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In the book “Archetypes in Our Lives” (“Archie” for short), there is a chapter called “The Archetypes of Prostitution.”  Since the media and radio is promoting pop-music about prostitution; I find that I need to bring to attention how the songs about prostitution may be prevalent and change our mores.

Well, before we get to the songs currently on the radio, which are glorifying prostitution, I would like to share this joke authored by the most sarcastic Brazilian comedian called Juca Chaves. He used to tell his jokes in a very slow tempo and this one goes like this: “I saw a beautiful girl at the bar, I couldn’t resist, I approached and I asked her; ‘Would you make love to me for a million dollars?’ She responded; ‘Yes, of course I would.’ So I asked her again; ‘Would you make love to me for twenty dollars?’ Offended, she replied; ‘Who do you think I am?’ So I said to her; ‘Who you are, you already let me know on your first answer; now I’m just bargaining for a lower price.’”

Mr. Chaves’ prostitution pricing joke, really brings to the core, another question: “What is the difference of a person will have sex for money and a person who will marry for money?”  The only difference is: while one is thinking on an hourly rate, the other is thinking of a lifetime sex career.  So now ask yourself, “Would the wives of Donald Trump stick around if suddenly he became a pauper?”

Prostitution has been seen chauvinistically for the last few thousand years, when the reference to sex-workers come up, usually is in the image of a female.  It is very condescending and chauvinistic when the media refer to prostitution as “the oldest profession.”  It is like saying not only Eve pushed Adam out of paradise; but all females should be ashamed, that they are gender related to prostitutes because it is the oldest profession.

Therefore, when it comes to ethics, or values, to barter for companion for money or better status have really brought to mind the barter that Juca Chaves was trying to strike in his joke.  The song “Worth it!” song by Fifth Harmony have lines like:

“Give it to me, I’m worth it!” [End quote]

[Later in the song]“Ooh, I love your style

Uh huh show me what you got!

Now come and make it worth my while! [End quote]


Nowhere in the song has the author insinuated what the “it” is on the line “Give it to me, I’m worth it;” no lines like: “give to me your tender heart,” or “give to me your warm and kind touch.”  Later in the song there are some instructions for sexual intercourse in lines like, “I like it a little rough, not too much, but maybe just enough.”

The song is basically a monologue directed by a person who is willing to barter herself in exchange with someone who has lots of money to afford her rate.  In the line, “Uh huh, show me what you got!” The singer is basically asking her counterpart to flash the cash in front of her.  In other words, the song sets an arrangement for prostitution.  The music video also makes it abundantly evident that money is the “it” in the song.


Here is another pop-song, and it is called, “Locked away,” which sets up questions of the behavior of prostitutes. The song has many questions and here are some of the lines:

“If I got locked away, And we lost it all today.  Tell me honestly…

Would you still love me the same?

If I showed you my flaws, If I couldn’t be strong. Tell me honestly…

Would you still love me the same?

… Baby don’t lie to me, If I didn’t have anything…

I wanna know would you stick around?



In every stanza of the song “Locked Away,” the authors or singers have a series of questions which by default are in essence asking:  “Do you really love me, or are you a prostitute? Because only a prostitute would walk away.”

The song “Locked Way,” would never be a song Donald Trump could sing to his wife or ex-wives, in fact, he has had almost as many wives as bankruptcies.  As Donald Trump progresses in his political campaign and we get to see the “charming and unscripted Trump.” One may definitely deduce: that his wives were definitely attracted to his charming personality and not his billions of dollars (Disclaimer to PeTA; “No sarcs were harmed during the creation of Trump’s sarcastic remark).

Both of these songs have prostitution as a center theme.  In the song “Worth it,” the “it” stands for money or compensation. Therefore, the whole song is a sellout bartering for a prostitution exchange, and in the song “Locked Way” the authors/singers are asking if their beloved are prostitutes.

In my previous essay called, “The Corruption of Donald Trump,” I have mentioned that Trump is not only a corruptor; but also a victim.  Trump is a victim of all the corruption around him.  He really must know well how many building inspectors and politicians, he had to bribe or requested bribes from him to get a project approved.  Either side of these bribes would be a scandal if they show up during the election campaign if Trump becomes the GOP nominee.

The topic of this essay is neither implying nor inferring that prostitution should or should not be legalized.  The fact is, prostitution has been legalized for years, it is called lobbying.  As I have stated in “Archie,” in the real world, “while prostitutes sell their bodies by the hour to feed their children; politicians sell their souls forever to feed their greed.”


One should take notice, that every time songs like these, themed on prostitution, get air-play on the radio, many young listeners are unable to understand the ethical values that the songs carry with them.  Or perhaps it is too late, the world has already been corrupted by bribes, lobbying, greed and market consumption and songs like “Worth it!” and “Locked Away” are actually manifesting our greed to show how corrupted or seduced we already are.

