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The Devil You Know

Recently a friend said to me, and if I may paraphrase, the friend said, “I am very disappointed in the way that primaries turned out, I don’t want to, but I may have to vote for Hillary, please don’t hate me!”  Well, I have close friends who like Trump and Hillary, if I cannot accept their opinion I would turn in what is called a-close-minded individual.  Let us examine what is behind my friend’s phrase, why stop there! I heard Robert Reich say a similar thing to Chris Hedges in the program “Democracy Now.”  So, as I reply to my friend inadvertently I will also be responding to some of the sentiments of Professor Reich.

“1984” by George Orwell, please notice the unabridged copy is 35 cents.

I’m a great fan of science-fiction, one of my favorites is “1984;” which was written in 1935; before World War II. Why “1984?” A character in the background called The Big-Brother would control the masses with two things hatred and fear.  In my opinion, George Orwell was a freaking prophet, however, today the Big Brother are the corporations: Goldman Sachs, Exxon, ADM and the gang of Wall Street, via the K Street, (K Street is a reference to lobbying firms), which controls both parties, giving us an illusion of choice, through hate and fear.

When the school of psychology was invented, it actually legalized mythology. So, today when we talk about electing the lesser evil, let us examine the archetype of fear, hatred and vice.  It takes a great virtuous person to overcome fear, hatred and vice.  So, long before psychology came to be, the ancient-wise consolidated such condition in a tarot card called “The Devil”

“The Devil” ancient symbolism for hatred vice and fear. Photo source: Wikipedia (Click to enlarge photo)

The American political system is addicted to a duopoly bent on hatred and fear.  When the government suppress education making it a privilege of the elite; the rest of the population will get their reasoning from well paid jesters like Rachel Maddow, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Mahers, Bill O’Reilly. I refer to them as jesters because they are the comic relief for hatred and fear. I covered the “jesters” in depth in my book “Archetypes in Our Lives, under the chapter “The Archetypes of Kings, Nobles and Jesters.”

Do you know who does not want Trump to be president? Donald Trump himself.  Recently Governor Kasich shared with the media that Trump Junior back in April called him to run as VP saying that he would be in charge of Domestic and Foreign affairs (evidently Trump and Trump Junior denied the offer).  Since fear was the theme of the 2008 election, let us revisit when most Republicans were very fearful of Obama, for his inexperience, and pseudo-liberalism. After eight years of Obama, we discovered that Obama never closed Guantanamo, never removed the right to bear arms, never passed immigration reform, never stopped tax breaks to big oil and gas, never turned the Supreme Court liberal, the wars in Persia never ended. He passed Obamacare, which is a more conservative copy of Romneycare and Nixoncare. See? The Republicans feared Obama for nothing, because nothing happened.  The same will happen with Trump nothing will continue to happen.


“Archetypes in Our Lives” 2012 B.Sandy

As far as Trump promises are concern, the United States has 20 Trillion in debt. Where are we going to find money for the border walls?  With 20 Trillions in debt where are we going to find money to fight Russia or China?  People have no idea how broke we are already.  The United States is already so broke that it cannot afford sanctions against Cuba, it needs a new market.  The United States is already so broke that it had to accept lifting sanctions against Iran in nuclear talks, because the United States cannot afford not to sell to Iran.  The United States is so broke when Russia took Crimea back the only think the United States could afford was propaganda.

Betrayal may be a strong word, but what Bernie promised to us was to participate in a revolution, and yet he endorsed the very person who is in the pockets of Wall Street and K-Street.  According to Bernie  own words he is very fearful of Donald Trump.  America is the land of the free and home of the brave, except during the elections when we have no freedom to vote for a third-party and we have to be afraid of the opposing challenger.  See? The mass media, and the elite uses hatred and fear, like an electrical switch, it all depends if they need the American people to fight a war or to vote in a election.

When you look at the archetype of the tarot card, you will notice two things: Firstly, that the chains around the necks are easy to remove, because the loops are much larger than the heads; second that the chains will remain there because the couple also have tails symbolizing the animal instinct resorting to emotions of fear and hatred rather using reason and logic to to remove the chains, to run away from the devil.

