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A dear friend recently told me, not to title my blogs with “I’ve told you so…” It sounded toon authoritarian; instead it is best to say as “As Previously Mentioned in ___ book or video so and so.” Since I am fond of creative criticism, here I go: As Previous Mentioned in the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part 1 and Part 2, this week stock market jitters are part of the major shifts in economics in the next few years, which I have already mentioned.  The current sell out in the stock markets of China and Wall Street are the preamble for what is to come.   So the question is: Is it time for us to stock up on can food, buy a shotgun and lock the doors? No, not yet, although thousands of families do it every day, they even have their own magazines.


So, why this week’s Black Monday is not the collapse of the Petrodollar or the US Dollar as an international currency?  Well, there are many steps in getting there. This week is another step.  A few weeks ago, as recent as two weeks ago, market analysts and pundits on CNBC and CNN were saying that the China’s Market Collapse would not affect the United States, this week they are singing another song, “Our market was due to another correction.”  The pundits get heard first on CNBC and CNN because they regurgitate the status quo’s agenda.   They always bring a rosy picture, for instance: published “How China’s Stock Market Crash Affects You,” the author Paul J. Lim estimated that Chinese investors would seek the American Stock Market for being a much more stable market, and consequently, strength our stock market. Really? Where are they? Our sky is falling!


Now, this week’s crash already named Black Monday of 2015, how does it that interact with the collapse of the Petrodollar? Remember that Hitler had to have a reason to invade Poland? He could not just waltz in to Poland.  Hitler had to create retaliation, so he burned the Reinstag building and accused Poland’s agent.  Nero burned Rome, because the city needed to be reformed.  By the way, these are crude examples when it comes to China; however, my main point is, China cannot create a financial reform when there is not fire in their financial markets.   Weather this market collapsed that commenced in China was spontaneous or manipulated by the Chinese government it gives legitimacy for Chinese officials to create a market reform as well as creating a currency backed by gold “as previously mentioned” in the videos “The Collapse of the Petrodollar Part 1 and Part 2.”


Here are a couple of examples in our history:

About 12 days after the Swiss detached their currency from the Euro Dollar, the European Central Bank decided to print one trillion Euros, coincidence or planned?  Here is another coincidence, recently when China announced that they own 604 tons of gold about a 60% rise in their gold stock reserve; less than a month later their stock market collapses?  What are the odds that two major announcements would be followed by more than a Trillion Dollars in money printing and global market collapse?


These global market jitters are giving legitimacy for BRICS countries to back their currencies with gold, in this way there are no fluctuations during imports and exports, when countries use a currency backed by gold.  I’ve predicted that a currency backed by gold either the Yuan or the BRICS Dollar is going to happen before 2018. Evidently, I do not know the exact date. One thing is for sure, once currencies begin once again to be backed by gold it will be the end of many Keynesian theories on currency parities.


What happens next?

If the American Stock Market does not stabilize by next week, then the next stocks to fall even harder are going to be the stocks of the corporations which are purchasing their own shares, as previously mentioned in the video “The Next Market Collapse (Two Dominoes).”  Also, as mentioned in the same video it will force the government to bail out the banks and to take over corporations because of their managerial neglect.  Remember, General Electric is not only a private corporation, it is also part of our defense system; and our military cannot function without, GE, Boeing, Northrop, and BEA.  Also Ford and GM overnight can be converted into airplane makers or reproduce military gear; just like they did during World War II.  Some corporations cannot seize to exist. These corporations will be bailed out or they will be taken over by a government liaison, also previously mentioned in the video (Two Dominoes).


It is possible that there are currently talks behind closed doors about printing another two trillion Dollars to help certain corporations, as for banks TBTF (too big to fail), they will be more likely to be dismantled or separated from their investment divisions just like they were during the Glass Steagal Act of 1932.

The Big Picture:

Actually, Capitain Kirk never touched money, except when traveling back in time to our days.

Here is a little macro-vision or the big picture: By 1989 the Soviets could not make their government function without the participation of their private sector; what is going on now is the opposite, the private sector cannot function without government intervention.  It happened in 2008 and it is going to happen again before 2018. The big picture is that both Communism and Capitalism are failures when it comes to economics because they constantly need outside interventions.  By the way, in human history, we never had true Communism or true Capitalism; furthermore, we never had a system that never collapsed.  In other words, when it comes to economics, we may still be far away from finding stability.  I have hopes that we shall, because in “our idealized future,” Capitan Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy never touched money, they just asked the replicator for whatever they needed, they did not need to manufacture a reason to invade Poland or Iraq.