One final thought; there are things one should not say (like: “I’m worth it”) and one should not ask (like: “Would you still love me the same?),” instead our actions should speak for us.  Nobody illustrated it better than the French Knight Bayard, who said; “Not our words, but our deeds should speak for us; it is better to deserve merits and rewards without receiving them, than to receive them without deserving them.”


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The inspiration for this essay; was the recent announcement that Queen Elizabeth just became the longest ruling monarch in British history.  I would like to show how this celebrated mark also extends to the legalization of prejudice, bigotry and racism through the British Empire.


One of my greatest delights in life is not teaching; although I love to teach (and write), but learning is my number one delight.  For about a decade, I did just that, when it was not a college day, I would read books riding trains from South Miami to Fort Lauderdale; about a 2 1/2 hours ride each way, and once there, I would work as a painter and use audio books to continue to learn. The painter who hired me was born in Scotland, and he taught me this joke, while he dunked his 16:00-hrs-tea-bag in a cup with hot water.  “Sandy, do you know the difference between the British and the French?” Once witnessing my puzzled look he continued; “The French think they are the best in the world; but we, the British, we don’t think, we know.”  He sipped his tea; “See? We drink tea every day at 4PM; we are so civilized…” He would roll his eyes to accentuate his sarcasm, not only to the tea remark, but as well as the joke.

“See? We drink tea every day at 4PM; we are so civilized…”

Although my old boss and friend was being sarcastic about his joke and remark, many times he would comment how he was catechized or indoctrinated in British ethnocentricity about being the best in the world; and how long it took him to break away from his indoctrination. He was not alone, in fact, the book “Empire” by Nial Ferguson, it a 400 pages of British ethnocentricity. Ferguson concluded his “Empire,” by remarking that the United States was England’s greatest creation and the United-Staters should be grateful for having been British subjects.  Unfortunately, once accepting the pattern of superiority, it does not stop with foreigners, it continues amongst themselves.

It is safe to say that in Britain one is never white enough; in fact, even the royal family had to change their names to Windsor during World War I, from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha because the Windsor royal family is from Germanic ancestry; therefore, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is not too close to ancient King Arthur and his ancient divine lure.  In the book “Archetypes in Our Lives,” there is a chapter called “The Queen Ants, Honeybees and Termites,” and the focus of the chapter is to elucidate the legalization of bigotry and racism in England.

One of the interesting learned behaviors in humankind is racism. In my opinion, no anecdote demonstrates what learned behavior is better than the character created by comedian Dave Chappelle.  The blind, racist, and white supremacist author “Clayton Bigsby” is played by Chappelle.  Since Clayton Bigsby was blind and unaware that he was a Negro, once raised in a racist environment he became a white supremacist himself.  Going a little further than Chappelle, not only negative racism is a learned behavior, positive racism is a learned behavior as well.

The Great Dave Chappelle in the character of Clayton Bigsby.

In the book of economics “Repursury,” I have explained how the British Queen gave up the royal scepter (or staff of office) to the private sector, but kept the royal crown.  In other words, when the British Crown started to give private charters to venture capitalists, such as the charter of The East India Company, becoming the default ruler of the British Colonies in the Americas and the country of India, and The British South Africa Company which became the default ruler to a large portion of southern Africa (which today are several countries).  It then became the business of the private corporations of how to rule do commerce with the locals. The Crown would decide the final ruling, but the corporation would decide the day to day affairs and trades.  To this day, the internal structure of corporations is more a representation of a monarchy than a democracy.  While most of the world was adopting democratic republics as a traditional form a ruling, there was an additional benefit to British mores to keep the old monarchic system for decades, and even when the system would be just symbolic and no longer sovereign.

To explain the British decision to keep the Crown even if a symbolic gesture we need to employ the inductive thinking to explain the British philosophy.  For instance, it is inductive thinking that “if all birds I ever see are black, then my conclusion is: that all birds must be black.  Although my conclusion is flawed, it is also my empirical learned knowledge (or learned behavior); only the people who have seen yellow, green and blue birds have proof that I am wrong.  Conversely, if most of the British people grew up with the learned behavior, that the royal family is superior to them; therefore, they are at liberty to assume that some families could or are inferior to them.  In other words, holding one family as royal or superior to all other leads to inductive thinking and it gives license to qualify the rest of the world as non-royals, or a sub-caste.

