Lee and I in front of the Sangre de Christo National Park sign.


(Copyright disclaimer: the songs belong to their original copyright holders, here are links directing the viewers to their storage at Youtube servers. Youtube and its partners are responsible to copyrights licenses or infringement thereof).

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The Devil You Know

Recently a friend said to me, and if I may paraphrase, the friend said, “I am very disappointed in the way that primaries turned out, I don’t want to, but I may have to vote for Hillary, please don’t hate me!”  Well, I have close friends who like Trump and Hillary, if I cannot accept their opinion I would turn in what is called a-close-minded individual.  Let us examine what is behind my friend’s phrase, why stop there! I heard Robert Reich say a similar thing to Chris Hedges in the program “Democracy Now.”  So, as I reply to my friend inadvertently I will also be responding to some of the sentiments of Professor Reich.

“1984” by George Orwell, please notice the unabridged copy is 35 cents.

I’m a great fan of science-fiction, one of my favorites is “1984;” which was written in 1935; before World War II. Why “1984?” A character in the background called The Big-Brother would control the masses with two things hatred and fear.  In my opinion, George Orwell was a freaking prophet, however, today the Big Brother are the corporations: Goldman Sachs, Exxon, ADM and the gang of Wall Street, via the K Street, (K Street is a reference to lobbying firms), which controls both parties, giving us an illusion of choice, through hate and fear.

When the school of psychology was invented, it actually legalized mythology. So, today when we talk about electing the lesser evil, let us examine the archetype of fear, hatred and vice.  It takes a great virtuous person to overcome fear, hatred and vice.  So, long before psychology came to be, the ancient-wise consolidated such condition in a tarot card called “The Devil”

“The Devil” ancient symbolism for hatred vice and fear. Photo source: Wikipedia (Click to enlarge photo)

The American political system is addicted to a duopoly bent on hatred and fear.  When the government suppress education making it a privilege of the elite; the rest of the population will get their reasoning from well paid jesters like Rachel Maddow, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Mahers, Bill O’Reilly. I refer to them as jesters because they are the comic relief for hatred and fear. I covered the “jesters” in depth in my book “Archetypes in Our Lives, under the chapter “The Archetypes of Kings, Nobles and Jesters.”

Do you know who does not want Trump to be president? Donald Trump himself.  Recently Governor Kasich shared with the media that Trump Junior back in April called him to run as VP saying that he would be in charge of Domestic and Foreign affairs (evidently Trump and Trump Junior denied the offer).  Since fear was the theme of the 2008 election, let us revisit when most Republicans were very fearful of Obama, for his inexperience, and pseudo-liberalism. After eight years of Obama, we discovered that Obama never closed Guantanamo, never removed the right to bear arms, never passed immigration reform, never stopped tax breaks to big oil and gas, never turned the Supreme Court liberal, the wars in Persia never ended. He passed Obamacare, which is a more conservative copy of Romneycare and Nixoncare. See? The Republicans feared Obama for nothing, because nothing happened.  The same will happen with Trump nothing will continue to happen.


“Archetypes in Our Lives” 2012 B.Sandy

As far as Trump promises are concern, the United States has 20 Trillion in debt. Where are we going to find money for the border walls?  With 20 Trillions in debt where are we going to find money to fight Russia or China?  People have no idea how broke we are already.  The United States is already so broke that it cannot afford sanctions against Cuba, it needs a new market.  The United States is already so broke that it had to accept lifting sanctions against Iran in nuclear talks, because the United States cannot afford not to sell to Iran.  The United States is so broke when Russia took Crimea back the only think the United States could afford was propaganda.

Betrayal may be a strong word, but what Bernie promised to us was to participate in a revolution, and yet he endorsed the very person who is in the pockets of Wall Street and K-Street.  According to Bernie  own words he is very fearful of Donald Trump.  America is the land of the free and home of the brave, except during the elections when we have no freedom to vote for a third-party and we have to be afraid of the opposing challenger.  See? The mass media, and the elite uses hatred and fear, like an electrical switch, it all depends if they need the American people to fight a war or to vote in a election.

When you look at the archetype of the tarot card, you will notice two things: Firstly, that the chains around the necks are easy to remove, because the loops are much larger than the heads; second that the chains will remain there because the couple also have tails symbolizing the animal instinct resorting to emotions of fear and hatred rather using reason and logic to to remove the chains, to run away from the devil.