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Coronal Mass Ejection vs. Earth Magnetic field

Many sing the glory of Bitcoin; however, not all that shines is gold.  There are two main problems with Bitcoin, the first main problem is no gold or any commodity backing the currency.  The currency was created out of abstraction. A few people in a room decided what the value was going to be and they would accept US dollars in exchange.  My main question about this scenario is, if the dollar is bad for being a fiat-currency, why would someone jump from the pan to fall into the fire? Or in other words, why jump from one fiat currency to another?

The second major problem is what I call in my book “Repursury,” the Arrow of Shiva.  In the book I explain the analogy; however, here in this forum, the Arrow of Shiva is analogous to Murphy’s Law.  So, Bitcoin relies on the existence of an online network in order to exist.  What if the network goes down?  In my past reincarnation, I drove for Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut.  Most pizza’s orders were taken with just one question “Thanks for calling X-Pizza; the usual?”  Most people called back for the usual order, so Domino’s or Hut were really fast in taking phone orders except when the network was down.  There was no contingency! No paper forms to take orders.  Many times we would to have to write on napkins or Post-it notes.

Imagine that you are a Bitcoin millionaire or billionaire, and the global internet is down! What is worse, nobody knows when it is going to come back up. You only have Bitcoins? How are you going to buy milk, or pay the mortgage?  In today’s age it is practically impossible to exist without a network, Pizza Hut and Domino’s thought in the same way; that’s why they never bothered creating a contingency with paper copies stickers for when the network goes down, well at least when I worked there they did not.  So, there are plenty of ways the global online network would go down, firstly via a virus or a global war, secondly by a CME also known as a Coronal Mass Ejection.

Every 11 years the Sun changes its magnetic polarity, in the process the Sun spots becomes a bigger generating blast of charged matter into space, some of this spilled matter could reach the Earth, and in the past, it did.  The most famous incident that the Earth was hit by a spill of the Sun-spot was back in 1859. Back then it became known as “The Carrington Effect,” or “The Carrington Super Flare.”  Telegraph operators were electrically shocked by their own devices, because the CME of 1859 reached Earth.  There were accounts that the Aurora Borealis was seen around the world, even Hawaii documented the apparition of the Aurora Borealis.

Today there are no telegraphs, except as a science fair or projects in high school.  Today, most human beings live in parasitical symbiosis with a cell phone or another time of the electronic device. Today we have satellite network, which could be destroyed by a CME coming in our direction.  Just about anything with an electric charge or battery could be destroyed unless it is placed inside a Faraday’s cage.  It would take an undetermined amount of time for the network to come back up for Bitcoin users to have access to their crypto currency.  For these reasons,  the Bitcoin users are gamblers on two accounts: On the first account, the Bitcoin users place a lot of trust in an undetermined group of guys setting up an abstracted currency; on the second account the users are also trusting that our beloved star will have very mild polar shifts and very few sun-spots forever.  The next Carrington Effect could take place next month or next century. So, in the famous words of Dirty Harry; “Do you feel lucky, punk? Go ahead, make my day!”


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About 2300 years ago, Socrates was executed; amongst the charges against him was the corruption of the youth. Today we are very familiar with the works of Socrates; he corrupted no youth.  So the question arises: How corrupted was the Ancient Athenian Society to charge Socrates with corruption?  Was Socrates corrupting the youth or was Socrates really threatening the status quo?  Socrates thought us to reason; perhaps in a society where reason is corrupted, then the one bringing the light of knowledge becomes a threat to the ruling power.