As a resident of Las Vegas also known as Sin City, we have documented instances that members of the royal families did not behave magnanimously.  Furthermore, the British press has a plethora of instances where many royals were behaving ignobly.  Although, legends and clergy testify that royals have had an ancient connection to God, or that the royals were posted as rulers on the behalf of God; even ancient Greek mythology claims that such assertions are flawed.  Although it is the behavior of queen ants, honeybees and termites, as the book mentioned elucidated, there is a social and spiritual evolution in adopting an egalitarian system in which all the populations are seen as equals.

Firstly, the most famous instance in which the monarchical system is flawed and it should be replaced with an elected president; it comes from the ancient Greek cosmogony, citing Olympus itself.  The Greek mythology shows that when the Olympians were able to defeat the Titans, when it came time to choose the new ruler; by birthright, Hades would be the next king. However, they Olympians decided to hold an election, to decide the next ruler.  Instead of the oldest, they decided that the youngest or Zeus, would be the best leader, because although he was not the oldest he was the cleverest; and it was due to the cleverness of Zeus that all the elder brethren became free from the stomach or Cronus (or Saturn).

The next example from Greek mythology, it shows the flaws of tyranny; whether benefic or malefic comes from “Jason and the Argonauts.”  The tale started with Jason’s uncle unseating his brother and becoming a harsh ruler.  Jason asked his uncle for co-ruling; instead, his uncle Pelias set Jason into a suicide mission to retrieve the Golden Fleece.  Jason’s quest is quite impossible; therefore, the goddess Hera with the aid of Aphrodite makes Queen Medea, who was also a sorceress, to fall in love with Jason.  Queen Medea not only betrayed her father, she also killed her brother to protect Jason.  Furthermore, on the way home Medea was instrumental in defeating monsters and foes.  Returning home, Medea kills Pelias on behalf of Jason, and Jason becomes the next tyrant.  Soon after becoming a tyrant, arrogance and ego took over Jason, the promises of wedding Medea and turning her into his queen were not kept. He tries to bribe her with gold for her to go away, so he could marry another queen.  Confronted by Medea, Jason said, that he was entitled to behave the way he did because he came from a lineage appointed by the gods.

This movie depicts only part of the epic, Jason later on becomes another version of his uncle Pelias.

The ancient Greeks not only shows how monarchy cannot find the best ruler, but also that monarchy may turn a ruler with good intention into a monster just like his uncle Pelias used to be.   The indoctrination of monarchy having a connection with God, is not exclusive to Ancient Greeks and the British.  The Japanese not only held their king as appointed by God; but held the king as divine.  The creation of the kamikaze pilots was possible because the whole nation was already indoctrinated.  In fact, kamikaze in Japanese means “divine wind;” therefore, the kamikaze pilots were promised a place in heaven because they were dying in the service of their God in flesh.  The brainwashing was so fierce, that the allies had to have Emperor Hirohito to abdicate his divinity.

Positive prejudice is when the individual or population holds one family or one race superior to others, and negative prejudice when the opposite occurs. One time, I knew a medical professional who confided to me that the reason she married her husband, was because he was Jewish and she was certain that the Jews hold a superior intellect and rational ability. I was shocked that I heard that from a medical professional; her thinking was not different than Herr Hitler’s except in polarity.


The United States is not immune to racism; all we need today is to watch or read the daily news.  However, during World War II, while United-Staters were being drafted and trained to fight Hitler’s racism, the number of affiliation of the KKK was bigger than the population of Germany.  Although the affiliation with the KKK has dropped in the United States, the nation continues to be indoctrinated by English prejudice.  Prejudice is England’s best export; here are some examples, Jane Austin’s “Pride and Prejudice.” The Public Broadcast System subsidized by the United States government broadcast “Downton Abbey,” which the plot can be surmised in one word, prejudice. There are other famous books and TV series from England continues to promote and export English prejudice.  For instance, “Keeping up Appearances,” in which the main character Mrs. Hyacinth Bucket wants to appear to be richer and to be from an upper class while her family is really from low income. “Are You Being Served,” the main character Captain Peacock wants to appear of noble lineage and constantly condescending to his coworkers, in later episodes it was revealed that Peacock’s military raking was no higher than corporal.

This is not an essay against the royal family; this is an essay against bigotry.  Those poor bastards live in a golden cage. The royal family has been indoctrinated by the same ignorance as their subjects—on the adoption of superiority and inferiority as a norm.  The essay is illustrating how the circular thinking of the British mind keeps validating racism by patronizing one family as superior to all others.  The United States is unaware that it is shamefully copying British prejudice every time reporters call the president’s family as “The First Family,” or calling the president’s wife as “The First Lady.”  In a democratic republic there is not first or last we are all equals, in fact we the United-Staters declared in our independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” Therefore, ideally we vote to find the cleverest amongst ourselves, to rule for a limited term.  Choosing the cleverest amongst ourselves ideally guarantees us the best ruling, instead of a ruling by birthright.  The Olympians elected their cleverest. They (were or) are eternal beings, so when Zeus was elected the concept of giving him a limited term was never brought up.

