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(Weapon of choice–incompetence)


For the sake of anonymity and possibly my need to start a lawsuit, I will use the names of the individuals (because their names are popular); however, I will not mention the store’s number or its location in this forum.

I should start by saying that this very November of 2015 would have been three years that I do not step inside of a Walmart. However, it is very difficult when a person is off-the-grid and Walmart becomes the only option. What pushed me out of the Walmart for almost three years? It was because I was doing research for my book “Repursury;” when I discovered that Walmart lives of the government to subsidize its workforce with welfare and its clientele with food-vouchers.  In my book I call such phenomena, Hybrid Subsidies part of Titanic Subsidies.


Please notice the time in the receipt. I also had a receipt that said 10:12 AM but it was never returned to me.

So, on October 27th, 2015; I started a 770 mile trip; however, thanks to Walmart, it took me 6 hours to transverse only 60 miles, because to shop for a single one tire took me six hours.  At 9AM I entered the Auto division of Walmart, after 30 minutes in line I said; “I need a 235/75/15 tire, I was quoted that you have one for $69.” The associate dressed in Walmart-blue said, “No problem, we have 7 in stock! Take this printed sheet and the associate at the garage floor will install it for you.”

This is when I met Anthony. The Associate Anthony came with a handheld computer and asked for my car make, model and year.  I did mention that I do not wish for the factory tire, because all of my tires are 235/75/15. “Not a problem,” said Anthony, “I just need to enter your model for the invoice.”
At this point I had invested 40 minutes to talk to Anthony, and it took Anthony another 30 minutes to install the tire.  I sat on the sidewalk to enjoy the morning sun and also to watch the process because my car’s tire was being replaced just outside Walmart’s garage.  While I was waiting for my tire to be installed, another customer told me that Walmart used the wrong oil for his car model.
I saw my car being lowered from the floor-jack and I went to pay for the tire and get back on the road.  When the bill was printed the price was not $69 but $79. On a closer look, I realized that Anthony installed a 205/75/15 instead of the 235/75/15 that I was quoted on.  At this point the cashier asked for the auto-floor manager to come in to authorize the replacement of the tire.  The floor manager, Jose; took another 30 minutes to show up, validate and authorize the replacement.
The tire was replaced, when I am once again back at the cashier, I read that the tire that was installed was not a 235/75/15; but a narrower version 235/70/15.  Although the computer inventory showed 7 tires, Anthony could not find any in stock.  Instead of informing me of such situation Anthony installed the tire without informing me.  At this point Manager Jose returns and said, “This is the only tire that we can sell you, we don’t have any 235/75/15 in stock.” Reluctantly, I accepted the tire because I had no choice and I could not travel another 710 miles without a spare.


The time on this receipt is 2:23PM

I got back in the car and the car does not start. At this point it is already past noon and the car’s hazards lights drained the battery, the portable starter charger is nowhere to be found and Jose brought a new battery from the floor and cables.  The car once again did not start.  Jose drove his supersized truck and finally with new jumper cables; my pickup truck started.
I got back on the road, and I drove, 10 miles out, I realized that when Anthony replaced the 205 with a narrow 235 he did not balance the wheel again.  Thanks to my decades as a professional driver, I brought the car under control, made a U-turn and drove back to Walmart.  Jose, Anthony and the cashier were surprised to see me back at the store.  I explained to Jose, that when Anthony replaced the 205 with a narrow-235 he did not bother in balancing the tire again.
At this point the dialog was:

“Jose, I’ve worked in management, good help and training is hard to find.  Anthony is making your store and Walmart look pretty bad; couldn’t be that not only he is too lazy to tie his pants-belt, but he is also too lazy to really investigate the inventory? I don’t want the guy fired, but if I was not a professional driver, I would be laying on the ditch thanks to Anthony’s laziness or incompetence.”

“Don’t worry, I have a 235/75/15 for you, I’ll replace it myself.”
Indeed he did, Jose knew that the floor display had a 235/75/15; he wasted no time; he removed, replaced the unbalanced tired with the display model.