So, now we come to a new election, the jesters and main stream media is offering hatred and fear, a reprise of 2008?  No! Not really, a reprise of every election, so much so that George Orwell already synthesized in his book “1984” back in 1935.  Now, speaking with friends from both sides of the political aisle: How can you live with the guilt of electing Donald Trump if you vote for a third-party candidate? Or how can you live with the guilt of electing Hillary Clinton if you vote for a third party candidate?  There’s no way out, you are stuck forever with a big liar or a bigger liar.  We are stuck in voting for a pseudo-billionaire and conman seducing people with the illusion that they would become millionaires by giving up their lives savings in Trump University.  Notwithstanding, we are stuck for voting for another liar (according to the FBI and DOD reports) that for “convenience,” decided to have her own servers without any internet security exposing the country’s national security, in order to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act.

The torch up-side-down it is symbolic to ignorance, or lack of logic or wisdom.

When we are moved by hatred and fear, we will forever be stuck with the devil’s chains.  Bernie Sanders campaign was a moment of lucidity which would allow us to remove the devil’s chain, but Bernie Sanders endorsed the devil you know.  We will forever be stuck between choosing a lesser evil than a greater good, as long as we abide to fear and hatred fed to us daily by the jesters of the main stream media which are owned by Wall Street.

To all my friends, acquaintance and readers, if your logic is to choose a lesser evil, that’s no logic at all.  That has been the plan of Wall Street all along, we will get a new George Bush or a new Obama, nothing will get done you will be stuck again with the devil you know.


Fiat Lux!

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You have to be from another planet and just arrived not to see all of the killing that it has been taking place.  Racial profiling and killing by cops and and police officers being targeted by snipers or alike.  So I would like to share my opinion regarding the group Black Lives Matter and all of this police shooting that has been taking place.

So on one hand we have abusive police officers and on the other we have officers being killed. The underlying reason for why this racial profiling and killing, nobody is talking about.  I hear President Obama asking for more tolerance and training, I hear presidential candidates asking for more patience, some asking for more guns, and even recently candidate Clinton said that she was going to prosecute police shooters.  All of these measures will not stop the killings and furthermore, prosecuting someone who is in already in a suicide mission or already dead, will not make a difference.

Obama in Town Hall meeting addressing Black Lives Matters. Photo Source: ABC-News.

Who are the victims and aggressors?  Based on the pattern of evidence that I see everyone is a victim, police officers, racial profiled minorities and police shooters.  I do not condone violence and I am not saying that police shooters are correct in killing police officers, however, based on the evidence; the shooters are afflicted individuals either suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or depression.  Therefore, everyone involved has been corrupted by the current conditions or corrupted by the system.

No one is functioning on their full ability to address the situation. For instance, the police shooters are not serial killers, they are not the mission to kill police officers and remain in anonymity they are actually committing suicide.  It has been an old practice, a person would point a fake gun to a police officer and the police officer will have no option but to shoot the person. The practice is known as SBC or Suicide by Cop; consequently, most of the current police shooting is nothing more than a glorified SBC.  In view of all the police shooting and police abuse going viral on the internet, many individuals already entertaining suicide they will take a chance to glorify their departure.


“The Matrix” 1999 (c) Warner Bros. Photo Source: Warner Bros.

The United States government fails to address many of these conditions, veterans’ PTSD are not properly addressed, police officers are using racial profiling, and many urban areas are destitute because of our government wrongdoings.  To say succinctly “the system is broken.”  In order to make people understand, the current situation it is much easier to make a movie analogy, in this case there is a movie where the police officers are being killed by the protagonists, but both protagonists and police officers are victim of the system but the system is called the matrix.  So it is only later in the plot of the 1999 movie by Warner Brothers that the audience come to understand that “The Matrix,” is abusing of both cops and citizens.



Patterns are very important to me, in fact, I wrote a book showing how slavery has evolved from ownership into repurchase, the title of the book is “Repursury: How Slavery Evolved Into Usury Through Repurchase.”   The ability to see patterns are available to all economists, I find it offensive that no economists have voiced their complaint against the system.  Social problems do not occur overnight, it takes decades and decades to finally blow up.

Most economists are linear in their thinking, in fact, the arguments of Alan Greenspan before a Congressional Oversight Committee  shows the linear thinking of many economists.

“I have found a flaw, I don’t know how significant or permanent it is. But I have been very distressed by that fact… …That’s precisely the reason I was shocked because I’d been going for 40 years or so with considerable evidence that it was working exceptionally well.”

What was working exceptionally well for Greenspan was the checks and balances set by President Roosevelt’s Administration.  The revocation of Glass-Steagal set a number of dominoes to collapse a decade later.  In my opinion, the social conditions leading to current shootings have been set further back.