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

Queen Elizabeth is now the longest regent in British history; this celebratory mark was possible thanks to the indoctrination of prejudice created by British culture and its constant validation via inductive reasoning. If the British people see all birds as black, then all birds around the world must be black; conversely, if God nominated one family as superior to all others, then superiority and inferiority must exist around the world. To end this essay on the positive note, and to also show that not all royals see themselves above the rest of the world, Queen Elizabeth longest reign was also possible because of a love story; Edward the Eight abdicated his position as the British king-emperor because he was not permitted to marry a United-Stater socialite named Wallis Simpson.

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Once in the while someone asks me, “Did you ever smoke?” I immediately answer, “I used to, but then I discovered K-Y-Jelly!” Most get it, but when I see a puzzled look in their faces, I explain, “You see? Most of my smoking was the result of friction.” Then I see them laughing; by the way, if you do not live in the United States, K-Y Jelly is a brand for an intimate lubrication. Now, back to smoking; the seduction of the act of using tobacco starts with the appearance of control, even the verb “to smoke” seems to be an active action when it is passive. The mouse appears to be control on the act of snatching the cheese out of the trap.  Actually, nobody smokes; a person has to be on fire to be smoking; instead, the cigarette, the cigar or the joint that smokes, and the user inhales.  The act of burning is active, the inhaling is passive.  If you doubt that burning is active, then you never had carpet burns on your knees. The verb to smoke, is it a lazy use of language? Perhaps, but I think there is more than that denotation and connotation of what is involved in the act of using tobacco.

Intimate lubrication

It is very difficult in this day and age to find someone who never played a computer game.  Usually, the computer games are designed in levels, the higher the level the more difficult is to move to the next level up.  So why are computer games so addictive to some?  Because in my opinion, computerized games are an imitation of a life that should be lived. Computer games provide immediate gratification when moving to the next level, in real life, it takes a long time to move to the next level, and that is called delayed gratification.  So in a game is has immediate gratification and the synaptic responses produce several types of brain stimuli; but in real life the satisfaction of moving on in a better stage or state in life takes a lot of practice, commitment and a long time.  Many could look into their lives at a move to the next level, for instance: a graduation, a pregnancy, a promotion or a retirement. One could also look at each reincarnation as a move to a higher level of evolution, both in mundane or spiritual evolution.

Generic Game Menu

By the way, let us analyze the archetype of a video or computer game, the elements are: participating in a virtual reality by proxy, immediate gratification, most of the time the player is alone. Now that we have the main archetypal elements, let compare it to masturbation: participating in a virtual reality by proxy, immediate gratification, most of the time the masturbator is alone.  In other words, both computer games and masturbation require the engagement of the mind into something that does not exist. Microsoft’s X-Box, Nintendo and Playstation are in the business of exploiting youngsters’ ignorance and selling them another type of mental masturbation, selling a virtual reality to players to enjoy themselves in a self-repeating loop.  Although the comparison fits, there is a distinction when a video game becomes an addiction.

This comparison will not detract us from how analogous a video game is similar to real life.  Did you ever see the movie, “Groundhog Day?”  So, the movie shows an anti-hero who is cursed in living the same day over and over again until he learned to be a wholesome individual. See? The plot of the movie “Groundhog Day” could be analogous to a computer game in levels or to reincarnation until the person is liberated from karma.

Did you ever see a swami or a Hindu with three horizontal lines scribbled with ashes on their foreheads? Those lines are a representation that life is divided into three levels, and the levels are: impure or lower, mixed or middle, and pure or higher.  In Sanskrit these levels are called Gunas and their names are: Tamasic or impure, Rajasic or regal (both pure and impure) and Sattvic or pure.  The swamis with those lines in their heads are either announcing that they are liberated from karma or that they are aware of the task ahead in overcoming the Gunas.

The Gunas lines on the forehead of the deity Lord Shiva. The snakes are also symbolic, like the medical community uses two snakes in their logo or shield.


How impure is a Tamasic life? Remember the insult, “he is a low-life?” That’s it! An impure life seeks polluted elements. Therefore a low-life will see impure air, impure liquids, impure food, impure language, impure acts, and so on.  A low-life individual will seek low-places, like Garth Brooks sang “I got friends in low places.”  A low place with polluted air, polluted beverages like bars and casinos are not always available, so the portability of cigarettes, marijuana, meth, and crack cocaine allows a person to pollute their own surroundings and inhale that maleficent air.  The same goes process is found in liquids, in food, in speech, and in acts. Therefore, Tamasic or impure liquids are altering state beverages like alcohol, and medications.  Tamasic or impure foods are foods which require the death of another being like cows, pigs, chicken and so on.  The Tamasic or impure speech is full of various insults, and Tamasic acts inadvertently lands the person in prison because of violence or greed.