Now 2300 years later, the rich amongst us are seen as philosophers: Warren Buffet, George Soros, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Donald Trump, to name a few.  So the question arises, how corrupted are our values?  Since the media seek the rich amongst us for their philosophy; and it is common knowledge that the rich only understands greed, how corrupted are we?  Bill Gates became rich because in one way or another he secured a monopoly of an operating system.  He never invented anything; his wealth came from understanding monopoly really well.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 31: Former U.S. Vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R), and Donald Trump walk towards a limo after leaving Trump Tower, at 56th Street and 5th Avenue, on May 31, 2011 in New York City. Palin and Trump met for a dinner meeting in the city. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 31: Former U.S. Vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R), and Donald Trump walk towards a limo after leaving Trump Tower, at 56th Street and 5th Avenue, on May 31, 2011 in New York City. Palin and Trump met for a dinner meeting in the city. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Before Steve Jobs and the iPod, there was Akio Morita, who revolutionized Sony and the world with the “Walkman.”
Did you notice that I did not put Socrates and Donald Trump in the same paragraph? Oh well, I failed on this one by placing them in the same sentence.  I was in my twenties when I read “The Art of the Deal,”  I was young, his book was a bestseller and I never heard of the guy.

“The Art of the Deal”  greeted me at the front of the store.  At the time, I did not think it was a glorious waste of time, besides at the time I was fresh of the boat, and learning English; furthermore and the most important at the time Donald Trump’s corporations had not filed their first bankruptcy yet.

Donald Trump mocks a reporter with physical disabilities. Photo Source: KTLA-TV; Los Angeles.

Technically, Donald Trump never filed a bankruptcy, his corporations did. Nevertheless, the fact that in some of the Federal bankruptcies, the Trustees had to reduce Trump’s ownership and forced Trump to return a lot of money, he took from his own corporation.  Some will say that Trump’s bankruptcy or the bankruptcies of Trump’s corporations is a distinction without a difference.  Wait a second! How does it goes?” You do it to me once, shame on you, you do it to me twice, shame on me?”  or, “Three times is the charm?”  Well five times, or five bankruptcies is not a charm, it is a pattern of doing business. By the way, bankruptcy was not included in”The Art of the Deal”  because bankruptcy is not an art, but lack of art in dealing.  Trump as the next American President, could we expect the United States not to file bankruptcy?

By the way, I hold no animosity towards Donald Trump whatsoever; I recognize that he may be not an ethical businessman, but a good businessman.  Since today we have held the dictum of the Wall Street close to our hearts, which was made famous by “The Wall Street” character Gordon Gekko,”Greed is good,” then a greedy businessman is a good businessman.  As a good or greedy businessman Donald Trump excelled not in creating a new product or a new service, he excelled in branding.  Today, running a presidential campaign, he is destroying the Trump brand he took decades to create.  The pattern to tie his name to five bankruptcies, it takes planning.   Could Mr. Trump be planning: that he will recover his foot-in-the-mouth-losses once he becomes the next president of the United States? Will he stop being a good-greedy businessman and become an altruist president like FDR, Jimmy Carter or Abraham Lincoln?   Could Mr. Trump really be more worried about the nation’s welfare than his own wealth?

Donald Trump was born with a silver spoon, and he was able to turn that silver spoon into a silver spoon to his offspring, not much of a challenge, right?   I have met many people in Miami who left Cuba without knowing any English, with Spartan documentation and only the clothing they were wearing and they were able to grant silver spoons to their children.   They neither had a ghostwriter on their dime to write “The Art of the Deal,” nor did their corporations file five bankruptcies.   They are not presidential material, like I said, they came from Cuba.   There is a difference in substance in the mind of whom came from rags to riches and the mind of whom came from riches to riches, and that difference in mental substance, it is referred as entitlement.   Rags to riches is not exclusive to Cubans, one of my favorite actors, Kirk Douglas wrote a biography called “The Ragman Son,” and in an interview with Johnny Carson he mentioned that his success robbed his children from the drive to start from nothing, since having him as a rich father they are now entitled.
Would Donald Trump have the same billions if he were born in Cuba? That’s not a fair question, perhaps a fairer question would be: would Trump have five bankruptcies and eventually running for president of Cuba?  The corruption of Donald Trump was not created by Donald Trump; he is also a victim of corruption.   In fact, the best person to explain the corruption of Donald Trump would have been Socrates.  In Plato’s “The Republic,” Socrates took the time to explain that each individual psyche or intrinsic human nature in an analogy called “The Allegory of the Cave.”  I will summarize Socrates’ analogy; notwithstanding, I strongly recommend anyone to read “The Republic” including Kim Kardashian.  In sum: A hypothetical person is strapped to a chair in a cave for life, that person has never had any human interaction except the shadows projected onto a wall from the light of a fire behind the chair.  Socrates’ conclusion is: since the shadows are the only information the man in the cave possess, the shadows are his only reality.