“Jose, you know that unfortunately, I will have to address to your superiors and the public the way your store is operating.  God forbid, I say nothing and Anthony continues to exercise his incompetence. Who may die?  What he does for Walmart may put people’s lives in danger.”

“I don’t have a problem, it is your right to complain  and inform. Here is a store coupon for $20 for the inconvenience.”

“Thanks for the card Jose, but thanks to Walmart’s lack of training Anthony properly.  I cannot be on the road for more than a few hours. It is already 3PM; I will have to pay for a hotel thanks to Anthony’s incompetence.”


Hotel receipt with the same date check in as the tire order.

The Walmart’s store cameras and the redacted receipts attached to this essay can validate that I was at the Walmart for 6 hours to purchase one tire.  The cameras and internal circuit can also validate that I did not raise my voice, made a scene or was angry with the store, even though it took me 6 hours to purchase one tire and my life could have been in peril, had I not noticed the way that the car was driving erratically soon after I left the store.

walmart employees

5 Walmart Employees Arrested in Shoplifting Scandal Posted: Aug 26, 2015 2:05 PM PDT By Cassandra McAboy, FOX10 Digital Reporter

This goes in a complete circle from three years ago, and the main reason why I did not shop at Walmart; and three years later my reasons are once again validated.  Because Walmart does not pay its employees a decent living wage, its inventory is disappearing.  The computer had seven tires in stock, but not even a single one was available in stock.  It is very hard for customers to shoplift a tire; consequently, the Walmart employees are probably selling Walmart tires on Ebay or Craigslist or to close friends to supplement their low wages.*  Another point, what comes to attention is that employees like Anthony are paid such low wage that he is going to do the worst job possible or not care about having excellence.  Regardless of doing a good or bad job Anthony is going to receive the same low wage and government subsidies.

This essay was posted on 2015’s Halloween; so this is the best photo for today.


Had I not been a trained driver, I would not have connected the steering wheel shaking with the neglect and incompetence of balancing the tire each time the tire has to be replaced from the rim. Had I died or hurt, I would have been a victim of capitalism, because it is greed that is making Walmart’s inventory disappear and once again it is greed that is providing Walmart’s associates very poor training, very poor salaries and consequently disdain for their own jobs.

The suggestion to all my friends and friends of the blogsphere, it is that, if you have no choice, but to shop at Walmart-Auto, keep on guard, because people should not trust their lives or cars with Walmart employees who have improper training and are paid very low wages.



* ( below; 3 reports nationwide about Walmart’s employee theft)



Fiat Lux! \"Share the light:\"

The singer Megan Trainor has a song that in essence says, “I know you lie, your lips are moving!”  It is not only difficult to find an honest car dealer. It has been even harder to find an honest carmaker.  The latest scandal was the cheating software to pass emissions test built in the Volkswagen diesel models.  This is how the cheating worked: when the car was tested, the emissions computer was coupled to the car’s computer.  Consequently, the car’s on-board computer would know to underperform in torque to produce even lower emissions.  Mostly because 99.99% of the time the emissions test is not done while the car is in movement. When the emission’s computer was uncoupled, the VWs were polluting forty times* what is allowed in the United States.
(*Source: “Volkswagen: The Scandal Explained” By Russell Hotten; BBC News 2015/09/25).

When I first heard of the software cheating emissions my first thought was: “How could I download this software before my next test emission?” My second thought was, “Ah, I don’t have a Volkswagen!” My third thought was, “How can we blame Obama for this?”  Evidently, I am kidding on all counts.

Unfortunately, it is the nature of corporations to make the most profit with the least amount of effort. This is not only the nature of capitalism; it is the nature of nature.  Bears prefer to open dumpsters than to hunt.  Eagles prefer roadkill rather than chasing rabbits and robbers prefer unlocked doors.  It was much easier for Volkswagen to rewrite the software than to re-design the engine.  Hitler would have been devastated had Volkswagen cheated during his days; because only inferior races would cheat, the Arian does not have to cheat because being a superior race it can produce superior designs.  By the way, the Hitler’s remark is not gratuitous, there is a single word that I will later mention how that single word ties to “The United States Declaration of Independence.”