If you are a lover of American History you will see that the reason why President Lincoln was killed, it was not because he freed the slaves.   The American Civil War was was ongoing for four years before he was fatally shot, and although abolition was not the original plight of the American Civil War, abolition was added to it.  However, for Lincoln, abolition was not enough he also wanted to add in the 13th Amendment equal suffrage under the U.S. Constitution.  This new condition offended many including his killer–Wilkes Booth.  The failure to add equal rights to vote in the 13th Amendment led most of the nation do deny Negroes the right to vote for another century.  It was only after the Civil Rights in the 1960s that equal suffrage under the law started to take place.

When laws are written by a race and one ethnic group the laws will tend to favour that group.  So for another century minorities had very little representation while the laws were passed.  In the 1930 after the Big Depression, the FDR Administration began a series of programs including the FHA or Federal Housing Administration.  The FHA started a program called Red-lining.  The Red-lining was set to deny minorities the access to government financing in order to purchase a home.  To this day and the writing of this essay, African-American communities and other minorities areas were deprived from the same access to home appreciation.  What is the problem with that?  Simple, around the United States most of the fundings for education are exclusively derived from “property taxes.”

So, Lincoln died before he could pass equal suffrage under the law, and the FHA inadvertently deprived minorities to equal funding to education.  The clear result is that a less educated individual will not have the same access to the same job than a more educated individual would.  Thanks to the killing of Lincoln and FHA’s Red-lining, some areas of the United States are now modernized plantations, where in the old days slavery used to be by ownership, now slavery is through purchase, because many people have to pay more for their groceries, more because of racial profiling, and more for their home loans.

Redlining, photo source Wikipedia

While Red-lining became prohibited in the 1970s, the practice moved from the government sector to the private sector.  Bank of America purchased Countrywide Home Loans, and Countrywide settled with the Department of Justice for discriminating against minorities, from 2004 through 2008.  If in the application the applicants entered their race their loan would come with a much higher interest rate.  The illusion of freedom is in all American cities except when families in a destitute neighbourhoods have to work for much longer hours to pay for the same groceries at lower price elsewhere, notwithstanding, many families pay with their lives.

So, the creation of American Ghettos, was a government invention and to this day, and the consequences are being viewed as racial profiling and police shootings.  This status quo is perpetuated by our government because a person studying in a dilapidated school will either not graduate or not pursue higher learning. How do we stop this vicious cycle of killings and bring equal access to education for the job market? Answer: Proper tax collection and proper tax distribution.

Human capital is one of the most important assets of a nation. Trillions of dollars have been poured in Middle East and Persia, but without human capital, to this day nothing changed there, the money is just funnelling to an elite few.  Federal funding to all schools will ensure proper equal access to education which eventually will lead to tertiary education should be viewed by the United States government as the best tool to combat poverty, infant pregnancy, bring down the use for food-stamp, welfare, and other programs.  The United States government has had this practice of collecting property tax for education for many generations after a while, people accept the defective system as a norm.  People tend to rationalize even a defective pattern.  One time a family member had a minor stroke, and I suggested that the problem came from using cigarettes, emphatically I heard in response, “It cannot be smoking, I have been smoking all my life and this never happened before!”

As long as funding education comes from local tax collection, some neighbourhoods will have better schools than others.  Since it is the goal to educate all its citizens up to high-school level, all high-schools should be at equal funding level, otherwise the U.S. Government is not providing equal protection under the law; thus, unconstitutional.  The way to stop future racial profiling and future police shootings and police killings is to stop a broken system, to stop this deceptive matrix which helps some groups more than others.

For years we have been staring at the consequence, but calling it “the problem.”  For instance, when a person is traveling at high speed through a windshield, that is not the problem, that is the consequence of the problem, the problem is not using the seat-belts; likewise is our situation.  Asking for more police training and more patience it will not fix the problem, the problem is a faulty tax collection and a faulty tax distribution.  When President Obama is asking for more police training and more tolerance, these are temporary solutions it is like applying make up in an attempt to cure Kaposi Sarcoma.

(Here is the video version of this essay.)

Thanks for reading; Fiat Lux!

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Another book review.

“Gold: The Race for the World’s Most Seductive Metal,” by Matthew Hart Book Review [B-4004]

Gold by Matthew Hart

I have made this video sometime ago, but I wanted to re-shoot with a new camera, but it would not make much difference, for its purpose.
I have been talking to many friends about the collapse of the U.S. Dollar and the gold market in general, so I review this book and I highly recommend anyone to read this book.

This is not a light reading there is violence, abuse, backstabbing and many other issues that comes with dealing with money, currency or treasure. Nevertheless, a enjoyable read, if you want to get married but do not want to buy a gold ring, have your beloved read this book, too much karma attached to this metal. Enjoy the video and book and Fiat Lux!



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Is this bye bye Bernie and hello Goldman Sachs’ Pinocchio?

(Here above is the audio version of the blog; press play, and the computer will read this essay for you).