Today, we continue to be cavemen; we evolved from the stone-pad to the iPad; conversely, the shadows of the cave’s wall are now in high definition, streamed in several screens and the images and information of these screens are controlled and patronized by the rich.  The rich control the reality that each of us collects and turn into our perception of the world. “The Allegory of the Cave” not only explains Donald Trump’s corruption, the analogy also explains our own corruption.  How corrupted are we?  The media are giving a microphone to Donald Trump, a gentleman who never invented anything, has five bankruptcies to his name and has professed his racism towards Mexicans.

Our corruption does not stop with Donald Trump, the mores of the American people has been evolving or devolving according to whom is in control of the nation.  We stated in our Declaration of the Independence “We the People;” however, the definition of who is a person has been changing according to our level of corruption.  At first racism was included in our Constitution that only Caucasians were to be considered Americans citizens and able to vote, later women and later other races with the Civil Rights of the 1960’s. After the Civil Rights a new group has gained the right to vote.  For instance, the Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. F.E.C. that corporations are to be considered people and their speech should be represented by the power to purchase (the shadows on the wall for us cavemen strapped to our chair be forced to watch while we eat our TV-dinners).  Our Constitution was first corrupted by racism by turning humans into property and now our Constitution has been corrupted once again by greed turning property into humans. How corrupted are we? Once upon the time, humans were properties, now properties are humans?

If you don’t know the corruption in the American history here is a recap:   Because the Colonists were disenfranchised by a”private corporation,” the East Indian Company, doing business under the charter of the British Empire, “We the People” declared independence, on corruption by greed.   Immediately after, we disenfranchised the Negroes turning them into subhuman. It took a Civil War and a Civil Rights to undo the corruption by race.   Now in our recent history (Citizen United v. FEC) we turned corporations into people giving them the right to speech disenfranchising the people in favor of the rich amongst us, once again corruption by greed.  “We the People”  are back where we started, once again we are corrupted by greed, and Donald Trump is just another”brick in the wall” on this education of greed and corruption cleverly illustrated by “Pink Floyd” in the song,”The Wall;” now you got it (what Pink’s “The Wall” was all about), right?

With each week we are corrupting Donald Trump (by listening to us), and Donald Trump is corrupting us (when we listen to him).   It is a circular thinking! Just like Kim Kardashian is famous for circular thinking, she is famous because people like her, and people like her because she is famous.  Kim and Donald have a few things in common, they never invented anything, they understand branding, they understand how to stay in the spotlight and they hire professionals to manage their stylish haircuts.

Rudolph Hurst once said,”The only news is bad news, the rest is advertising.”   Donald Trump is bad news to the  “Republican Party,” not to mention that he is also bad news for all the gullible merchants who sold to Trump on credit and had to face him across the tables in the Bankruptcy Courts.   The media are bias to their own corruption for ratings promote bad news in the shape of Donald Trump; the media is not talking about Trump’s bankruptcies.   The media also did not talk about Sarah Palin’s poor knowledge of world’s geography and world’s economics.

When the rich run  the government, the rich will create tax exemptions to their corporations, also known as corporate welfare, and eventually they will be seen as philosophers and presidential candidates.   Today’s presidential candidates are not chosen for their ability to govern, or their past ability to govern; but on their ability of raising money for the billion dollar media campaign.   Donald Trump did not corrupt the Supreme Court turning property into people, we did. It took us decades, decades of being seduced by greed. We created our own corruption and now we deal with the consequences of having a new mercurial Sarah Palin back wearing a suit and tie claiming,”I can see Mexico from my luxurious golden trimmed penthouse!”

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Hello Everyone!
In this video, I explained how the first two dominoes are going to lead to the next Wall Street Crash and the next bailout to corporations and banks in the order of 2 trillion dollars.
The government may take over corporations because next bailout is not going to come without conditions and without firing CEOs. It’s possible that the United States bring back the WPA to create jobs if the private sector cannot create jobs.  By the way, the video is a little dark, the lamp to eliminate the dark spots on my face; nevertheless, I hope the content and the explanation of the next market collapse makes sense.

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