So, now we come to a new election, the jesters and main stream media is offering hatred and fear, a reprise of 2008?  No! Not really, a reprise of every election, so much so that George Orwell already synthesized in his book “1984” back in 1935.  Now, speaking with friends from both sides of the political aisle: How can you live with the guilt of electing Donald Trump if you vote for a third-party candidate? Or how can you live with the guilt of electing Hillary Clinton if you vote for a third party candidate?  There’s no way out, you are stuck forever with a big liar or a bigger liar.  We are stuck in voting for a pseudo-billionaire and conman seducing people with the illusion that they would become millionaires by giving up their lives savings in Trump University.  Notwithstanding, we are stuck for voting for another liar (according to the FBI and DOD reports) that for “convenience,” decided to have her own servers without any internet security exposing the country’s national security, in order to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act.

The torch up-side-down it is symbolic to ignorance, or lack of logic or wisdom.

When we are moved by hatred and fear, we will forever be stuck with the devil’s chains.  Bernie Sanders campaign was a moment of lucidity which would allow us to remove the devil’s chain, but Bernie Sanders endorsed the devil you know.  We will forever be stuck between choosing a lesser evil than a greater good, as long as we abide to fear and hatred fed to us daily by the jesters of the main stream media which are owned by Wall Street.

To all my friends, acquaintance and readers, if your logic is to choose a lesser evil, that’s no logic at all.  That has been the plan of Wall Street all along, we will get a new George Bush or a new Obama, nothing will get done you will be stuck again with the devil you know.


Fiat Lux!

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You have to be from another planet and just arrived not to see all of the killing that it has been taking place.  Racial profiling and killing by cops and and police officers being targeted by snipers or alike.  So I would like to share my opinion regarding the group Black Lives Matter and all of this police shooting that has been taking place.

So on one hand we have abusive police officers and on the other we have officers being killed. The underlying reason for why this racial profiling and killing, nobody is talking about.  I hear President Obama asking for more tolerance and training, I hear presidential candidates asking for more patience, some asking for more guns, and even recently candidate Clinton said that she was going to prosecute police shooters.  All of these measures will not stop the killings and furthermore, prosecuting someone who is in already in a suicide mission or already dead, will not make a difference.

Obama in Town Hall meeting addressing Black Lives Matters. Photo Source: ABC-News.

Who are the victims and aggressors?  Based on the pattern of evidence that I see everyone is a victim, police officers, racial profiled minorities and police shooters.  I do not condone violence and I am not saying that police shooters are correct in killing police officers, however, based on the evidence; the shooters are afflicted individuals either suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or depression.  Therefore, everyone involved has been corrupted by the current conditions or corrupted by the system.

No one is functioning on their full ability to address the situation. For instance, the police shooters are not serial killers, they are not the mission to kill police officers and remain in anonymity they are actually committing suicide.  It has been an old practice, a person would point a fake gun to a police officer and the police officer will have no option but to shoot the person. The practice is known as SBC or Suicide by Cop; consequently, most of the current police shooting is nothing more than a glorified SBC.  In view of all the police shooting and police abuse going viral on the internet, many individuals already entertaining suicide they will take a chance to glorify their departure.


“The Matrix” 1999 (c) Warner Bros. Photo Source: Warner Bros.

The United States government fails to address many of these conditions, veterans’ PTSD are not properly addressed, police officers are using racial profiling, and many urban areas are destitute because of our government wrongdoings.  To say succinctly “the system is broken.”  In order to make people understand, the current situation it is much easier to make a movie analogy, in this case there is a movie where the police officers are being killed by the protagonists, but both protagonists and police officers are victim of the system but the system is called the matrix.  So it is only later in the plot of the 1999 movie by Warner Brothers that the audience come to understand that “The Matrix,” is abusing of both cops and citizens.



Patterns are very important to me, in fact, I wrote a book showing how slavery has evolved from ownership into repurchase, the title of the book is “Repursury: How Slavery Evolved Into Usury Through Repurchase.”   The ability to see patterns are available to all economists, I find it offensive that no economists have voiced their complaint against the system.  Social problems do not occur overnight, it takes decades and decades to finally blow up.

Most economists are linear in their thinking, in fact, the arguments of Alan Greenspan before a Congressional Oversight Committee  shows the linear thinking of many economists.