All over the news, it is being announced that Bernie Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton. For many of us who volunteered and donated to the Bernie Sanders Campaign, feel that we have the right to have an opinion about the process. Most of us were enamored of the ideals of a political revolution against the illusion of choice which is the political duopoly in the United States.


A political revolution does not happen when one endorses the politician who stole the election in voter suppression in New York, in changing party rules during the convention in Nevada, in loosing voter roles in California and handing about 3 million of non-provisional ballots, in blackout media coverage and when the leader of the Democratic Party openly endorses one of the candidates. A political revolution does not happen by endorsing a politician who has bad judgment to have classified material in an unprotected server, jeopardizing the safety of the nation.

That being said, Bernie Sanders is under no obligation to run for office; however, we who volunteered for the Campaign feel that we were doing for a greater progressive cause and now our efforts will fall back at the hands of Goldman Sachs and the Wall Street, our hard work will be bribed way through lobbying. Perhaps Sanders felt that it was enough to bring the Democratic agenda to the left; however, when such promise is non-contractual it has the same validity as being written in tissue paper and signed with saliva. Remember the promises of Obama closing Gitmo? Broken promises on immigration? Broken promises on ending oil and gas tax loopholes? Broken promises on investing in infrastructure? And many more? By the way, if anyone thinks Obamacare is a Democratic Program then they do not know that it is a more conservative copy of Romneycare and Nixoncare. Hillary’s promises to Sanders and Sanders supporters will be broken and will be forgotten until the next election.

I have predicted to some friends that whether Trump or Hillary becomes the president, he or she will be impeached on the very first year in office, and the shoe in for the presidency will be the vice president. It is because both leading candidates are plagued with scandals. Just yesterday, the Congressional Oversight Committee members were able to cross examine Hillary’s perjury when testifying during the Benghazi Hearings. On the other side of the aisle, Trump is battling a bait-switch lawsuit with Trump University along with a Civil lawsuit in statutory rape of a 13 year old.

Perhaps the Tuesday Sanders’ announcement is to inform the public of the ticket Clinton/Sanders, otherwise it is too soon for such surrender, in this case Sanders will assume the presidency in case of an impeachment, but since the Wall Street hates Elizabeth Warren they like Bernie Sanders even less.


“Repursury” Cover

In my book “Repursury: How Slavery Evolved Into Usury Through Repurchase,” released in 2014 I’ve predicted the end of the U.S. Dollar as an international currency. Furthermore, in June of 2015, I continued to make predictions about the Collapse of the Petrodollar, notwithstanding I gave a hint of when the impending collapse will happen, my hint was the Collapse of the U.K. Recently, Brexit made my predictions a step closer to reality. The only factor which would stop the Collapse of the Petrodollar would be a Bernie Sanders Progressive Agenda.


I need to explain what what will trigger the pending collapse. Donald Trump has the language skills and academic knowledge of a high school student (yes, I feel that daddy-Trump purchased a degree for Donny so he could continue to date European models and be hands at location in constructions sites). Even worse than Trump lack intellectual curiosity is Hillary’s economic indoctrination; firstly she is nothing more than what is called in economics, a “corporate-capture” individual. Notwithstanding, not only Hillary is in service of the corporations (corporate capture) she is also an individual indoctrinated by the corporations, this phenomenon is known as “cognitive capture.” In recent campaigns, Hillary said that she is going to nominate the husband as her “economic-czar,” the same guy who signed George Bush-41 trade deal into law, known as NAFTA and the same guy who repealed the Glass-Steagal Act by signing into law the The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act of 1999 which allowed deposit banks to merge with investments banks—translation: Bubba created the banks “Too Big To Fail,” which did fail in 2008 and had to be bailed out by every American tax payer. It was only after the banking collapse of 2008 that economists realized that the largest economic span attributed to Bill Clinton was created on borrowed money and risky investments. The so prosperous years were funded by second mortgages; trend which continued during Bush-43. All of this are very sad reasons and even worse because Bernie Sanders may endorse the very group of people who brought the economic demise of 2008.

Pax Americana is another name for American hegemony

The last days of Pax Romana were not different than America’s current plight. When politicians are not accountable to FBI investigations, and police officers are not accountable to their abuse of power, it is easy to see how lone-wolves will go through exotic suicides and how the population will protest. By the way, I do not condone protests and violence, but I will remind that to most of the destitute of our societies, the anarchists are seen as modern Robin Hoods or modern Zorros; they represent the fight against the state of corruption. The corrupt Pax Romana lasted 500 years in Europe and 1,500 years in the East; but Pax Americana may not even last 150 years; Pax Americana started when the British Pound attached to coal market ended and when the U.S. Dollar attached to the Petroleum market. With plenty of options for energy like solar and wind power, electric cars and hydraulic fracturing, the world will use less U.S. Dollars to buy less oil. Either Trump or Hillary will install the corporate solution—more money to banks, more tax credit to corporations and cuts in social programs; the same thinking of Herbert Hoover in the 1930s. The economic instability that will follow will lead Russian and China to bring back the gold standard once again. By the way, I already explained this collapse in my videos from last year.