The Volkswagen’s cheating in carbon emissions ended up causing more damage than the BP’s Deepwater Horizon* oil spill.* On the bright-side, if we may say that breathing all that polluted diesel smoke, is that the Volkswagen’s cheating killed nobody. GM’s air bags killed 303;** Toyota’s sudden acceleration also killed 89 people.***
(*Source:; Car Tech reporter Chris Paukert; 2015/10/02)
(**Source: The New York Times “303 Deaths Seen in G.M. Cars With Failed Air Bags” By Danielle Ivory and Hilary Stout 2014/03/14)
(***Source: CBSNEWS/ AP / May 25, 2010, 7:08 PM “Toyota ‘Unintended Acceleration’ Has Killed 89” 2010/05/10)
Why do corporations kill people and nobody goes to jail? Toyota and Chevy killed more people than serial killers in a death-roll. People in corporations know the consequences of their deeds yet, they do not see a day in jail.  The answer is that we are a corrupted society; in corrupted society only poor serial killers will go to jail. Rich CEOs of major corporations just resign to their mansion and spend the rest of their lives enjoying their golden parachute retirement.  In the book “Archetypes in Our Lives,” I have illustrated how we are indoctrinated since children to accept the rich not going to jail.

Classical Conditioning conducted by Pavlov.

One of the first places we are indoctrinated as children is at the restaurant McDonalds. The McDs chain every year promotes a game called Monopoly, and the rich get an “out of jail card.”  So, at an early age, young United-Staters, just like Pavlov’s dog hearing a bell (or classic conditioning) are trained to accept that the rich will get an “out of jail card,” and the reward is a sugary soda with salty French fries.  When it comes to indoctrination, things are best implanted in children; before the age of reason comes in.

Classic Pavlovian Conditioning at American Population before the age of reasoning.

There is another form of indoctrination, it is called advertising. During the course of one TV seating, after hearing hundreds of times, people may really think that a lizard could bring down their car insurance rate.  There are words that say almost what we want to hear, but in really they are just an aid for deceit.

  • May, as in “Geico may save you 15% in fifteen minutes.” May means nothing, it is a vague promise! May is short for maybe. It also may be totally legit to say, “Not calling Geico may save you 15% and 15 minutes!”
  • Help, as in “Listerine helps fight cavities!” Helps also means nothing also another vague promise! It is also totally correct to say, gargling with water after a meal helps to fight cavities.

Corporations will not use the words “can” or “will” because they cannot deliver.  Imagine if it were true.  A person could really save 15% on car insurance every time calling Geico; would Geico really need to advertise? A solid 15% savings would guarantee a word of mouth clientele; therefore, no need waste money of computer graphic imaging to get a gecko to talk.  Here is another aspect of the lie: Could a corporation conduct a business really cutting 15% on the margin of its income against all of the competition?  They word “may” is a license to lie.  On the same level, “helps,” holds the same license of lies.  People hear “help,” and “may” hundreds of times a day, every other commercial uses to lie to their consumers.  In fact, many times the lies are so blunt; a disclaimer has to be added at the end of the commercials.

Are the CEOs of Volkswagen more greedy than stupid or more stupid than greedy? Because when the CEOs of Volkswagen decided to cheat, they obviously understood that eventually they would be caught, so why did they do it anyway?  The answer in one word is “timing.” Remember is the nature of nature to be lazy? It is also the nature of greed to be greedy.  When there is no accountability, CEO’s will make their profit and retire before the sheet hits the fan.  The mess and the cleanup will be up to the next CEO on a reduced salary.