“I have found a flaw, I don’t know how significant or permanent it is. But I have been very distressed by that fact… …That’s precisely the reason I was shocked because I’d been going for 40 years or so with considerable evidence that it was working exceptionally well.”

What was working exceptionally well for Greenspan was the checks and balances set by President Roosevelt’s Administration.  The revocation of Glass-Steagal set a number of dominoes to collapse a decade later.  In my opinion, the social conditions leading to current shootings have been set further back.

If you are a lover of American History you will see that the reason why President Lincoln was killed, it was not because he freed the slaves.   The American Civil War was was ongoing for four years before he was fatally shot, and although abolition was not the original plight of the American Civil War, abolition was added to it.  However, for Lincoln, abolition was not enough he also wanted to add in the 13th Amendment equal suffrage under the U.S. Constitution.  This new condition offended many including his killer–Wilkes Booth.  The failure to add equal rights to vote in the 13th Amendment led most of the nation do deny Negroes the right to vote for another century.  It was only after the Civil Rights in the 1960s that equal suffrage under the law started to take place.

When laws are written by a race and one ethnic group the laws will tend to favour that group.  So for another century minorities had very little representation while the laws were passed.  In the 1930 after the Big Depression, the FDR Administration began a series of programs including the FHA or Federal Housing Administration.  The FHA started a program called Red-lining.  The Red-lining was set to deny minorities the access to government financing in order to purchase a home.  To this day and the writing of this essay, African-American communities and other minorities areas were deprived from the same access to home appreciation.  What is the problem with that?  Simple, around the United States most of the fundings for education are exclusively derived from “property taxes.”

So, Lincoln died before he could pass equal suffrage under the law, and the FHA inadvertently deprived minorities to equal funding to education.  The clear result is that a less educated individual will not have the same access to the same job than a more educated individual would.  Thanks to the killing of Lincoln and FHA’s Red-lining, some areas of the United States are now modernized plantations, where in the old days slavery used to be by ownership, now slavery is through purchase, because many people have to pay more for their groceries, more because of racial profiling, and more for their home loans.

Redlining, photo source Wikipedia

While Red-lining became prohibited in the 1970s, the practice moved from the government sector to the private sector.  Bank of America purchased Countrywide Home Loans, and Countrywide settled with the Department of Justice for discriminating against minorities, from 2004 through 2008.  If in the application the applicants entered their race their loan would come with a much higher interest rate.  The illusion of freedom is in all American cities except when families in a destitute neighbourhoods have to work for much longer hours to pay for the same groceries at lower price elsewhere, notwithstanding, many families pay with their lives.

So, the creation of American Ghettos, was a government invention and to this day, and the consequences are being viewed as racial profiling and police shootings.  This status quo is perpetuated by our government because a person studying in a dilapidated school will either not graduate or not pursue higher learning. How do we stop this vicious cycle of killings and bring equal access to education for the job market? Answer: Proper tax collection and proper tax distribution.

Human capital is one of the most important assets of a nation. Trillions of dollars have been poured in Middle East and Persia, but without human capital, to this day nothing changed there, the money is just funnelling to an elite few.  Federal funding to all schools will ensure proper equal access to education which eventually will lead to tertiary education should be viewed by the United States government as the best tool to combat poverty, infant pregnancy, bring down the use for food-stamp, welfare, and other programs.  The United States government has had this practice of collecting property tax for education for many generations after a while, people accept the defective system as a norm.  People tend to rationalize even a defective pattern.  One time a family member had a minor stroke, and I suggested that the problem came from using cigarettes, emphatically I heard in response, “It cannot be smoking, I have been smoking all my life and this never happened before!”

As long as funding education comes from local tax collection, some neighbourhoods will have better schools than others.  Since it is the goal to educate all its citizens up to high-school level, all high-schools should be at equal funding level, otherwise the U.S. Government is not providing equal protection under the law; thus, unconstitutional.  The way to stop future racial profiling and future police shootings and police killings is to stop a broken system, to stop this deceptive matrix which helps some groups more than others.

For years we have been staring at the consequence, but calling it “the problem.”  For instance, when a person is traveling at high speed through a windshield, that is not the problem, that is the consequence of the problem, the problem is not using the seat-belts; likewise is our situation.  Asking for more police training and more patience it will not fix the problem, the problem is a faulty tax collection and a faulty tax distribution.  When President Obama is asking for more police training and more tolerance, these are temporary solutions it is like applying make up in an attempt to cure Kaposi Sarcoma.

