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As I’ve stated in my videos, “The Petrodollar Collapse Part 1 & Part 2;” England’s collapse would be the another warning to the collapse of the Petrodollar. Two days ago on June 18th, “The Financial Times, published a study that the Bank of England’s finances is terribly flawed without liquidity.
Financial Times: June 18, 2015UK-Queen-Gold-my precious
“Banking sector stress tests lambasted as fatally flawed

Authored by Martin Arnold and Caroline Binham

Therefore, THE ADAM SMITH INSTITUTE  via The Financial Times  has validated some of the simple equations and predictions I’ve shared in my videos. In my opinion, when England finally collapses the ECB and the (US’ Fed via the) IMF are going to lay out rescued plans for England.

Unfortunately, the rescue plan for the British Pound is going to be like the plot of “Humpty Dumpty.” When the British Pound cannot be saved, the confidence in the Petrodollar will finally collapse and the Brick$ currency (or similar) backed by gold will probably emerge as the new international traded currency, if not for the world, at least for Eurasia and South America.


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“Hear yee, hear yee… The Titanic is sinking! We should throw overboard the chairs of the upper deck!!! We shall surely slow down the disaster!”
Conversely, we have 18.15 trillion dollars in debt, what are we going to do?
Print a lady on the 10 dollar bill!

Great! That will solve most of our problems!
(Disclaimer: Sarcasm is an art, it should be used sparingly for proper effect).
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Nothing is more American than Apple pie, except… A hamburger.

In the videos called the Collapse of the Petrodollar Part 1 and 2, I’ve mentioned that the News and the governments will lie all of the time, especially about their economic numbers.

If the economy is doing so well; according to the White House: How come Walmart, Gap, Target, Food for Less, Kroger, and McDonald’s are closing some of their stores?
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Could all the economists working for McDonalds, Walmart, Gap and alike be aware of something, that the White House is not?  See? The growth in jobs does not translate into growth in sales, because the good jobs keep getting exported to other countries.  Low paying jobs cannot afford hamburgers, Gap, and even Walmart.  Food stamps are not allowed at McDonalds!  Therefore, this is another step into the collapse of the American economy, the lack of affordable jobs to purchase luxury food, like Big Macs.

Watch the videos “The Collapse of the Petrodollar Part 1 and Part 2” to know what you need to know for the upcoming Dollar Collapse.
Here below is a picture used in the video projecting the price of a Big Mac Meal when the gold ounce reaches $5,000 and $10,000.
Pa ra pa pa pa!!!! I’m lovin’ it!

Inflated Big Mac

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Another Mass Killing in the USA.

According to the report of USA Today, there has been 172 mass killings in the USA from 2005 to 2011, most of these mass killings do not make into major news. It is an average of one multiple killing every 11 days.

I have another way to illustrate this feat. There is an average of 12,000 people being killed by guns every year in the USA; think about it! This is the equivalent of two World Trade Center buildings coming down every 90 days! In other worlds 4 WTC attacks per year, we do a better job killing ourselves than Osama Bin Laden or Adolf Hitler was ever able to.

In the “Archetypes in Our Lives” (or “AIOL”) there is a chapter called “The Archetypes of Divine Power,” and the analogy states what killing with a thunder used to be only attributed to Zeus. Today, we have divine like power of thunder/lightning in a shape of a gun, yet we lack wisdom to employ these divine powers. A sub-chapter, of AIOL is  called “Trouble in New-Eggland,” because of the rampant killings in the USA, I turned the chapter into a video, the killing in Charleston it is a tragedy that will be forgotten like Columbine, like Aurora, like Sandy Hook.  The power of lobbying of the Gun-Industry is too powerful to mode mass thinking. The headlines next week is going to be about Justin Bieber or the Kardashians.  I have nothing new to add in what I already wrote in AIOL and in the video of “Trouble in New-Eggland.”

In a personal note, because of the mass killing by guns in the USA, I’ve lost two close friends.  Fortunately, they were not killed by guns, I lost my friends because of my opinions on guns.  My opinions are in AIOL and in the video below.

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Another revelation on the Currency War,

This photo is provided by the Department of Treasury, it is a monthly report on the level of debt held by the USA. Please notice Russia is liquidating! It jumped down from 13th to 24th. The Russians asked themselves, “The USA is placing sanctions against us, why are we lending them money?” In another 6 months it may not even be on the list.
Perhaps you remember the Rouble crash on November 2014?

Please notice in this chart that from April to November, Russia sold out only 8 billion dollars in Treasury Bills, but when the USA started to crash the Rouble, Russia started to liquidate the Treasury bills to keep the Rouble from dropping even further. From November to April 2015; Russia sold 42 billion dollars in TBs.

This is just another short battle in the Currency War created by banks against states, which I have mentioned in my videos, Petrodollar Collapse, Part 1 and Part 2.

Before you go, please also notice that Brazil is actually the third purchaser of the TBs, however the Treasury catalogs four nations together to take the third place and three nations’ purchases together to be listed in the fourth place. I would surmise that perhaps would be too shameful for the USA to list; Brazil, an emerging nation (formally known as a third-world country); to list an emerging nation as a lender of over a quarter of trillion dollars to the USA for no apparent reason.


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Hello Everyone,

This is Part-1 of two videos. Part-2 is will show how to adapt on the personal level to the changes that are coming.  Dealing with hyper-inflation, what to purchase and when. Part-1 (in here) is concentrating on showing how did we get here, the proportions of the debt using geometric tools and calculations. How are we exposed against China, Russia and India.  Ask yourself, “if gold is no longer used as a ballast to currency, why do we still keep it?”  The answer is detailed in the video. The gold data leading to the examples were supplied by The World Gold Council ( and debt data were supplied by several central banks which are listed within the video Part-1.

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Hello Everyone,

This is Part-2 of two videos. Part-1 is concentrating on showing how did we get here, and also describes the tactics of our ongoing Currency War; which eventually will bring the Collapse of the Petrodollar, or the US Dollar as a trading currency.  Part-2 is will show how to adapt on the personal level to the changes that are coming.  Dealing with hyper-inflation, what to purchase and when. The best time to dig a well is before the house is on fire.  I hope you take advantage of the video, there are also good silver-linings coming from the collapse of the Petrodollar, some are listed on the Part-2, here.

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During my videos, I like to break the narration with some mock commercials. Although the commercials are mocked, the commercials are truthful when it comes to being either a satire or an editorial against the abuse of corporations.  I wish to thank my friend Sabrina, she was a true sport, portraying herself as a crazy lady pushing a shopping cart. It is worth mentioning that during her close up she really let the camera have her anger, watch out Merryl Streep, Sabrina is here!
Overall, I hope everyone understands how ridiculous is a business model of seeking a better past than a better future, enjoy the commercial.

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The Sand Dollar


In order to explain “The Currency War” that we are under; for analogy I had to create my own FIAT DOLLAR, since my family name is Sandy, I think the nickname for the money, the Sand Dollar is appropriate.
This money I will use as a prop in my next video, but here is an advanced copy of the example to be used.


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