Corporations do not only lie to consumers, they also lie to each other. On March 31st, 2015 Bank of America settled with Bank of New York Mellon, paying 8.5 billion dollars for selling BNY-Mellon thousands and thousands of defective mortgages that were evaluated as prime.*  Bank of America knew of its misdeeds, and also knew that BNY-Mellon could afford lawyers to sue them back, but they did it anyway.  Nobody went to jail, billions of dollars switched hands, the shareholders lost 15 cents on their stock share, they discounted from their income tax, life moves on.  The CEOs got to retire before the lawsuit was settled; he got more money for using deceit.  Imagine if there was a law, “cheating CEO’s will have a mandatory sentence of 5 years for willful cheating even after retirement; “do you think Volkswagen would cheat? Bank of America would cheat?
(*Source: Bank of America annual report [a.k.a. 10K report] with S.E.C. 2014/12/31)

Ferdinand Porsche

Unfortunately, such laws do not exist, and today most people writing today’s legislations ate and were brainwashed at McDonalds. When they were indoctrinated with the thought; “the rich guy will always get a free out of jail card.”  Not only indoctrination plays a part in our state of affairs. Earlier I’ve made a Hitler remark and I have also connected the carmaker to “The United States Declaration of Independence.”  I have made this connection because of a single word, and a singular promise. That singular word is “people.”  The name of the carmaker is Volkswagen or Folks’ Wagon or simpler yet The People’s Car.
The first three words of “The United States Declaration of Independence” are “We the People…”  The mythology told us that Hitler asked Ferdinand Porsche to design* Germany a car with two functions, to be the Arian People’s car, and the other function would be no need for water to refrigerate the engine; thus, the Volkswagen Beetle was born.  After Hitler was eliminated, the Volkswagen the Beetle remained the most popular car around the world.  That promised to provide an economical car for late Hitler and to the German people was forgotten by the new leaders of Volkswagen. The new thinking was to turn Volkswagen into another Audi or another BMW.


Conversely, a promise was broken to the people of The United States, in the old days the revolution was against “one King George,” and one corporation “The East Indian Company (or EIC).”  As commerce has evolved the EIC’s charter was dismantled.  To replace King George’s charter was the Limited Liability Corporation.  Today’s the internal structure of corporations are very similar to monarchies, the CEO is the new king, the board is the nobles and the rest of the employees are the peasants.  The people of the United States once upon the time had to free themselves of “one king;” today the United-Staters are ruled by many kings are also referred as “The One Percent.”  The modern kings or the elite of the Wall Street sets the agenda for the next president to rule.  It is no surprise that Obama became Goldman Sachs’ favorite* during his first term. Recently, there was news that Hillary Clinton had a private meeting with the Carlyle Group.**
(*Source: National Review “Obama and Goldman Sachs” by Michelle Malkin 2010/04/21)
(**Source: Mother Jones “Hillary Clinton’s Speaking Circuit Payday: $5 Million (and Counting)” by Andy Kroll, 2014/05/21)


The corruption of the promise to the United-Stater has gone so rampant that even the Supreme Court decided that Limited Liability Corporations has the same rights as people when it comes to funding elections.  Please allow me to put in simpler terms, if Moe, Curly and Larry as individuals have a limited amount of contribution to elections, their numbers would match the contribution of three people.
However, if Moe, Curly and Larry incorporate, then they will have more purchasing power in blanketing the media and airwaves with their chosen puppet. “The Three Stooges” by default would silence the will of the majority of people with no corporations and no unlimited cash to fund elections.  The legal precedent that does allow “The Three Stooges” to have more voting power is a Supreme Court decision called “F.E.C. v. Citizens United.”  When the Supreme Court chose to give power to the corporations, the justices forgot of the promise set in “The Declaration of Independence,” to the people of the United States, in the same manner, the leaders of Volkswagen forgot of their promise set in their inception and in their name, Volkswagen forgot the folks (or volks in German [“v” is pronounced as “f”]).

Repursury-Full-Cover-03The corruption of Volkswagen and the corruption of the United States Supreme Court go in tandem; we should re-edit the preamble of our Declaration of Independence from “We the People,” to “We the People and Limited Liability Corporations of the United States…”
Since the 1600’s as I have disclosed in the book “Repursury,” the scepter has been changing hands from the king to the private corporations. Another situation where monarchies are similar to Limited Liability Corporations is accountability; neither the kings nor the CEOs ever go to jail.  It is simple to know when corporations lie, when the CEOs’ lips are moving.

Fiat Lux!

Fiat Lux! \"Share the light:\"