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Another book review.

“Gold: The Race for the World’s Most Seductive Metal,” by Matthew Hart Book Review [B-4004]

Gold by Matthew Hart

I have made this video sometime ago, but I wanted to re-shoot with a new camera, but it would not make much difference, for its purpose.
I have been talking to many friends about the collapse of the U.S. Dollar and the gold market in general, so I review this book and I highly recommend anyone to read this book.

This is not a light reading there is violence, abuse, backstabbing and many other issues that comes with dealing with money, currency or treasure. Nevertheless, a enjoyable read, if you want to get married but do not want to buy a gold ring, have your beloved read this book, too much karma attached to this metal. Enjoy the video and book and Fiat Lux!



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Is this bye bye Bernie and hello Goldman Sachs’ Pinocchio?

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All over the news, it is being announced that Bernie Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton. For many of us who volunteered and donated to the Bernie Sanders Campaign, feel that we have the right to have an opinion about the process. Most of us were enamored of the ideals of a political revolution against the illusion of choice which is the political duopoly in the United States.


A political revolution does not happen when one endorses the politician who stole the election in voter suppression in New York, in changing party rules during the convention in Nevada, in loosing voter roles in California and handing about 3 million of non-provisional ballots, in blackout media coverage and when the leader of the Democratic Party openly endorses one of the candidates. A political revolution does not happen by endorsing a politician who has bad judgment to have classified material in an unprotected server, jeopardizing the safety of the nation.

That being said, Bernie Sanders is under no obligation to run for office; however, we who volunteered for the Campaign feel that we were doing for a greater progressive cause and now our efforts will fall back at the hands of Goldman Sachs and the Wall Street, our hard work will be bribed way through lobbying. Perhaps Sanders felt that it was enough to bring the Democratic agenda to the left; however, when such promise is non-contractual it has the same validity as being written in tissue paper and signed with saliva. Remember the promises of Obama closing Gitmo? Broken promises on immigration? Broken promises on ending oil and gas tax loopholes? Broken promises on investing in infrastructure? And many more? By the way, if anyone thinks Obamacare is a Democratic Program then they do not know that it is a more conservative copy of Romneycare and Nixoncare. Hillary’s promises to Sanders and Sanders supporters will be broken and will be forgotten until the next election.

I have predicted to some friends that whether Trump or Hillary becomes the president, he or she will be impeached on the very first year in office, and the shoe in for the presidency will be the vice president. It is because both leading candidates are plagued with scandals. Just yesterday, the Congressional Oversight Committee members were able to cross examine Hillary’s perjury when testifying during the Benghazi Hearings. On the other side of the aisle, Trump is battling a bait-switch lawsuit with Trump University along with a Civil lawsuit in statutory rape of a 13 year old.

Perhaps the Tuesday Sanders’ announcement is to inform the public of the ticket Clinton/Sanders, otherwise it is too soon for such surrender, in this case Sanders will assume the presidency in case of an impeachment, but since the Wall Street hates Elizabeth Warren they like Bernie Sanders even less.


“Repursury” Cover

In my book “Repursury: How Slavery Evolved Into Usury Through Repurchase,” released in 2014 I’ve predicted the end of the U.S. Dollar as an international currency. Furthermore, in June of 2015, I continued to make predictions about the Collapse of the Petrodollar, notwithstanding I gave a hint of when the impending collapse will happen, my hint was the Collapse of the U.K. Recently, Brexit made my predictions a step closer to reality. The only factor which would stop the Collapse of the Petrodollar would be a Bernie Sanders Progressive Agenda.


