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Al Gore’s book “The Future,” fails to talk about the future, pure and simply is deceitful.
Mr. Gore makes deceitful association to the 2008 Housing Crisis to computer generated subprime mortgages (mortgages are not generated by computers, they are generated by people seeking loans and lenders granting them).  This is a way, Al Gore shifts the blame to borrowers rather than legislators like himself who brought an end to “Glass Steagall Act” and created the banks “Too Big to Fail.”

Al Gore and his book “The Future.” Courtesy of

Furthermore, most of the book reveals that Al Gore’s mind is inline with “cognitive capture” with Wall Street. Such cognitive capture* are validated as oxymoron such as “Democratic Capitalism” and “Earth,Inc.” which he made reference several times throughout “The Future.”

Half of the book is past history, the third quarter is about current events and the last quarter of “The Future,” he copied and pasted environmental issues from “An Inconvenient Truth.” Although I appreciate Al Gore’s environmental action, “The Future,” is a glorious waste of time, notwithstanding, a glorious waste of paper.

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Post Scripts:

Source*: Cognitive Capture are idealized and inline thinking with the Wall Street. Such ideologies as “trickle down economics,” “only the private sector can create jobs,” “banking deregulation,” “the invisible hands of the economy,” and “only a successful business man may became a great president,” are some of mental alignment in cognitive alignment for the main benefit of corporations, and not for the population.

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2016-04-02 12.22.35

I’m standing on a table to get a better view of the convention.

Yesterday, I was a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Clark County Democratic Convention. Overall, I was very proud of being among a nice group of people. I have friends in both sides of the camp, Hillary’s and Bernie’s. Last night I met them.

Here are the main things I did not see: fights, insults, pushing, shoving and altercations. In fact, while inside the hall I never saw one single Clark County police officer. When talking to Hillary’s supporters, it was very cordial. I roamed the hall and I saw opposing supporters snapping many selfies together with their respective campaign signs.

There was a lot of shouting and chanting, yet the shouting was an extension of the likes and dislikes of the crowd depending of the position of the speaker at the podium. In the spirit of full disclosure; I was one of the civilized offenders, my voice was gone at the end of the night. Today as I write this report, I sound like Cher, well perhaps more like a Cher impersonator.

2016-04-02 12.22.19

(Click on Picture for a detailed or zoomed view) Panoramic view from the top of the table during the Clark County Democratic Convention on April 2nd, 2016

On or about 5PM, the delegate votes were tallied for the convention; and the original figure for the state shifted to Bernie Sanders. Although Sanders won 55.3% of Clark County, the overall state wide delegate convention became 55.23%. (Video of the announcement attached at the end of the blog)

Bernie Delegates-Reassignment-03

Washington Post still reporting Bernie’s loss when Bernie reversed the February count from Nevada’s Caucus Day. Photo Courtesy WP

Here is the sad part of our democracy. No main stream media (“MSM”) is reporting the loss of Hillary Clinton and the gain of Bernie Sanders. Meet the Press, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, and Face the Nation did not report the switch the amount of delegates at all. In fact, the Washington Post belittles the victory calling Sanders’ camp “scrappy.” I find it amazing that a scrappy political organization was still able to deliver 55.23% of delegates. We should reason using basic mathematics that 55.23% leading to a title like, “A Scrappy Sanders Campaign Narrows the Nevada Delegate Count Six Weeks After The Caucuses,” is a false account of last night proceedings.

Here is a quote from the political reporter for the Washington Post, “The upshot is that Sanders picked up some of the dozen delegates who were considered unbound during Saturday’s conventions, the rules of which were the source of a good deal of controversy among Clinton and Sanders partisans even before the events began.” The discrepancy of delegates is 402. How can that be dozens? It is better described as hundreds, right? There is more misleading information in the quote in the words [some] considered unbound, that is not true; all delegates are never bound to cast a vote to a candidate.

2016-04-02 17.55.25

A Hillary supporter was very kind and cordial to share the numbers and accounting with me.

The spirit of the convention is to allow all delegates to change their minds; in other words, every single delegate is by default unbound to their original promise. During the convention an hour was allocated to all delegates to change their minds. If I learn that Sanders took thousands of dollars from Goldman Sachs, Big Pharma and the fossil fuel industry and gave private speeches to them, I may switch my delegate vote to Hillary. On the other hand, if Hillary receives a pair of sparkling cuff bracelets from the FBI before the next state convention, many or all Hillary delegates may cast their votes to Sanders.  The Washington Post article is therefore misleading, biased and mathematically inaccurate.

It is simple to explain why Sanders is being blacked out by the media. Senator Sanders is running a campaign against the billionaires and the status quo, and the media belongs to the billionaires. The mainstream media also benefits financially by the Supreme Court ruling called FEC v. Citizens United. In other words, Bernie Sanders is not only campaigning against the Hillary and against the Republicans; Sanders is also campaigning against media which belongs to the billionaires.