Suppose that Tamasic individuals got out of jail and they are reformed and they moved on to the next level up, Rajasic or regal, also many times referred as both pure and impure. A person may not smoke cigarettes, but spends money on purchasing incense and perfume.  In other words, a perfumed air is not pure, yet not impure. The Rajasic diet could be vegetarian, yet the food is very spicy both in pepper or in taste.  A Rajasic beverage would be stimulant yet not mind altering, like coffee or expensive wines more for the taste than in the act of getting drunk.  A Rajasic speech may not necessarily contain insults, but it will contain gossip and sarcasm, and Rajasic acts are mundane acts, or a person engaged in the rat-race.


Suppose that our Rajasic friends are out the spicy food and stimulant beverages out of their systems, what is next? A Sattvic life.  The Sattvic foods are exclusively vegetarian, most of the time prepared with prayers, no spices and very bland.  Sattvic food have healing powers, that is why they are served in hospitals, the food has no spices and are very bland. A Sattvic individual is basically a monk, or a swami. The Sattvic beverages are usually pure water or hot drinks without stimulants.


Oh, I would love to know how to write about this level, a person beyond the Gunas.  A liberated person; or a person who escaped the game of karma.  It takes years of living a Sattvic life, immersed in prayers and meditation.  According to scriptures from different religious, breaking through level four would be that moment that Jesus was able to belittle the seductions offered by the devil, documented in the Bible in Matthew 4:1-11.  The same moment was documented about 600 years earlier before Jesus when Prince Gautama became the Buddha (or the Enlightened).  The Buddha was also able to overcome the seductions of Mara sitting under the Bodhi Tree. Now if you are not religious, the mundane version of this liberation point is found in the movie “The Matrix,” when the protagonist Neo is near death and he recognizes the pattern of programing as a veil of numbers all around him.

A scene from the movie “The Matrix,” also a symbol when the hero finds himself or herself in a superior level of understanding.

On a personal note, I think I am still lodged in the Rajasic Level, although I do not pollute my air with smoke, I occasionally drink a beer once a week with friends. Oh boy, I do love coffee! Also, you have probably noticed by now, I have a doctorate in sarcasm (so they are not quite insults, but not the behavior of a total enlightened person either).  It would be wonderful to skip the Sattvic Level, avoiding a monastic life, taking the vowels of silence and not eating bland food and shooting straight to Nirvana or ultimate liberation; but that is not going to happen, because hidden in the food, hidden in the speech, and hidden in the acts are the elements of desires, and liberated beings of level four have no desires, or are beyond desires, they overcame the Gunas or they overcame the world of desires. Like in John 16:33 (KJV) “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer (be courageous); I have overcome the world.” 

A scene from the Bible, also a symbol when the hero finds himself or herself in a superior level of understanding.


Thankfully, most of us are given the tools to play in the game of life.  The three levels of Gunas are not exclusive to Hinduism, it is found in different religions according to religious format.  For instance, Native Americans also talk about three levels of consciousness and attitudes among the population. A good illustration of the Native American levels of ascension is found in the movie “The Legend of Billy Jack.”  Across the ocean, in Greek mythology, the Twelve Labors of Hercules (or Heracles) also shows how the human being finds spiritual illumination by overcoming levels like a video game illustrates.

The seven chakras, seven levels to overcome desires, in order to reach enlightenment.


On our spinal cords there are seven points known as chakras. The chakras are listed from gross to refined or from bottom to top.  They start at the base of the sacrum to the top of the head. The low-life individuals or Tamasic individuals will focus the energy of their lives in the lower chakras. Each chakra corresponds to an emotion and a desire. When a person desires a polluted air in the form of a cigarette, not only the person burns the cigarette, the cigarette also burns the person. In other words, the element of desire comes from the chakras and consequently the diseases also come from unbalanced chakras.

It is my personal opinion that regulating drugs is a waste of public money because regulation will not expedite or delay the society’s or the individual spiritual evolution because whether or not the drug is illegal, if the person has the desire in their chakras, the person will find a way to cultivate a the corresponding vice. So Freud was wrong, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Perhaps the spirit of Freud was not prepared to evolve to another level, so he had to pollute his personal air. A polluted air is an element of desire and not an element of need.