I am a positive person by nature. Here are some of the silver-linings, the collapse of the U.S. Dollar led by Hillary or Trump will have a positive effect on Mother Nature. Once the U.S. Dollar collapse it will be less consumption; thus less manufacturing, less transportation of international trade; therefore, less use of energy and the planet will cool. In difficult economic times, couples will choose to have less kids, a reduction of the global population as well. People will marry for love or looks, it will be less money going around. New couples will live with their parents, so more family integration. It will also be less wars around the world, because the U.S will have to borrow money from China to start a war with China or Russia. I was not going off topic, these are all in the balance if Bernie Sanders is not in a third party ticket or if Bernie Sanders is not Hillary’s vice president. Hillary will be indicted and/or impeached. If Bernie Sanders is not a candidate, it will not be the end of the world, perhaps just the end of Pax Americana.


I have no regrets whatsoever participating in Bernie Sanders Campaign.  As we learn in college “there’s has never been a bad day in a life of a writer, everything is material for a book. When the dust-bowl kill your crops and the family has to pick grapes in California, you will write “Grapes of Wrath,” when your ship sinks you will write “Moby Dick.”


This is the first time I have participated in a political campaign, I saw how the Nevada election was stolen right in front of me. The Nevada Democratic Party decided to use the handing of credentials of the day before as the real count for the next day attendance. No convention or assembly or parliament uses such method, the count should have been conducted and the Nevada Democratic Party would not allow a head-count on the very day of the convention by invoking temporary rules.  We Sanders Delegates were demonized for a week, thanks to inept reporting and propaganda from the Democratic Party local and national.  This are unique experiences that I had first hand and will eventually be a direct source of material.  Best of all I was able to make  new friends, to share our hopes and dreams for a much better America and a more egalitarian world.


A good part of us are Bernie or Bust, we are the Never Hillary Group even if Bernie thinks it is the only choice. We will vote based on our conscience and principals and not based on our fears and hypocritical compromise by choosing a lesser evil, than the best candidate. We keep electing the same lesser evil because we are a nation divided by ignorance, tradition, compromise and fear. When the elite divides 99% of the electorate, the elite is able to install their Pinocchio and keep holding onto the strings of the same marionette. Will Bernie endorse the Goldman Sachs’ Pinocchio? Will Bernie receive a list of promises written on tissue paper and signed with saliva? We will discover these answers by next week.

Fiat Lux!

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There is a simple reason why the Federal Record Acts has a simple scope. The simple reason is that any secret information not a guarded by the government will create unintended consequences.

The 44 U.S. Code § 3106 is titled Unlawful Removal, Destruction of Records; the clause (A) is so short that deserves to be quoted:
(a)Federal Agency Notification.—

The head of each Federal agency shall notify the Archivist of any actual, impending, or threatened unlawful removal, defacing, alteration, corruption, deletion, erasure, or other destruction of records in the custody of the agency, and with the assistance of the Archivist shall initiate action through the Attorney General for the recovery of records the head of the Federal agency knows or has reason to believe have been unlawfully removed from that agency, or from another Federal agency whose records have been transferred to the legal custody of that Federal agency.*1*[End Quote]

Numerous times the presidential candidate and former secretary of state, Mrs. Hillary Clinton has mentioned that having a server in her home was authorized and an innocent mistake. So, let us ponder for a minute, for agents of the U.S. Department of State to authorize the installations of servers and having classified information sitting in a basement in Chappaqua, New York would have to justify the violation of the Title 44 § 3106 (a) of the U.S. Code.

The Clintons are former lawyers (or active lawyers, I’m not sure) and both former president and former secretary knows of the consequences of violating laws. Nevertheless, there is one thing even non-lawyers knows: “ignorance of the laws is no defense.”

Hillary’s Blackberry had no passwords according to the deposition of her former aide.

The audit created by the State Department and made public on May 25th, 2016 leaves no doubt that Hillary Clinton violated the 44 U.S. Code § 3106 (a) “Removal, Destruction of Records,” so what?

Many like Senator Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein (California) has come out on the news and exclaimed that enough is enough and we should move on from the emails. Well, not so fast… There are three problems:

1) possible perjury,

2) violation of the law Title 44,

3) and exposing state secrets.