I need to explain what what will trigger the pending collapse. Donald Trump has the language skills and academic knowledge of a high school student (yes, I feel that daddy-Trump purchased a degree for Donny so he could continue to date European models and be hands at location in constructions sites). Even worse than Trump lack intellectual curiosity is Hillary’s economic indoctrination; firstly she is nothing more than what is called in economics, a “corporate-capture” individual. Notwithstanding, not only Hillary is in service of the corporations (corporate capture) she is also an individual indoctrinated by the corporations, this phenomenon is known as “cognitive capture.” In recent campaigns, Hillary said that she is going to nominate the husband as her “economic-czar,” the same guy who signed George Bush-41 trade deal into law, known as NAFTA and the same guy who repealed the Glass-Steagal Act by signing into law the The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act of 1999 which allowed deposit banks to merge with investments banks—translation: Bubba created the banks “Too Big To Fail,” which did fail in 2008 and had to be bailed out by every American tax payer. It was only after the banking collapse of 2008 that economists realized that the largest economic span attributed to Bill Clinton was created on borrowed money and risky investments. The so prosperous years were funded by second mortgages; trend which continued during Bush-43. All of this are very sad reasons and even worse because Bernie Sanders may endorse the very group of people who brought the economic demise of 2008.

Pax Americana is another name for American hegemony

The last days of Pax Romana were not different than America’s current plight. When politicians are not accountable to FBI investigations, and police officers are not accountable to their abuse of power, it is easy to see how lone-wolves will go through exotic suicides and how the population will protest. By the way, I do not condone protests and violence, but I will remind that to most of the destitute of our societies, the anarchists are seen as modern Robin Hoods or modern Zorros; they represent the fight against the state of corruption. The corrupt Pax Romana lasted 500 years in Europe and 1,500 years in the East; but Pax Americana may not even last 150 years; Pax Americana started when the British Pound attached to coal market ended and when the U.S. Dollar attached to the Petroleum market. With plenty of options for energy like solar and wind power, electric cars and hydraulic fracturing, the world will use less U.S. Dollars to buy less oil. Either Trump or Hillary will install the corporate solution—more money to banks, more tax credit to corporations and cuts in social programs; the same thinking of Herbert Hoover in the 1930s. The economic instability that will follow will lead Russian and China to bring back the gold standard once again. By the way, I already explained this collapse in my videos from last year.

I am a positive person by nature. Here are some of the silver-linings, the collapse of the U.S. Dollar led by Hillary or Trump will have a positive effect on Mother Nature. Once the U.S. Dollar collapse it will be less consumption; thus less manufacturing, less transportation of international trade; therefore, less use of energy and the planet will cool. In difficult economic times, couples will choose to have less kids, a reduction of the global population as well. People will marry for love or looks, it will be less money going around. New couples will live with their parents, so more family integration. It will also be less wars around the world, because the U.S will have to borrow money from China to start a war with China or Russia. I was not going off topic, these are all in the balance if Bernie Sanders is not in a third party ticket or if Bernie Sanders is not Hillary’s vice president. Hillary will be indicted and/or impeached. If Bernie Sanders is not a candidate, it will not be the end of the world, perhaps just the end of Pax Americana.


I have no regrets whatsoever participating in Bernie Sanders Campaign.  As we learn in college “there’s has never been a bad day in a life of a writer, everything is material for a book. When the dust-bowl kill your crops and the family has to pick grapes in California, you will write “Grapes of Wrath,” when your ship sinks you will write “Moby Dick.”


This is the first time I have participated in a political campaign, I saw how the Nevada election was stolen right in front of me. The Nevada Democratic Party decided to use the handing of credentials of the day before as the real count for the next day attendance. No convention or assembly or parliament uses such method, the count should have been conducted and the Nevada Democratic Party would not allow a head-count on the very day of the convention by invoking temporary rules.  We Sanders Delegates were demonized for a week, thanks to inept reporting and propaganda from the Democratic Party local and national.  This are unique experiences that I had first hand and will eventually be a direct source of material.  Best of all I was able to make  new friends, to share our hopes and dreams for a much better America and a more egalitarian world.


A good part of us are Bernie or Bust, we are the Never Hillary Group even if Bernie thinks it is the only choice. We will vote based on our conscience and principals and not based on our fears and hypocritical compromise by choosing a lesser evil, than the best candidate. We keep electing the same lesser evil because we are a nation divided by ignorance, tradition, compromise and fear. When the elite divides 99% of the electorate, the elite is able to install their Pinocchio and keep holding onto the strings of the same marionette. Will Bernie endorse the Goldman Sachs’ Pinocchio? Will Bernie receive a list of promises written on tissue paper and signed with saliva? We will discover these answers by next week.

Fiat Lux!

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