I make very important for everyone to take notice that there is no need to change religions. Most religions have the basic ingredients on how to move on to the next level up in the ultimate “Game of Life.” Some religions use a dogmatic system and some religions use an empirical system. It depends on the individual on how they want to find God.  For instance, I was raised as a Catholic, when I turned 15, began to search for other religions available in Brazil.  Eventually, 10 years later, I discovered Hinduism and Yoga, in Miami, Florida. I found the Eastern system more empirical than the Catholic; nevertheless, I found highly spiritual being and scholars still using Catholicism. In fact, the most famous scholar in mythology, Professor Joseph Campbell had very detailed understanding of symbols and archetypes, yet he found in the Catholic dogmatic system a satisfaction for his spiritual needs. I, on the other hand, had to discover Hinduism (and Astrology) in order to understand Catholicism.  There are two wonderful books that discloses their common elements, firstly “The Holy Science” authored by Sri Yukteswar (also known as Sri Yogananda’s guru). “The Holy Science” disclose of the similarities of Christianity and Hinduism.  Secondly, “The Gospel and The Zodiac,” authored by Reverend Bill Darlison, in his book Rev. Darlison shows the commonality of Christianity and Astrology. However, if you really want to take a dive and understand the Gunas, there is no better author than Vyasa who wrote the “Mahabharata.” In the “Mahabharata,” there is a chapter called “The Bhagava Gita,” when Lord Krishna himself took his cousin Arjuna aside from the battle and said; “Arjuna life is like a video game that will be invented thousands of years from now, and there are three levels and they are called Gunas.” Evidently, I was kidding about the “video game” part; but “The Bhagava Gita” exclusive talks about three levels of consciousness which leads to threes levels of diets, three levels of speech and three levels of actions.

In the book “Archetypes in Our Lives,” I disclosed of different religious formats, and how to recognize the archetypal elements around you.  The book starts on disclosing mundane archetypes and moves into talking about divine archetypes and how to find your spiritual purpose and spiritual evolution.


Book: “Archetypes in Our Lives: How Ancient Archetypes Evolved Into Modern Lives.”


A Tamasic mind will look for polluted air, polluted beverages and partake in polluted acts.  For instance, it is more likely that a vegetarian will recycle his garbage than a drunken alcoholic, while a vegetarian could be at the level of Rajasic or Sattvic; a drunken alcoholic is more likely to live a Tamasic life.  When you see people using tobacco products, you will see individuals who think of themselves not deserving pure air.  Intellectually the person knows that cigarettes are detrimental to their own health, but emotion and desires overtrumps reason and logic.

A person could be a vegetarian and a bank robber, or a charitable alcoholic.  In other words, the Gunas are not linear.  Very spiritual people may use cigarettes; which in the game of life means that is doing everything right; but cannot move into the next level up because there is an element of desire blocking their spiritual evolution.  Using tobacco every day will lead to immediate gratification, not using will lead to enduring gratification. Using a video game is a mental masturbation, living life like is it is a video game is always looking for the next level up.  It is also important to remember, unlike a video game in real life we only die once.


This essay or blog of “Life as a Video Game,” was inspired by very beautiful individuals with great souls.  Yet, I preferred to write, because I will not have the power to convince them; “Please quit smoking (and/or drinking) at this rate because it will hasten your death, and it will also curtail your spiritual evolution!”  My hope is, if they see life as a video game, perhaps will make more sense and will encourage them to move to the next level up. Thanks for reading and sharing the Light. Fiat Lux!





Fiat Lux! \"Share the light:\"

(or the Separation of Church and State)


One fine day I was drinking among friends, later I had noticed that one sitting across from me was wearing a T-shirt saying “Free Tibet.”  Since I never miss the opportunity of offering a pun or a joke I said to him: “The ultimate Zen T-shirt would have said, Forget Tibet, true freedom comes from within.”
Enraged, he responded, “Is it a joke to you? People in Tibet are suffering.”
“People are suffering everywhere.” I replied.
“Religious freedom, in Tibet they don’t have religious freedom.”
“I lived in China, I saw churches and temples from different denominations everywhere; and I doubt that it is any different in Tibet, since Tibet is part of China.”
“They deserve to be free from China!”
So, I asked, “If we as United States Citizens do not appreciate theocracy in Iran, we do not appreciate theocracy in our country, why is it okay for us to demand theocracy in Tibet?”
“Do not talk to me!” He turned his face and ended the conversation.


One of my least favorite founding fathers was Thomas Jefferson, for claiming liberty and owning slaves, when Haiti became an independent country from France, he denied Haiti’ attaches recognition and commerce. In English we have a word for that, and the word is “hypocrite.”  Even being a man of contradictions in many instances he had valid arguments, and one of his stronger arguments was the separation of Church and State, then and now is under the United States Constitution as the “First Amendment.” In case you are wondering my favorite founding father was John Adams.