Many are belittling the violations as forgivable transgressions and that should not curtail Clinton’s road to the White House. After the Inspector General of the State Department released his finding, Mrs. Clinton herself, double-downed on her innocence and that America was kept safe under her watch. Notwithstanding; the Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar – also known as Guccifer, plead guilty to seven years; and volunteered to the court that he would read Secretary Clinton’s emails. Why would someone plea guilty to hacking and federal offenses, if he did not do it?

Guccifer being transferred by the police.

Furthermore, a new on May 26th, former Clinton aide and now U.S. Ambassador Lewis Lukens in sworn testimony in the case of Hillary Clinton’s privatization of the U.S. Secretary of State’s email is testifying that Clinton never used passwords to access her emails. In sum, using the State Department website would require her to use multiple passwords and having her own private emails would allow here to use no passwords, and for the sake of convenience Secretary Clinton preferred no passwords*2*.

Perhaps it is easy to see how Guccifer could read Secretary Clinton’s emails; especially after Ambassador Lukens testified that no password was required to access her emails. Wait! It gets better! Or it gets worse, depending on your point of view.

Secretary Clinton is no neophyte to email deletions, in fact, while she was the first lady, no less than one million subpoenaed emails were lost thanks to a glitch in the servers of the White House. The investigation of the emails disappearance was named “Project X,” and no findings were ascertained*3*.

Aware of a possible new “Whitewater” investigation or a new “Project X,” the Clintons had a familiarity with emails and their incriminatory disposition. The indefatigable Watergate reporter Carl Berstein alleged that the intention of Hillary of having her own servers was exclusively to bypass the Freedom of Information Act; once the emails are in private server, they are deletable.

The convenience of the emails deletability entered in direct conflict with national safety. Hillary claimed that the United States security was never in peril, yet something interesting happened. Guccifer, was not the only one reading the emails straight out of the Chappaqua basement, there were others.

Nadiya (Nadezhda) Savchenko on trial in a Russian Court

On the other side of planet Earth, there was the prosecution of Nadiya (Nadezhda) Savchenko*4*; and some hacked Clinton’s emails were admitted as evidence in a Russian court of law. In the Russian Court it was disclosed that Mrs. Clinton’s emails that were used as evidence, came from a private server “and not from Top-Secret or U.S. classified government’s archive.” The court would not have allowed government’s email because it would be an admission of espionage, yet coming from Mrs. Clinton’s private server is just an admission of hacking.

One has to ponder, if Guccifer admitted in U.S. court to reading Clinton’s email, if her former aide also testified that Secretary Clinton had a disdain for passwords; how many Clinton emails were copied by the Russian FSB? How many state secrets were possibly revealed by Clinton’s action in her request for convenience?

Firstly alleged as convenience; now the private servers have implicated a Romanian hacker and some of Mrs. Clinton’s email were used as evidence in the prosecution of Nadiya (Nadezhda) Savchenko.

Once again, there is a simple reason why the Federal Record Acts has a limited, yet clear scope; the protection of national security. Any secret information not a guard by the government will create unintended consequences. Whitewater went on for years, it is very unlikely that the email and Clinton Foundation investigations will find an end before the 2017 presidential inauguration.

Souce *1*:

Source *2*:

Source *3*:

Source *4*:

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If what happened on May 14th, 2016 was democracy, it is hard to imagine what dictatorship feels like. For the last few days I have been hearing most of the media demonizing Bernie Sanders and even more Bernie Sanders supporters. The amazing thing is that I was a volunteer for the Nevada Democratic Party for two days and I neither saw any reporter nor I saw any professional cameraman, except for the one hired by the Nevada Democratic Party (“NDP”) to record the event.


270 Degrees of the Nevada State Convention, May 14th, 2016

Since Sunday, I have been hearing the spin in the media of how the whole fiasco is supposed to be blamed on Bernie Sanders and his supporters. How can the media be certain of such claim if no media was ever present at the May 14th, 2016 Convention? Not even local channels were present neither in the hall nor the aisles of the Paris Casino.

It is sobering to see the media make accusations of fights in the hall, chairs thrown when none of that happened and I was there for the event. Under oath, I can say that nobody ever threw a chair across the hall, first of all they were convention chairs; they are really heavy; unlike the metal fold up chairs. Also under oath, I can testify that at during the whole convention nobody ever jumped on to the stage to protest the event. I saw CNN mention that there were a fights, yet the only footage shows a security officer attending a person who fainted because the convention was going throughout the whole day. It started a 7 A.M. for some of us (including myself) and ended about 10 P.M.

I can provide a honest account of the events because I volunteered for the NDP for two days. On Friday, May 13th, 2016, I registered delegates for the event. Most of us had Samsung Galaxy pads others had while laptops.