GE-millenials humiliation

(Photo from a G.E. commercial) The TV campaign portrays the millennial generation humiliating themselves in hope to get a job at G.E.

Ask yourself, why is G.E. blanketing all channels with a commercials about getting a job at G.E. especially during the political season? Could G.E. be buying the allegiance of most major media with unnecessary advertising? Why not promote their fridges or stoves? Really? The ad is about people humiliating themselves to get a job at G.E.? See? The ad is unnecessary, since they do not promote any G.E. product. Could G.E. withdraw all its unnecessary advertising should the network stop the blackout on Sanders? Evidently, it is very hard to prove that a quid pro quo is taking place, each reader should come up with their own conclusion.

Sanders swept three states on Easter weekend by the largest margin in the election so far. In some cities in Alaska, Hillary failed to be a viable candidate. However, listening to the main networks during the same weekend, it appeared that Bernie Sanders was not even running for president. I found Lawrence Donnell the most offensive. The Monday after Bernie won the Easter-trifecta, during his one hour show, he spent almost one hour on mercurial Trump and not a single word to inform his audience of Sanders’ victories. Could be that MSNBC does not broadcast in Hawaii, Washington and Alaska? I am sure that is not the case.

If was not for a sparrow landing on Sanders podium, Sanders media blackout would continue. Even Mother Nature decided to take a close look at Sanders while the mainstream media continues to blackout his gains. On the other hand, there is a silver-lining of the Easter-trifecta even through the media blackout. The fact that Sanders swept Alaska, Hawaii and Washington averaging 72% of the votes, simply means that most people are no longer using the MSM as their exclusive source of information.

MSNBC fired the most liberal voices of their network like Melissa Harris-Perry, Joy Reid, Ed Schultz** and Ronan Farrow during and/or just before 2016 election season.  Some of these voices found their own outlets to continue to inform the people without the oligopoly that is the MSM.

General Electric and Westinghouse are part of the military industrial complex; and its shareholders earn more during wartime and less during peace time; these corporations are also major holders of the MSM. When the sparrow landed on Sanders podium, he spoke about cultivating world peace; once again validating his position on not being an interventionist on foreign affairs.

While the MSM points the microphones and cameras to the most vitriolic voices and less to the singular-voice who has been narrowly focused on the terrible plight of the lower and middle classes of our country; it is easy to follow the money to understand MSM’s incentive”profits.

Bernie Delegates-Reassignment-02

Nevada’s Delegates Count. Courtesy: Las Vegas R.J.

Last night as soon as I finished cheering the new recount of delegates; the numbers switched from 52.6% to Hillary to 55.23% to Sanders in pledged delegates. I turned to the folks sitting next to me and I said; This is a historical moment in Nevada’s history and I doubt that if it is going to be mentioned tomorrow morning at Meet the Press. I watched Meet the Press, Face the Nation, and This Week w/George Stephanopoulos and none of them spoke of the Nevada’s gain of state delegates by Sanders. I was happily surprised to see that Senator Sanders was going to be interviewed by Stephanopoulos. I was hoping that since MSM did not make the announcement, that he would take the opportunity to do it” he did not. This was another validation of his chivalry; it is not nice to gloat eventually it will be reported.

At the end of the night during the convention, I finally saw my face of disappointment listening to the results of February 20th, this time not in the mirror, but now stamped on Hillary’s supporters. We all take some of these political victories personally. Yet it is not about some of us, it is not about Bernie, it is about all of us aspiring for a equitable nation in a peaceful world.  We all agree on what we hope for. Nevertheless, we mostly disagree on how we are going to get there. Some of us subscribe to apathy, some to fear, some subscribe to anger and last weekend in Nevada, 55.23% of Democratic delegates subscribed to hope of taking the nation from the billionaires, from the status quo of politics and from the status quo media.

2016-04-02 20.04.28

Thousands of Bernie Supporters were dancing along with a few of Hillary’s supporters at the end of the night.

I hope that the MSM will soon report on Nevada’s delegate gain to Bernie Sanders and stops Bernie’s media blackout. I hope that more people subscribe to “Yes we can!” than Hillary’s “No! We Can’t!” I hope this report of my experience with the delegate convention and media coverage puts in perspective why the name of Senator Bernie Sanders is seldom mentioned by the mainstream media. I hope to stop sounding like a Cher impersonator and recover my voice soon.

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(Video of CCDC announcing the tally of delegates; video courtesy of Sean B.)

Source*: Washington Post’s misleading or bias report on Nevada’s Delegate Count on April 2nd, 2016

Source**: Ed Schultz statement of his departure from MSNBC

Post Script;

This Post was originally written and posted on April 3rd, 2016; edited and re-posted on April 09, 2016 at the website

On April 19, 2016; TYT or The Young Turks, echoed the sentiments of this blog.

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