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My friends and readers who knows my style and writings; knows one word defines me—patterns.  So my predictions are not based on intuition, but patterns. We take it for granted and we repeat the same feat or the same defeat. The other day I was watching Charlie Rose on PBS and a professional futurist of finances from Goldman Sachs said that Goldman Sachs’ main predictor of future trends is past history. At least in one thing Goldman Sachs and I agree–patterns. Goldman Sachs and I disagree when it comes to the near feature of the Petrodollar.

Here is an example, our recent January for the stock market was the worse since 1928. That alone does not means a lot; however, 1928 and 2016 have one major fact in common, they were both election years. I have predicting the end of the dollar as a international currency and the bear market of January 2016 has just added another validation to my financial predictions.

Prostitution now is a product in England, since it was been added to the GDP.

If you are familiar with my videos; my predictions continue to manifest. The the video the collapse of the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part1, and the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part-2, I have mentioned that before the Petrodollar collapse the United Kingdom is going to lead us or the US to an eve of destruction. Today the Financial Times has announced that the British Pound has been the lowest against the Petrodollar in 7 years.*

Here is another way to look at this: What happened seven years ago? Answer: the housing market collapse in the USA and the global recession. According to the report the down on the British Pound is on the fears of Brexit or United Kingdom exiting a treaty called European Union. Not too long ago the United Kingdom included prostitution on its GDP. If it continues like this, England may have to sell the Falkland Island to Argentina.

UK-Queen-Gold-my preciousToday one British Pound it is valued at $1.40; it is still a long way off my prediction of needing about 26 British Pounds to buy one American Dollar. The referendum on Brexit may accelerate the process, but the key point is China. If China wishes to destroy the UK and the US at once, all they need to do is to announce that the Yuan is backed by gold.

Source*: Financial Times; Pound hits 7-year low on Brexit fears; Michael Hunter and Jim Pickard in London and Peter Wells

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“The Search for the Real Killer(s)”

Scar tissues shown after MRI scan.

Taking the advantage of the Year of the Monkey to launch a new Magazine called “Follow the Money,” very close friends told me that often I have an angle to explain things that they never thought before.

A blast from the past is the trial of O.J. Simpson back on TV, on FX Network, so I took advantage of this new series to explain an angle about O.J.’s case that has never been entertained.


Click here to watch the video “Follow the Money”

I’m my opinion O.J. Simpson is a victim of TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury, however, TBI was never brought to his defense. I draw a parallel to the movie “A Few Good Men” because the case is similar because the wrong person was sent to jail, because nobody was aware that the private actually had a coronary condition. How does that apply to O.J. ?

It is very likely that O.J.. has scarring tissue in his brain leading him to have aggressive behavior. Therefore, in both cases (“Few Good Men” and O.J. Trial) the real illnesses were never addressed, and the wrong guy went to jail. Regarding TBI, many retired NFL players have a history of aggressive behavior, suicide, memory loss, but the NFL is not going to stop the game because of a collateral violence. Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman are consequently victims of TBI that O.J. Simpson acquired during his years of being a player for the NFL. The matter will be finally proved when O.J. Simpson’s brain finally is scanned for anomalies and scarring tissues.

Therefore, just like in the movie “Few Good Men” and O.J. Simpson the wrong characters went to prison for the wrong reasons. So here is a video version of this very detailed argument.

Click here to watch the Documentary from Frontline* a documentary showing a history of TBI and neglect from the NFL.

Click here to read the transcript of Frontline* showing a history of TBI and cover ups called “League of Denial.”

Here is a link to the transcript for “A Few Good Men.” **

* Source: Frontline is a documentary magazine which belongs to WGBH-TV and PBS.

**Source: “A Few Good Men,” is a property of Columbia Pictures.

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Repursury, available on

In my book “Repursury” I have been talking about the emergence of a currency to replace the US Dollar as a trade currency. The replacement of the US Dollar or Petrodollar will force many nations to redeem their currency with gold. When the US Dollar start to be redeemed with gold, the Federal Reserve will raise the price of the ounce of gold.

Why is gold price is still so low? Simple, the US government and Euro Union are manipulating the price of gold by selling “gold lease.” Gold lease is not too complicated to understand, it is simply a paper purchasing an option on gold for a limited time, SPDRS or SPIDERS it is one of its major seller of gold leases. Eventually, people will stop buying gold paper lease, at this point gold is going to shoot to $10,000 an ounce, and a hamburger to $50.00 (translation= 1000% inflation from current prices).

UK-Queen-Gold-my precious

US and Euro banks are keeping the price of gold down by selling gold lease instead of actual gold.

In my videos called the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part1, and the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part-2, I explained that it was a wrong move to stop Iran and other countries to blog them from using the U.S. Dollar. They finally found another option, thus the collapse of the Petrodollar will follow.

Please notice in my videos, that I predicted the creation of another oil cartel, I call it BIRAPEC or short for Brazil-Iran-Russia-And-Petroleum-Exporting-Countries, the creation of BIRAPEC will exclusively be for the replacement of the Petrodollar by another currency and probably BRICS Dollars.

A metaphor for the Petrodollar before it crashes.

The magazine Sputnik* has just published another step into the replacement of the Petrodollar; therefore, my economic predictions continue to be validated. By the way, the collapse of the Petrodollar is not going to be all bad news, I also related the positive sides of the dollar collapse in my videos.

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Source* Sputnik Magazine

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