Here I was volunteering for two days registering delegates for the Nevada Democratic State Convention

On May 14th, 2016; I continued to volunteer on the same Samsung Galaxy tablet to register delegates until 10 A.M. When I left my volunteered post I just walked into the hall. There were no head count, there were no examination of my credentials, I just waltz in and found my designated area—Clark County Sanders’ Supporters. The hall was divided by counties and candidates.

One of the first things that was ease to notice was the NDP Convention had two American flags: One was stretching from ceiling to stage and the second was a smaller one a pole, to the left of the stage. The second thing that was easy to notice was two major video panel perhaps 12 feet across one at each side of the convention; between the center flag and the video panels were several banners of the politicians running for office. Finally, an easy thing to notice, right to the stage, there were three major banners hanging from the ceiling, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, and each banner was about 8 feet across. What was evident to me in the first five minutes of walking in, is that even the decoration of the room was biased, because while on the right of the stage there were three banners for Hillary, on the left there was nothing for Bernie. When one examines the hall decoration in the photos, one could conclude that Hillary was having the convention unopposed.

Nevada Convention-01-Stage

The bias in the decoration, three banners with Hillary’s name and no banners for Bernie Sanders at all.

The convention started badly and it got worse. I am only testifying about the things that I saw, perhaps there were other shenanigans; but I do not want to assume. I am just reporting. The NDP Chair Roberta Lange decided to change the rules of the convention. Most conventions run under Robert’s Rules of Order; but about 10:30 A.M. the NDP decided to adopt “Temporary Rules.” The Hillary side accepted the idea unanimously, while the Bernie side declined the change of rules. The NDP passed the rules even when the oral objection was much louder than the approval. By the way, remember that I mentioned that there were no one counting members’ participation at the doors? The doors during the convention were unlocked? In fact, I just “waltzed” to my seat? The practice made it easier for the DNC or the NDP to present any number of participants they saw necessary to post Hillary as the winner of the convention.

The NDP adopted the Friday’s registration as the official count of the Saturday convention’s attendance; which is against Robert’s Rules of Order. The Bernie delegates began to notice that the convention was being rigged. They shouted for hours to have the floor delegates counted and each time the recount was not even acknowledged. In fact, even the political candidate and lawyer Jesse Sbaih; from the podium, called for a recount and the NDP again did not entertain to pass a recount to a vote, even when the request came from the stage and from the podium. The rest of the day was one voting after another without consideration for a recount.

Perhaps not the best way to describe the Nevada State Convention is to compare to a Roman orgy; the comparison rises from the fact that some are the rulers and the ruled have no choice but to take the abuse in orderly fashion.  A more sanitized way to look at the Nevada State Convention is to compare the event to the recurring plot of the old Japanese anime called “Speed Racer.”

Many Millennials may not have any idea of the cartoon; but every single plot was Speed Racer trying to win a car race honestly, and every single time not only he had to be a good racer, but Speed Racer had to anticipate all of the sabotages and road blocks showing up through the race. So, Speed Racer had to fight the Iowa’s vote recount, the Arizona’s extreme long lines, the 128,000 loss of voters registration in New York, and now Speed Racer had to fight Roberta Lange’s disenfranchisement of delegates in Nevada. Oh, I’m sorry! Did I say Speed Racer instead of Bernie Sanders? I guess I did because it is basically about obstructions in a race; basically the same plot, but one is a car race and the other a presidential race.

Most Bernie Sanders delegates, including yours truly, were hoping for a honest convention without new rules, without being insulted by Barbara Boxer, and with rules of order expecting a yeah or nay in proper fashion, instead, no proper count of the attendance was taken on the Saturday, and no recount was acknowledged or voted on.  Most of the nation is hearing reports of media who never attended the event. Second accounts and hearsay provided by the Nevada Democratic Party, the same guys who never hung a single banner with the name Bernie Sanders from the convention’s ceiling. The media is reporting gratuitous disobedience from Bernie’s without investigating why the frustration was verbalized in shouts and chants.

Today, it is surreal to see Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews and many other pundits, saying that the Convention was a total chaos; reporting the version provided by the DNC and without taking the time to investigate the frustration that led to the chaotic event.
Here are some of the things that never happened in the convention:

  • Nobody was arrested for fights inside the convention.
  • Chairs were never thrown across the hall.
  • Nobody climbed the stage and forced themselves onto the podium.
  • Nobody made death threats to any anyone on stage.


There are plenty of videos in the internet showing what I have just testified. In fact, CNN used a video of a person who fainted and claimed that it was part of a fight. Please notice that all the videos presented by the media were shot using phone cameras.