John Adams, Jr. 2nd President the United States (if you don’t count the presidents of the Continental Congress from 1774 to 1788) (Born October 30, 1735 – Died on July 4, 1826)

The distinction of Church and State are more embraced by liberals than conservatives. For decades and including in our recent news, the far right Republicans want to make abortion illegal, and also control to whom a civil union licenses could be granted. The reference of hypocrisy mentioned before should once again be brought to attention, because the same Republican group which it opposed to Sharia Law, does not see that its effort is to impose religious rites above civil rights becomes an imposition of Church over State, or Christian Law.

I grew up in Brazil and the separation of Church and State was never a topic, mostly because Brazilians formed their laws under the approval of the Vatican, and no politician wants to go to hell. Divorces were illegal, abortions were illegal, and homosexual civil unions were not even a topic in the past. Just now, you probably noticed that I do not say, “gay marriage,” and instead I refer to it as homosexual civil unions. Most people using the reference “gay marriage,” it is also not understanding the distinction and separation of Church and State, because marriage is a rite and not a right. In other words, marriage is one of the most popular ritual, which is available in many different religions. Many religions do not have baptism; many do not have bar mitzvah, but most have marriages. By the way, before I go any further, I also need to explain, I never employ the words “gay” nor “straight,” I prefer to employ homosexual and heterosexual. In English, words are employed for denotation and connotation, and “gay and straight” are more employed as connotation than denotation.  In other words, when the words “gay or straigh” are employed, they are carrying a derogatory inference by implication. For instance, if only heterosexuals are straight, then by implication the homosexuals should be the opposite: crooked, twisted or unconventional. Conversely, if only homosexuals are gay, then by implication the heterosexuals should be the opposite: sad, depressed, dejected or miserable. Heterosexual and homosexual have Latin etymology and they do not employ derogation in their employment. (More about derogation by implication can be found in “Archetypes of Speech” in the book “Archetypes in Our Lives).”


In recent news Republicans are bent on defunding Planned Parenthood, because they cannot employ Christian Law and make abortions illegal. Also in recent news some clerks are practicing civil disobedience and not issuing homosexual civil unions (although the media call them gay marriage licenses and or same-sex marriage licenses). The media and most people do not employ intellectual curiosity to understand the etymology of the words that they employ. In fact, it is not a new fact, Oscar Wilde once quoted, “When enough of us are wrong, we are right.” For instance, “head over heels” are really meant to infer “heels over head.”

(Matthew 21:12 and John 2:15)

As a society, our goal is social evolution and equality in justice for all, and to strive to keep the United States Constitution best interpretation as the law of the land. Nevertheless, sometimes the United States Supreme Court takes a step back or sometimes our politicians. All my friends and my readers know that I am a spiritual person; nevertheless, when it comes to Church and State I am a Jeffersonian. It is important to keep religions out of the state and the state not to impose religious laws. For instance, “In God we Trust,” is printed on our currency, it does not only offends Atheists, it offends me as a spiritual person. Do you know who else? How about Jesus Christ! Currency or money is a matter of state and not of religions, when Jesus Christ saw them together he turned the tables and banished the money changers from the temple’s gate. He was summarily executed soon after for his opposition to Church and State. When Jesus walked on water, healed the sick, and brought the dead back to life he was not bothering anyone, but as soon he voice his opinion against the union of Church and State, he was executed. Here is the irony, Jesus died in vain, because today the Vatican is a Church and a State; in fact the Bank of Vatican is rooted in scandals of tax evasion, money laundry and racketeering. Talking about the money changers at the temple’s gate, the Vatican is the king.

If Jesus Christ had could not convey his opinion of the separation of Church and State, what hope do I have? Could I solve the world’s problems with one essay? Could Rick Santorum finally understand that his will of imposing Christian principals in matter of state is defying our Jeffersonian principles and also defying the First Amendment? Rick Santorum is not a bad person, but he is narrowed minded, in other words, his mind is narrowly focused on evoking the Church above the State.

CIA’s Operations for insurrections in Tibet were named: ST Circus, ST Barnum and ST Bailey


We have lots to evolve to keep Church and State separate. The word pragmatic is usually employed when the word hypocrite requires usage. If the United States has in its Constitution the separation of Church and State; why the United States does seek the union of Church and State for other countries? For instance, the establishment of Israel was solely the creation of a state in favor of one religion. Although Israel is not a theocracy, in principle, it was created because of a religious group. Another example; was the CIA involvement in Tibet. Why would the United States try to free Tibet for the sake of turning it into a theocracy? The Dalai Lama himself, in his autobiography “Freedom to Exile,” wrote that the United Stated never really wanted to free Tibet; but only wanted to instigate China during the Cold War; that’s why the US never sent the military support when it was promised, or followed through. The Dalai Lama had decades to think about why the CIA never followed through. However, could I assume, just like my previous comment, the CIA also probably thought; “Forget Tibet, true freedom comes from within!”