The definition of a masochist is a person who lacks self respect and enjoys being abused. I am not a masochist; I have no doubt that many Nevada Democrats changed their party affiliation after the way they were treated Saturday. I changed my political registration from non-partisan, so I could vote for Bernie Sanders in the caucus and conventions, to continue to be a Democrat is to accept masochism.

There’s never a bad day in the life of a writer, everything is material for a book, so my participation in the Sin City’s Disenfranchisement eventually will be part of a novel. Conversely; perhaps there has never been a bad day in a campaign of Bernie Sanders, everyday is a free publicity day. For a candidate who has been in politics for more than 50 years and whose wife has a degree in political science. The Bernie Sanders participation in the Democratic Party is nothing more than a way to get free publicity before the general election (please study the election of 1860 or wait for my next blog). Most people do not know that there are other political parties in the United States, like the Green Party, the American Freedom Party, the Constitution Party, the Independent American Party, the Libertarian Party, the Party of Socialism and Liberation, the Peace and Freedom Party, the Prohibition Party, the Socialist Party USA, the Socialist Equality Party, the Socialist Workers Party, and the Workers World Party. If Bernie Sanders had not joined the Democratic Party, Hillary’s coronation already been completed, and Bernie Sanders would be just another anonymous name in an anonymous party. The silver lining of the Sin City’s Disenfranchisement, is that Roberta Lange is providing a lot more free publicity that Bernie originally anticipated.

Just imagined that Sin City’s Democrats had followed Robert’s Rule of Order, the name Bernie Sanders would get less publicity; instead, there are plenty of video recording showing Sin City’s Disenfranchisement to thousands of Nevada delegates offending millions and millions of Democrats and independents across the nation. The race is not over, and for Speed Racer fans and Bernie Sanders fans like me, if I may borrow the lyrics of Speed Racer theme song:

“And when the odds are against him
And there’s dangerous work to do
You bet your life Bernie Sanders
Will see it through.

Go Bernie Sanders
Go Bernie Sanders
Go Bernie Sanders, Go!”


Bernie Sanders as Speed Racer in Presidential Race

I decided to add some photos I took during the Nevada State Convention to show that some of the allegations of violence and chairs thrown are false.

This first photo was taken on Friday May 13th, handing delegates their credentials for the day after.
The Nevada Democratic Party took the handing of credentials as actual count of delegates on the day after.
In fact the video show a member of the Nevada Democratic Party volunteering these words “According to registration up to 9:30 AM on Saturday.”  This means that people were never counted in the room, but their registration of the day before.
Bernie Sanders Camp brought pizzas to his delegates, some Hillary supporters gave up Hillary’s stickers so they could grab some Bernie’s pizza.

2016-05-14 11.58.40

This is a 270 degrees photo looking back at the hall at Paris Casino. Perhaps a historical day yet to be determined.

2016-05-14 12.22.26

It is a difficult thing to include oneself in a 270 degree photos, this is a compromise.

2016-05-14 12.23.21

Here I am next to Campaign Organizer for Bernie in Nevada Joan Kato


The State delegates had to group in counties to choose national delegate to go to Philadelphia.

2016-05-14 19.24.34

Bernie’s crowd objected to the line highlighted in yellow because it was too vague regarding revision of the super-delegates.

2016-05-14 21.11.12

Please notice that the police officers were protecting an empty stage, the Nevada Democratic Party had left as soon as the policemen arrived.  This is tantamount to posturing because there was nothing no one and nothing to protect, an unnecessary show of force.

2016-05-14 22.41.33

Do you remember CNN reporting chairs flying and fights?
Two things: These chairs are heavy to fly and secondly, how can the chairs be in orderly fashion if the hall was in chaos? Answer: Propaganda from MSM, as the participants left the room was in order.

2016-05-14 22.42.19

No media either local or national were ever present in the aisles or inside the convention. The only camera ever in the room was hired by the NDP, the recording could be subpoenaed by a court of law to show improper quorum call.

2016-05-14 22.42.22

This picture below is further proof that no chairs were thrown about like broadcast on CNN for most of the week.
Most people have already left the hall, this is the end of the night.

2016-05-14 22.42.45

On my way out of the hall, someone left a little piece of art, “The night democracy died!”

2016-05-14 22.47.01

At this point the most delegates had left the room and the crew of the Paris Casino were removing the audio equipment from the ceiling, please notice that the room was never disrupted, all chairs were in proper order. Please notice that the cops are leaving the stage and going to the back of the hall once again.

2016-05-14 22.48.44

It was a long day between volunteering and participating in the Convention, I interviewed one of the police officers asking when were they requested. He told me that they were requested 30 minutes before they arrived this would time their arrival with the closing of the convention. Premeditated by the Nevada Democratic Party.

2016-05-14 22.51.39

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