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God Zeus and Olympus’ most powerful weapon.

Perhaps you have been shocked lately about of all the shooting by civilians and cops. The last time I’ve researched, I remember that every 68 days in the United States there is a gun massacre. The astonishing amount is that every year about 12,000 people die due to gun violence. We have great ability to recognize a large disaster by numbers, but we don’t recognize when a large disaster in numbers are in progress. Many frogs know how to jump out of a boiling pot; however, frogs cannot recognize when the temperature is slowing increasing and they let themselves be cooked to death. Conversely, it is our condition to adversity. We can easily recognize when the World Trade Center is falling and killing 3,000 American Citizens, and immediately we go after the cause, and we fix it. Nevertheless, when 12,000 Americans die due to domestic gun violence, we do not see as a pattern. Even when the number represents: eight World Trade Center Towers falling every year, or one World Trade Center Tower falling down every 45 days.

In the book “Archetypes in Our Lives, there is a chapter called “The Archetypes of Divine Powers,” and it shows how technology has evolved much faster than our social or spiritual evolution. For instance, only Aphrodite could make people fall in love, today most individuals have access to plastic surgery or penile erection pills. Ceres had the power of agriculture, today not only we have the power to grow vegetables in any weather, but we can also change their DNA structure. The most violent boom was reserved to Zeus, the power of thunder to eliminate a human being out of existence in a flash, and today we have guns for that.

It is very seductive to have the power of Zeus in one’s pocket or purse. Today when I see how many times we today are using divine powers without divine wisdom, I tend to side with Zeus in punishing Prometheus. The story goes that Prometheus stole the fire (or fire of knowledge) from the gods, so humans could protect themselves against animals, because animals had fur, feathers, hooves, and speed, and humans had nothing. Therefore, Zeus punished Prometheus by chaining him to a rock and vultures for eternity would eat his liver.

Prometheus’ punishment.

Prometheus’ punishment may be deserved or not, in the United States today, more people die from handguns than eaten by animals. Many die from plastic surgery and the number is not available on how many died of a heart attack while enjoying a chemical penile erection. Speaking of going out with a bang, it is more charming in an act of love than an act of violence. Not too long ago I’ve written an essay called “The Corruption of Donald Trump,” and in this essay I’ve disclosed that even Mr. Trump is a victim of the ongoing corruptions of our societies. Many times we do not know if it is the dog that it is wagging its tail, or the tail is wagging its dog. Conversely, a strong form of corruption is lobbying. In the United States bribing has been legalized as lobbying. Comedian Jay Leno once joked in his opening monologue, “Today the Tobacco Industry lost so much money; they had to sell Senator Bob Dole!”
The National Rifle Association is a lobbying group protecting the gun industry in the United States. The NRA has two types of ammunitions, pun intended: cash to politicians and an army of capitalist lawyers interpreting the Second Amendment in order to continue to generate profits to their employers. When the Second Amendment was written in the United States had no armies and the guns could only be fired once and had a long ritual to be properly loaded. Would the United States’ founding fathers grant their citizens the right to bear arms had the Maxim Gun been available at the time?

Do you remember the saying, “If all you have is a hammer; everything looks like a nail?” The saying is fitting to what is going on today on the news:
Got depression? Use a gun?
Got a cheating spouse? Use a gun,
Got road rage? Use a gun,
Got racism? Use a gun,
Got fired from a job? Use a gun,
Got anger issues? Use a gun,
Got religious issues? Use a gun.

The 12,000 Americans who died last year, are dying this year, and will die next year were, are, and will be victims of gun users who used, use, and will use guns neither to form a militia nor to protect the United States’ borders or sovereignty against other nations. For these reasons, a couple of years ago, I wrote an analogous story of the American predicament in an essay called “Trouble in New Eggland,” later I produced a storyboard video of the same. Here in this blog you will find the video copy on Youtube.

We have hundreds of drones flying in the Middle East in order to protect the United States; but more Americans are killed by domestic gun violence every year than are killed by terrorists. If a terrorist wants to kill 12,000 Americans every year, it is more effective to work for the National Rifle Association than to work for ISIL or Al Qaeda. It is up to you to decide will the corruption of our society continue thanks to lobbying? Did Zeus do the right thing by punishing Prometheus? Do we have the wisdom to handle the fire which leads do gods’ divine powers? Are we going to be shocked again by another gun violence within 68 days an nothing will be done about it?

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